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  1. Ooh that’s not true though. Even that arc revolves around Chrom’s choices and reactions and emotions about the reveal; even still when Robin’s identity is discovered the game revolves around what Chrom does with the information case and point; the two scenes Robin has of his own. 1. he’s got headaches and validar is whispering to him. Chrom says “you are you before you are any man’s son” and it’s a callback to Gangrel taunting Chrom for his own identity crisis in learning who he should be. This shows Chrom’s growth more than it shows robin. 2. Lucina’s confronting of Robin. The end of this scene is Chrom showing up and saying that it’s his own life, his own fate, and his risk and choice to make. both of Robin’s big scenes revolve around Chrom’s lines, decisions, emotions, and growth.
  2. Not trying to be mean to those excited. Congratulations for those who are but for me I’m really sad and disheartened. I feel like no matter what Chrom just can’t win. This year we most likely get a remake announcement and I’m hype for the remake random characters or lords from that game will beat Chrom. ive already seen gatekeeper fans who are saying they want to switch to abysskeeper... It’s like no matter what he just can’t make it past the top
  3. Sorry if I came off that way, I didn’t mean to “go on offense of gatekerper fans” at all. I’m just really feeling down myself.
  4. F*** I feel like my heart was torn from its chest. And yeah that’s dramatic but I am really hurt. I gave Chrom every vote I ever had, and now he’s losing to an unnamed NPC. I’m not denying that gatekeeper is cool. He’s great and all but come on... I don’t know. It’s not even like I’m mad, it is like...it physically hurts in a way. I wish I knew how to distract myself from this game...for a year
  5. Well when there’s 4 people ahead of him...that doesn’t count as a chance really.
  6. No! Sorry. I don’t mean to make you feel bad. I really really want Chrom to win and I want a space I can vent about how scared I am for it, so I’m like...I mean this is therapeutic! I don’t mean to seem hostile. im way more stressed than I should be over a game but I totally need the space to vent it out, and seeing someone believe is nice I just don’t believe myself
  7. I’m just bit convinced. Chrom has almost always been 4th and never made the climb. Chrom as 15k votes, and there are 130k from Dimitri and Claude being reshuffled. I hope with my whole heart chrom wins; even just 2nd place I’d be beyond happy. I just don’t know.
  8. I don’t think Chrom has a chance. he is losing this poll, and the same polls for Reddit and gamefaqs (other major FE Fanbases) and, Byleth M got no alts and is the last male lead. I don’t see how Chrom can overchrome those odds? If every group is saying “he will win”. But nobody is voting for him...how would he win!
  9. Nooo Chrom needs ALL the votes he can get! He’s on the cusp. Please consider it? But I won’t push
  10. Great outfits there! I love these clothing’s
  11. Marth will win thrn ether Seliph, as this poll shows or M Byleth. He got no alts. At all. And there’s 0 other male leads in the game so he will get all the “angry alt” and “lead bias” votes. so I think it’ll be Marth and M Byleth but maybe Seliph beats out M Byleth? Then next year is Sigurd and whoever didn’t win this year cyl7 is Chrom, I hope.
  12. Chrom has no chance of winning. Even based on this poll he won’t win. but I am still stressed and sad, and still putting every vote I have for him
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