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  1. I was honestly hoping to see Chrom and Olivia get a card together. I knew it wouldn’t happen but I’m still sad.
  2. Oh man. One year at least for Priam is going to be hard but I need orbs anyway.
  3. So interesting and well put. Is It okay if I make a spin off thread about this convo and also my idea of a Walhart child!
  4. That’s fair I have no strong feelings for or against her use. I just don’t agree about Walhart. As the non canon xenologue it’s great to learn those facts but in canon the point is he is the same but also the opposite to Chrom. Hero king descendant. Chosen by a god. Wants to unit the world and create peace. but he wants the weak to serve the strong. Chrom believes the strong should serve the weak. Because that is an impossible compromise they fight. Chrom begging him to lay down his arms in honor of Emmeryn But ultimately being forced to kill him adds a lot to both his and Chrom’s character. Neither could ever back down. so him living and joining Chrom...I just don’t like it. I DO think he should have had a descendant. Maybe after you fight him, the conqueror’s child from the future shows up. when you beat the game Chrom puts him in charge of the valm region of our timeline (despite Chrom being the leader of a more peaceful world, others work as leaders of regions) something like that. Would work for 3 reasons. 1: we could learn about Walhart and see more about valm as a whole. 2: we could see the effects of a child learning they won’t be born in the timeline 3: we could learn about what happens in the original timeline, where Walhart lives much longer due to Chrom being wounded. idk my opinion. But maybe I should make a new thread to discuss that since it’s off topic.
  5. Chrom getting supports with them would have been so much better. Who limits the main character so much? but tbh I think gangrels story is a LOT stronger by being recruited but Walhart and Chrom’s story are stronger if Walhart dies emmeryns stort is stronger if she dies yen Fay is stronger if he dies. Gangrel improves the story im neutral to Priam and Aversa yen, walhart and Emmeryn take away from the main story If they were fully canon
  6. Chrom recruiting Gangrel is some of the most interesting dialogue. And it showed so much growth and Gangrel’s character. I don’t know why they didn’t expand on any of that.
  7. Okay. And Chrom and Olivia proved much more popular in Japan anyway, and IS put more care in the story for Inigo. The game could easily have purposefully made Olivia harder because they wanted it to be special. We don’t know their intentions with code so it’s meaningless
  8. I know they’re generic. I’m not saying they’re exclusive. I’m saying Chrom acts in character in those scenes. Frederick does not; he acts more like Chrom. inigo is Lucina’s only sibling who can have a brand and the only time Chrom shows happiness recruiting them “heh. A son.” He is pleased when he realized inigo is his kid. Sumia really doesn’t. Her presence and character arc get the same fulfillment from marrying Frederick. Meanwhile Olivia is in love with Chrom regardless; and after risking her tail as the getaway driver, she has the heroic merits as well. And despite being a dancer she convinces Chrom to let her fight. then in chapter 12, once again Chrom tried to bench her but she convinces him to let her stay. it’s an Established precedent that Olivia will fight for her place in the army. yes all the brides do that. I’m not arguing that others don’t. I’m saying it’s in character for Olivia, Sully, and Robin. the meeting Lucina scene is in character for Olivia (and Robin since there is no suspect there) at the end of the day Olivia/Inigo points in the royal family keep tacking on. Yet you completely dismiss it because of a cutscene not to mention If Olivia has 7 points and Sumia has Max but hasn’t activated supports, Olivia wins. She has less points but more priority. The games coding isn’t as cut and dry. Which hardly matters because games often make the better content harder to unlock. It’s basically like a new game plus bonus
  9. Not really; Sumia has a cutscene going for her, but that’s about it. Her being important in the early story makes her default? That would mean robin has to marry Lissa or Frederick as they’re early story characters. They have a good bit. The text of “he knew in his heart who it would be” is very very reminiscent of Olivias exclusive chapter 12 flashback scene, where they speak with that exact same sentiment. inigo can have other dads but for a hero class RK is amazing, as you can get him almost guaranteed not to break his equipment. But more importantly...Inigo’s personality. he is characterized by self doubt. His mother advises him to flirt in order to overcome his shyness but he never overcomes it etc etc. his father yells at him and scolds him. Few characters would do this, but it’s very much who Chrom is, as we see an outburst of a very similar sort in Lucina’s sibling support. nit to mention the whole “invincible” thing and inigo being Chrom’s only other child to get the brand. The whole situation with the Falchion and the character being insecure that it hasn’t chosen them is perfectly in line with Inigo; it’s who he is. Chrom’s wife (unless it’s robin) being So distraught and insecure and etc when she sees Lucina and Chrom makes most sense with Olivia as we know her to be so full of worry. so Inigo’s dad acts like Chrom. Lucinas sibling acts like Inigo. now for friends... well Olivia is in love with Chrom since basically they just meet at the end of chapter 10 so that will be hard for friendships but whatever it is. the C support has her acting on that love and her typical shyness in that she can hardly look at or talk to him. He resolved to make her smile and speak with him. b support he becomes shy around her a support they’re both awkward but they hit it off. that’s some of his most actual relationship development there is. If you swapped Fem robin supported with Males then that one works well too. But Sully and Olivia, as it stands, are the only ones who actually have healthy relationship development in their supports.
  10. Chrom and Emmeryn would be good! I saw art once called the fall and rise of the Exalt. And it was Chrom and Emmeryn. Sick joke. I actually...Chrom’s endgame dialogue recruiting Gangrel shows so so much character growth
  11. I’m sorry you know the pain of my biggest fear. I love pelleas I wish he got any attention in any way tbh I forgot, who is Elena? For Chrom like many said it’s probably Robin, or Lucina. I hope make robin just so Chrom X Female Robin shippers can’t say I’m wrong and point to that as evidence to hurt my heart!
  12. Chrom is my favorite lord, awakening is not at all my favorite game. You can’t imagine how heart broken I am every single year in CYL where Chrom stays #4. Unless you are a Marth or Eirika Stan in which case you’re with me is three should band together. (If Chrom gets in and either of those two don’t I’m going to support them, they know my pain more than any other character fan base) but I’m so happy someone else likes them together. Pray for me that it ever happens
  13. Another year before they canonizes Chrom and someone, another year of my weak Chrolivia shipper heart breaking
  14. Absolute best pairing in all FE: Chrom x Olivia. They’re similar, they have wholesome and sweet supports, their unique conversation in chapter 11/12 is really perfect for both them and for the story. Inigo’s father supports make sense for almost only Chrom as the best easily I know it will never be canon but all i want from FE is to canonize this relationship Lissa x Lon Qu is great I like Sumia and Frederick Vaike x Cordelia is a strong one, Chrom’s friend and his admirer teaming up to take him down but end up in love. absoltje worst: Chrom and Sumia. There no substance and the only thing people ever say in its favor “there’s a cutscene!”
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