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  1. Dmitri randomly changed to Dedue from Ingrid! And Felix is below him Ingrid is 3rd Ive done 4 battles with them beside each other. The heart doesn’t show up for them anymore. Is there any way to bring them back?
  2. I’m not on normal but chapter 18 so I have time but I am nervous! For dmitri is ingrid but Ingrid isn’t Dmitri and he isn’t going up
  3. I wanted Dmitri and Ingrid but I couldn’t get Dmitri supports so I hit Ingrid and Ashe first are the destined now? Can I not get the Dmitri Ingrid ending without killing Ashe?
  4. I couldn’t care any less. Byleth is so boring
  5. Byleth doesn’t even talk there is no reason to care who they date. It’s just “...” tou cant pair off students and stuff so...why do I care? I want to see substance and get cute ships like Chrom and Olivia. I don’t care about this games
  6. Yeah sorry I can’t in any way believe this leaker. But Hilda is probably next, so today or tomorrow we should learn
  7. Liberation king nemesis. Good title, bad guy name. Really sounds like the predictable church corruption. That said if an old ugly man with a scary face is the good guy and the cute girl with church vibes is the villain, I’m excited. So so far my biggest worry is probably th Calendar
  8. So far, nope no confirmation that we even get anyone beyond the 8 students we choose. And the calander aspect implies we have fewer main battles than usual (many small battles few major battles) so it’s actually entirely possible that this is a smaller journey with just our class
  9. Well we have no confirmation of dancers or beasts or even Manuela joining the team
  10. I may pick whatever house the mystery girl lived in! One extra unit is a life changer
  11. Yeah it’s the May 30th issue which is probably coming out next week
  12. I’m confident because the guy with a Chrom pic on Twitter said it and he’s always reliable in translating I’m not allowed to make twitter for whatever reason, and my dad pays for my college sooo
  13. I know it’s a meme but I’d be happy an archer, Lance man, ax girl (which, please?), or whip swords! All are so unique
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