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  1. Am I really going back to FeH just to get Felix, sigh... after 4 years voting full for him on cyl...
  2. It releases on 4th west side According to NA Nintendo Twitter
  3. its already out, btw 😄
  4. It drops on Tuesday March 7th for those on West side. I'm guessing it drops on 12am JST time.
  5. I just hope they add new game+ on patch...
  6. Dont know if this has been asked before. I'm one person who likes to get all supports but outside of skirmishes where I have low lvl units who can easily die... what else I can do? I have been using cooking and random arena battles but it's kinda slow..
  7. I heard it was 9pm pst/12am est so thats not true then?
  8. Thank you for making thread! I do have a question, what time the game is playable as digital?
  9. Happy about these videos but can we have a demo, please 😄
  10. I hope they give us the demo, if they do I hope its something like three hopes where you could play first couple chapters
  11. Found better HQ of wheel, credit to CyanYoh from reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/z20m1v/hq_version_of_the_engage_character_wheel_from_the/
  12. Reddit creadit to NohrianVillager As for Sigurd's flame, its actually Light purple/lavender at end of the flame. That might be also the case too.
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