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  1. 4star Eirika lvl 1 for my bonus TT until S!Seth, here I go! Anyway, Bonus doubler is quite interesting.
  2. Late reply, sorry. This is exactly my list of obvious legendary plus both Kris. Dont know why Xander Green + Fire didn't connect to me.
  3. Tough call between Haar and Jill, specially since I ship them, I flipped a coin and lucky number was Jill.
  4. I thought they were doing legendary/Mythic from whole one book. Like when we were on book 5, all book 2 legendaries got remixed from Fjorm to Eirika, in total 12. And with that this year (book 6). all legendary and Mythic from book 6 to Eir + Azura to Altina + Leif making again 12 in total but the fact they skipped Yune makes me think I was wrong the whole time or they just decided to slow down things.
  5. I can totally see colorless anima Arval for July
  6. Hello again! My apologize for delay, time flies too fast sometimes. I will be covering Double special heroes as well. Note: Sothis will be returning on September. Alright, Blue was last month and Red is full so they crossed out. Leaving only Green and Colorless, Leif being the oldest unit there and Eitri getting her second rerun and Freyja being popular as helps on making Green being more value color here. Lif (Distant counter, Time's Pulse 3) Reginn (Swift Sparrow 3, Lull Spd/Def) L!Sigurd (Atk/Def Catch 4, Fatal Smoke 3) Nott (Distant Counter, Atk/Spd Menace) Ullr (Deadeye, Life and Death 4, Time's Pulse 3) A!Ishtar (Life and Death 4, Lull Spd/Res 3, Time's Pulse 3) Freyja (Atk/Spd Solo 4, Pulse Smoke 3) Eitri (Atk/Res Solo 4, Atk/Res Rein 3) New Legendary here Leif (Atk/Res Push 3) Niime (Atk/Res Solo, Atk/Res Menace) August (Nudge+, Def/Res 3, Even Recovery 3) -------Blessing------- It's changing to Fire and and also datamines says so. -------Remix Calendar------- July: Roy and Yune Aug: Naga and Alm September: Possible Julia and Sothis Nov: Possible Eliwood and Thrasir or Leif Jan: Possible Altina and Thrasir or Leif -------Double Special Heroes------- We are getting DSH this month, rules are simple, we always get two Duo/Harmonic and two promotes. N!Shinon (Ninja Yumi+, Deadeye, Atk/Spd Solo 3, Lull Spd/Def 3) W!Manuela (Winter Rapier+, Special Fighter 3) or NY!Fafnir (Atk/Spd Solo 4, Disarm Trap 3, Rouse Atk/Def 4) W!Mirabilis (Bracing Stance 3, Spd Cantrip 3, Ground Orders 3) NY!Reginn (Swift Sparrow 3, Cross Spur Atk) NY!Dagr (Atk/Spd push 3, Atk/Def Rein 3) H!Azura (Fury 4, Spd/Res Far trace 3, Cross Spur Res) NY!Lyre( Atk/Spd Catch 3) H!Xane (Serpentine Staff+, Def/Res Solo 3) or V!Robin (Even Follow-up 3, A/D Far Save 3) -------Personal Predictions------- June: Fire Green Legendary, I'm running out options and IS kept changing patterns that I honestly don't know right now. July: Colorless Mythic, most likely Anima one. August Blue here September Green.
  7. According to this schedule it was supposed to be Fates and Sov next time. The fact that it is 3H instead of Sov makes me think on 3H Harmonic instead of getting another duo for third time in a row.
  8. Was even any doubt we werent getting Yuri, to be honest.
  9. My orbs are in danger... I didnt expect any Micaiah this year at all.
  10. I totally forgot to vote at all 😞
  11. How dare you to miss Felix. You are missing Felix, btw.
  12. This week resonant battle is blazing and 3h, pretty sure this harmonic hero, fe6+7. Roy + Eliwood is not bad idea
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