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  1. So as a long IS keep getting money, FEH still has years to live. Thanks for the hard work by the way!
  2. Limit battles are back. Ilago was easy on my end, both legendaries Sigurd and Leif cleaned the map.
  3. Probably confusing it with Radiant Dawn? I remember having poor money in part3
  4. Estimate of upcoming orbs based on the 2021-06 calendar. Thanks u/Banpei-kun from Reddit.
  5. Thank you very much for doing these threads, I love them and I appreciate your effort. @Othin It was datamined we getting water season on June 28th and also datamined Legendary Banner on June 30th so we can pretty much say it's gonna be water legendary. As for prediction, We all agree July is blue and no other color. So this is time where IS throw a curve ball on June either giving three blue units in a row or making New Mythic and New Legendary being different color. (unlike Mirabilis came with Seplih, Reginn with Lilina that they share same color) but I believe we will get green, why? because of their rerun will be on September, making the obvious possibilities of getting Otr there. It would make more sense him than Fanfrir specially after seeing new midpoint trailer. So who can fit green water legendary? The last two Legendaries were male and the incoming mythics are mostly males so I think this month will be a female. While I'm not sure I did also thought of Ninian just like @Florete did it. It would be nice to have Green Dragon Water Legendary.
  6. Brave Lyn Resplendet as Dwarven theme. (Sightly joking on this one, I dunno who they might give away)
  7. DC and atk+spd menace are good imo but it depends if you have plans to use them too. As for me removing negative stat is also useful. I try to have my legendaries/mythics at least +1 just to remove their flaw stat.
  8. I dont believe I have posted my headcanons. I like shipping so thats what I will say for now. FE6: Roy x Lilina FE7: Eliwood X Ninian, Hector x Florina, Rath x Lyn, Nino x Jaffar FE8: Eirika x Seth, Tana x Ephraim, Joshua x Natasha FE9/FE10: Jill x Haar, Lucia x Bastian, Elincia x Geoffry FE16: Edelgard x Hubert, Feliz x Annette, Claude x Hilda, Dimitri x F!Byleth I wont mention already canons such as Sothe x Micaiah. Non ship headcanon, Mark's FE7 avatar is actually Morgan, Robin's Child
  9. This increases new Legendary to be blue but.. there is also the fact of July blue and September being mostly Otr. I wonder if @daisy janewill make legendary thread. https://imgur.com/bsNxsM0
  10. Just saw this and it's scary, specially on my side since I'm at VoH during Light/Dark season.....
  11. I think they were saying about tellius series?
  12. This post was made first so yeah... Nice for SoV fans to finally get new heroes. Now for legendary heroe this month is blue.
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