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  1. They are involved in recruitment scenes for their kids... I guess it would make sense if you could let them die after you get their kids, but I digress.
  2. So...so very jealous... why can't I cave and buy a Japnese 3DS...
  3. Honestly the only thing stopping me from just buying the damn game in Japanese is that I don't want to shell out for a Japanese 3DS... Which is good I guess since I'll probably enjoy it more if I wait... urrgh
  4. Oh... I'm glad I was unaware of Nintendo's mistake here. If I had thought it was 2015 for even a second and they took it away that would've hurt. Yeah a 2015 Australia date would've meant we might be getting this game in sept in america or something. I need this game so badly.
  5. They did? I swear they never gave us an american release date... I could be wrong though. I very likely am.
  6. I'm not sure why you are saying pushed back. They never once told us it was going to come out in 2015. Fire emblem games have tons of text and you'd best get used to semi-lengthy japn->rest of world wait times for this series.
  7. I've heard that if you complete a battle she will be hungry again.
  8. Wow, I guess Asama was worth waiting for his character is hilarious.
  9. Do we still have literally zero Asama supports? I'm starting to really wonder about his character.
  10. http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/hoshidan-classes/base-stats/ here you go.
  11. There aren't any others as of now and Nosferatu is the only one, but I think Vincent said he found an empty file in the code for tomes with the name "Mire". Considering Witches are DLC and they get shadowgift I'm going to go out on a limb here and say maybe the dlc they come with might come with mire or maybe some other dark tomes. I mean it seems like they aren't hesitant at all about throwing new items and stuff in through the dlc this time around. As we can see from those seals that promote people into Lucina's or Marth's class.
  12. No, because no one can have an A+ support with the avatar. The avatar's buddy everyone only goes one way.
  13. So foleo dosen't actually have timid then? That's good to know. Suppose that stinks for ignis but at the very least I don't forsee many situations where I would have a knight by himself anyway.
  14. I feel like I read somewhere that you need to meet the amiibo character's 3 times before they will challenge you. I also feel like I read you can scan amiibos again after you complete a battle. So try that maybe?
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