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  1. But I do have an arrow pointing from Fortress Knight to Great Knight, not from Paladin? None of my stuff goes against what you say here. Of course you can change from Peg Knight to Wyvern (and back to Falcon) if you always want to be in the highest tiered flying class. But I still don't consider Wyverns as promotion of Pegasus Knights. Just sidestepping to another class tree imo The whole point of my pic is to show that despite not having the traditional linear promotions, the class trees do still exist in a form, but don't necessarily match up with the class tiers in the game. Whatever, we'll have to wait for the games to come out to actually see how the Advanced and Master classes differ in growths and caps …
  2. Makes sense. TBH I didn't put too much thought in this first split from Myrmidon/Soldier/Fighter/Monk to the next bunch of classes because that wasn't the interesting part to me. Mainly made it easier to group everything 😄 I have to disagree with this. I feel like 3H put a lot of thought in presenting it's mechanics as "realistic" or "logic", for lack of a more accurate term that probably exists (except gender-locked classes?). Like every class being able to use all weapon types (e.g. why wouldn't you be able to use an axe if your sword breaks simply because you're a myrmidon? Or using short range weapons like gauntlets not making sense if you're sitting on a horse since you wouldn't be able to reach your enemy). Pegasi are most likely just easier to tame than wyverns, explaining why that class is unlocked earlier (or for gameplay balance purposes, earlier access to a flying class while not being as sturdy as a wyvern). Their promoted classes represent mastery over airborne combat, where your mount doesn't matter as much anymore imo. In a similar vein, the other master classes expand over mastery of a fighting style by adding an additional element (riding, in most cases), so it's harder to master, but not necessarily stronger in every aspect. This reflects in requirements to class change into a class. If both sniper and bow knight were advanced classes, sniper would still be easier to master because it only requires a high level in bow, while bow knight also requires riding and sword iirc. Realistically, it probably takes longer to reach the requirements for a master class than for advanced classes, so even if they were on the same tier, that difference would still be there.
  3. I made a class tree (how I see it) yesterday, thought I'd share it here: Edit: Yes, Wyvern Rider might fit better as a promotion of Fighter and Thief as a promotion to Myrmidon. I made this chart because a lot of people seem to be thinking that Master classes will be strictly superior to Advanced classes, which I don't believe to be the case, which I tried to demonstrate with this class tree, showing that after Myrmidon/Soldier/Fighter and Monk, we basically have our traditional 2-tier classes with some extra classes who combine features that weren't otherwise represented. I could also have presented it as a split evolution path like in Fates, where one promotion usually has higher movement while the other is more specialized with higher caps. My idea is that Master classes are unlocked later because they're more difficult to learn, requiring more specializations. And that's likely true in a gameplay perspective too
  4. I'm starting to think the class tiers aren't strictly better classes, but just classes that are more difficult to master, and we still really have a 2 tier class system, with 2 trainee class tiers below. Noble/Commoner is the first "trainee" class, and essentially not a class at all. Myrmidon, Soldier, Fighter and Monk are the trainee classes where you learn the basics of a specific weapon type (or 3). The "real" tier 1 classes are: Mercenary, Cavalier, Armored Knight, Pegasus Knight, Wyvern Rider, Archer, Thief, Brigand, Brawler, Mage, Dark Mage and Priest. Each of those have a stronger form: Swordmaster (and Hero), Paladin, Fortress Knight, Falcon Knight, Wyvern Lord, Sniper, Assassin, Warrior, Grappler, Warlock, Dark Bishop and Bishop. The above distinction mostly corresponds to the Intermediate and Advanced classes, except for the flyers. Trainee classes are about learning how to fight with a certain weapon type. Once you've mastered the basics, you can go a step further and learn how to fight while mounted. Pegasi are essentially just winged horses, so the difficulty is close enough to make it an intermediate level class. Handling a wyvern is probably more difficult, which explains why it takes longer to unlock that class. But once you know how to handle your mount, actually mastering airborne fighting isn't any different between mounts. But it sure is more difficult than fighting on horseback (hence why they're both Master classes)! While the tier 2 classes above are essentially masters of their trade (notice how Sniper, Warrior and Grappler all lose their secondary weapon specialty), that means your units could now focus on combining their mastery over a weapon type with something else. As such, the master tier classes open up more combinations, mostly some high mobility options for the weapon types Paladins/flyers don't have access to, although they will most likely have some drawbacks (like lower caps) so they're not outright better than their non-mounted counterparts. There's Holy Knight, Dark Knight and Bow Knight as mounted alternatives to Bishop, Warlock and Sniper (and they also have a strength in lances) and Great Knight as a high mobility alternative to Fortress Knights. Mortal Savant is meant as a class that can use swords and magic equally well for combat (I'd assume Holy Knight and Dark Knight are still better off with magic than with lances). The only tier 3 classes seem to be Gremory, as a mastery class for all types of magic, and War Master, who has mastery over both axes and gauntlets (while Warrior and Grappler are specialists for just one of them). In OPs' image, Dorothea doesn't have access to War Master, meaning the strongest class with a gauntlet specialty for girls seems to be Brigand … Dancer is likely back to being a unique class with no stronger form, and Lord is either the same or branches off into 3 individual Great Lord classes (or Emperor/Prince/Alliance Leader). The only thing we're missing really are flying options for bow and magic users (DLC classes?). TL;DR: We seem to have what's essentially a 2 tier class system (with some trainee classes) with the Master tier mostly offering high mobility alternatives for magic/bow/armor units, most likely at the cost of lower stat caps. In-game universe explanation: classes of a higher tier aren't necessarily better, but more difficult to learn
  5. I googled the name back when Caspar first mentioned it and only found an opera singer by the name of Maria Jeritza. Wo do know there's an opera house in Adrestia, so maybe he's connected to that. Or, more speculative, if he's a crest bearer wielding Lohengrin, that would also be the name of the play in which Maria Jeritza gave her stage debut.
  6. But it says right there on the picture that her class is Swordmaster
  7. My priorities are Caspar & Ferdinand from Black Eagles and Marianne & Lysithea from Golden Deer. When playing those routes, it's gonna be a harder choice because I would also want Ashe, Mercedes, Ingrid and Sylvain from Blue Lions.
  8. You can take seminars from Alois as you can from Seteth, Hanneman, Manuela, Catherine, Gilbert and Shamir. So yeah, while I assume Manuela and Hanneman will instruct the two classes you don't choose over the normal week, seminars can be taken from both the teachers and the knights of Seiros commanders, as well as Seteth, whatever his actual function is. I'm very unsure about Catherine's recruitable status as well, thought I don't think her having the legendary weapon for another student we have would be much of a problem. Lysithea clearly seems to be a magic focused character, and while sword could end up being a hidden talent of hers to at least let her wield Raitei effectively, their different foci just seem too perfect to not be able to field both without feeling you're missing out
  9. Thanks for the compilation, but I do not understand why people keep saying the crest on the monastery balcony (between Riegan and Charon) is damaged on the mural? It's not. It's one of the most clearly visible crests actually
  10. I do have to ask: What's your source for Catherine having a major crest, Felix being unrecruitable? About Ingrid, it's probably just someone from Daphnel marrying into the Galatea family where her crest comes from. Also, Mercedes actually breaks that rule you mention, having the crest of Lamine, but her last name being Maltritz. It's also interesting to note that Lamine and Dominique are the only crest from Greats that have no corresponding landmark on the map. For Lysithea it's probably just like with Ingrid: Someone from the Charon family married into the Cordelia family, while Catherine could very well be from the original Charon family (would also explain how she has the legendary weapon, as I'd assume they are mostly in family possession). I think Marianne would have had her name changed to "von Edmund" upon adoption regardless of which naming convention her former name went by. Would be weird if some members of that family went by von while others used a middle name 😄 Especially with nobility, where names are very important. And with 3 nobles from Leicester using a von and 2 using middle names it's likely the alliance just has both naming conventions. Or maybe the nation just made itself independent in relatively recent history, with its territories formerly belonging to Adrestia and Faerghus? The most likely factor would be trade, as in the Alliance is economically very strong, maybe through trade with the neighboring country, so they gained enough power through their riches that they felt like they didn't want a master above them anymore (but I'm speculating again …) Edit: I also think it would make more sense for the crest of Machuil to be to be the one near the top of the mural, next to Cichol, since all other saint crests are up there too
  11. Only just started reading, but I noticed you listed Ingrid's crest as originating from Farghus, when Daphnel is actually a location in Leicester. Edit: Also, the X von Y naming convention also applies to some Alliance nobles (like Marianne or Lysithea). The Alliance uses both naming conventions
  12. It would probably make the most sense if the one who drew the picture in the middle did it as an assignment by Seiros' faction, to censor Nemesis' crest (the REAL centerpiece of the mural), but the artist himself secretly siding with Nemesis, thus drawing it in a way that seemingly depicts Seiros kneeling as per the church's wishes, while hiding the true meaning for those observant enough. The artist could very well be the bearer of the unknown crest depicted on the monastery balcony. Someone who didn't side with Seiros and thus wasn't considered an Elite, and either stayed neutral or betrayed Nemesis, and after the war played a crucial role in building the church of Seiros, maybe with the wish to leave as many clues to the true story as possible. I could see that being Seteth's ancestor, though of course that's all speculation If the statues of the Saints are accurate, they do possess weapons that don't seem to be made of dragonbone. Which would make a lot of sense if they were manaketes themselves. Both, as you said, because they wouldn't need them, and also because it's like … using their fallen brethren's bones is kinda weird. But they could very well have rewarded the Elites with weapons made of the fallen dragons' bones for siding with them against Nemesis. That wouldn't explain Nemesis' own sword, but maybe Nemesis first killed a dragon and crafted weapons for himself (and his 6 allies?) out of their bones. And the Saints then made or allowed the Elites to make weapons in a similar fashion (so they weren't at a disadvantage in battle?) And yeah, I'm also intrigued by the crest stones … The crests are said to be granted by the goddess, but the stones are an entirely different matter. It could be that they have transformative powers, and that they take over people who try using them without having the appropriate crest to handle them. And the idea about them being artificial (or there being artificial copies) would make sense too, because I'm pretty sure we've seen a Creststone of Gautier and a broken Creststone of Gautier on 2 different enemies …
  13. I really like this theory so far 😄 I also had an idea about the drawing on the mural … Since dragons have oftentimes been major antagonists in FE and since it looks like Seiros may have really been the bad guy, if the five dragons on the mural might not actually represent the saints. There seem to be 5 of both, and we've actually seen a white dragon in the E3 trailer that sported the crest of Seiros. Could that also mean that the person kneeling there with a sword is really Nemesis, and that the 6 figures to the left and right bear the other 6 crests that aren't accounted for among the 5 saints and 10 elites? Also, one of those 6 crests curiously isn't faded out at all, and we've previously seen it on a balcony of the monastery. Wonder what that means. Maybe that was an ally of Nemesis initially, then turned on him and "redeemed" himself by building the monastery (though that wasn't enough to give them back the title of Elite). Also, Anna also has one of the faded crests on her clothes. Maybe she's also a descendant of one of Nemesis' allies? She does have a secret shop again afaik
  14. I feel the same. But then again, it was to be expected. Her description on the facebook site (was it?) mentioned she would get angry if you comment about her size. If that's a major part of her characterization it's sure to come up in support convos, and if you only unlock those after the timeskip it wouldn't really make much sense anymore. Though this also means that it's kinda unlikely for many characters to really go through drastic personality shifts. I really wonder how it's gonna look for Dimitri in particular …
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