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  1. Nintendo/Intelligent Systems already own my ass and bank account so order the Expansion Pack now it is-
  2. I'm involved in two different Three Houses art countdowns on Twitter/Tumblr so I've been busy with those! Have a preview of one of them!
  3. If there's any sort of beacon of hope on this dark day, it's really heart-warming to see support and talks of mental health from all over the world and even in Japan where he was nicknamed as Guile-kun by the Japanese Smash fandom. I also came across a fundraiser called "Flip the Switch" on Twitter and all the proceeds will go towards mental health awareness/research and suicide prevention. Never assume you know what someone else's life is like from how big or small their presence/audience is and it shouldn't be the deciding factor of whether they have the right to experience sadness/anxiety/etc or not. Mental Illness doesn't discriminate and it can happen to anyone. Take care of yourself, love yourself, but most importantly, cut yourself some slack. It's so easy to be hard on ourselves because of all the standards we're setting based on what's expected of us, but don't do it at the cost of your well-being and sanity. Behind every avatar and username is a human being who is dealing with their own struggles and emotions so always make an effort to show them kindness.
  4. Here's the Amazon JP link if anyone wants to pre-order it! (I already have akdjhsajdak) They ship priority internationally :^)
  5. Thanks! I made it from scratch! I used HIlda's portrait as a reference :^)
  6. I made some hiimdaisy Three Houses parodies akjhdjkashdka
  7. A Three Houses portrait of myself (or rather online persona LMAO)!
  8. Formal Camilla from my Three Houses countdown piece that I can't show yet :^)
  9. I drew Inigo as a groom again for my birthday yesterday :^)
  10. Oohhh that would be kind of creepy and cool! Perfect for a Halloween release because of the darker turn that this game seems to be going in. I just hope that it won't be too much cave exploration because that would wear me down really quickly akldhaksdja
  11. I was in a call with some friends and I was like "SHUT THE FUCK UP" when the text revealed that a sequel was in development. I absolutely love short haired Zelda - it's refreshing new look for her, honestly and cutting your hair is symbolic in many cultures of leaving behind the past and starting anew. Since this is a direct sequel from the events of the first game, it could be Zelda's way of getting rid of her weaker self in order to welcome the growth of becoming stronger. Another thing that I was discussing with a friend is how I wonder how they'll change up the game that it will FEEL like a sequel because a bulk of the gameplay in Breath of the Wild had to do with exploration. The land of Hyrule would have to go through some sort of drastic change so if there is exploration involved, it should feel like you're going through a whole new adventure rather than it just feeling like you're just playing the first game all over again.
  12. If you find that looking at poses is awkward, it's likely coming from the fact that you might not have grasp of how anatomy works so I would say start there. It's one thing to look at a pose/reference and use it as a foundation, but if you don't really have an understanding of proportions and anatomy, the knowledge you gain from the pose itself won't stick to you as easily. Most of my references came from actual classes and anatomy books but you can probably find a lot of resources online - it's just a matter of where and how to look. Female vs. Male anatomy and body proportions (your elbows align with your waist, your wrist aligns with your groin, your shoulders are about 2.5 heads apart - that kind of stuff). Some people might say that anatomy is too general and sometimes it can be too restricting, but there still needs to be some sort of learning and understanding involved before you can find your own style and bend the rules. When teachers or older art professionals sneer or look down on those who find inspiration from anime or even cartoons, that's their underlying meaning of what they're really trying to say.
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