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  1. I want justice for Jaffar. >.> Also, I love his whole family. My votes are: 1. Jaffar 2. Lugh 3. Raigh 4. Nino 5. Reyson 6. Leo 7. Elise
  2. I heard in a Youtube video that Faye/other villagers can be recruited on Celica's route through an easter-egg style not recruiting with Alm. Does anyone know if this is true? >.>
  3. Awesome! Thank you. So, what do they do? >.> (Anything worth while in them?)
  4. Has anyone discovered what dungeon the Alm and Celica amiibo unlock? I'm curious if I should purchase them or not.
  5. Sure! Thank you very much! :3 (If anyone else has skills, I'd love to come get them too!)
  6. Does anyone have Arthur in their castle with good skills? Perhaps renewal or axefaire?
  7. Would you mind keeping Benny there for a day or so? I've apparently visited your castle earlier without knowing it. >.>
  8. Hey guys! I was wondering... does anyone have some good skills for the following peeps? (Any good skills would be awesome - especially renewal, because I love that one) Laslow Peri Selena Beruka Benny Thanks in advance! :D
  9. Anyone have skills for Kagero? Any awesome ones would be cool! :3
  10. Awesome! Thank you so much! :D
  11. I'm looking for a Sakura with tomefaire. Anyone have that? :3
  12. Awesome! He had it this time! Thank you so much! :D
  13. I went but he didn't have Quixotic. :c
  14. Anyone have a Dwyer with Quixotic? That would be awesome! :3
  15. Anyone have Saizo with Quixotic or Renewal? It would be awesome to have those. >.>
  16. My theory is: Ganon can transform into a dragon if he wants. So, in Birthright, he transforms to fight you. In Conquest he is forcibly reverted to his "true form" bypassing a dragon form altogether. In Revelations he just gets eaten, also bypassing this form. But that's just a theory. A game theory! (Sorry, I couldn't resist)
  17. Thank you so much for Xander with Pass! :D (Unfortunately I don't have any of the skills you're looking for... >.> I'm so sorry.) Although, if anyone now has an avatar with +1 move I would be able to finally beat Lunatic Conquest. <.<
  18. Does anyone have an avatar with Pass? It would be appreciated. :3 (Or a Xander with Pass, that would work too)
  19. I have Wary Fighter. Kaze - Renewal, Quixotic Takumi - Deathblow, Replicate, Astra, Bowfaire, Certain Blow My code is: 02171-96113-21298-50668
  20. Really? Thank you so much! :D
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