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  1. Bully anytime in any place!
  2. Number one turn-off...even for me...
  3. If we could have avoided something like "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" then it should have died for the best of the series... I believe the Mandalorian for example would have existed in a separate way and universe...
  4. It was just a fad of the time, only difference with fads nowadays is that Spielberg and Lucas are still milking...
  5. It seems like everything was better back then most importantly, no covid. For the 3 days I’ve been back our thread has actually been more active then the rest of FftF, the irony
  6. It’s been a while, just saying hi!

    1. Dr. Tarrasque

      Dr. Tarrasque

      Hello Sask, how are you?

    2. James Bond

      James Bond

      I came back to reminisce, but then I saw the place was kind of empty, I remember FftF to be livelier. How about you? Has the forest (and life) been treating you well?

  7. True, I miss much of the old times, I have no place to complain about silly things now ;_;
  8. Still better than not alive though! I know right? Responsibilities and all that sucks… btw, congratulations!
  9. Far from god, but yes it is me, I hope you are all doing well
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