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  1. I had my Felix (using the above build, minus the Chalice, as the DLC had not released at that point) blocking the enemies on the right, with Ferdinand (Bow Knight) and Petra (Wyvern Lord) cover the left. Didn't really struggle with that part at all, but I can see how it could be. You could always take advantage of using the magic ballista to chip and have another unit to pick up the kill.
  2. Not using the invincible Dedue? That is unfortunate. It's never a bad idea to take units through War Master for that sexy Quick Riposte. They can grab Brawl Avoid and Alert Stance for maximum effectiveness. This is particularly true for Byleth, with his mighty Charm stat. Honestly, your team doesn't look bad. It might just come down to how you're playing. I'll give you an easy sample build that should definitely help out on AM. Felix - Swordmaster Sword Avoid (yes, you'll be without a Dancer) Alert Stance+ Sword Crit Worldwide Sword 5 Give him the Chalice of Beginning to hold and watch him melt away all the Meteor mages, as well as turn one kill on My son. If you really want him as a Dancer, it could work, but that little bit of crit and damage can go a long way. Do try to never level up IN the Dancer class, though.
  3. Absolutely, my friend! Just happy to be included.
  4. Catherine has higher ranks and comes with the Thunderbrand (though that should honestly go to other units.)
  5. It isn't that you're stupid, but the difficulty curve is massive. Still, Lunatic isn't so bad once you get the ball rolling. Lunatic+ is borderline unplayable, though. It has been ages since I last played Awakening, but I'm pretty sure if you Pair Up Chrom and Freddie and put them on the southern fort, you'll be just fine. The next map will likely be the really tough one. Without too much detail, kiting to the left is what I typically do. Chapter 3 gives you Kellum, who is just a massive wall. You can cheese that map pairing him and Fredrick up (a literal necessity in Lunatic+) After Chapter 4, the fight with Lucina, you can grind if you need to, so once you're that far, you shouldn't need any more advice. Good luck to ya!
  6. I'm excited to see your progress on the hack. This is definitely a promising start. Yeah, Colm was certainly over the top. As a feminist but also a man, I feel his struggle. Mercenaries can be one of the more difficult character types, just because they are so defined that you have less wiggle room. That's where good writing chops shine. No pressure! As for the demigod, I'm sure you'll find a way to satisfy not only the player, but yourself. Maybe it's not so much evil but views itself as a true diety, with everyone else meant to serve it. Not exactly Shakespeare, but we dont need much. The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever is... it can be a tough read. Thomas is toeing the line between anti hero and villain. There is a particular scene early on that can just really turn you off from the book. That said, if you can move past it, the first two chronicles (three books each) are wonderful. I never did read the Final Chronicles. Two reasons, the second ended perfectly, and there's a, idk, twenty year gap between when they were published. Donaldson just popped up and was like "Hey, wants some MORE Thomas Covenant?!" and then shoves it in our face before anyone can answer. That aside, it is some of my favorite books to read. Thomas Covenants journey and redemption is so fulfilling.
  7. You've got most of that correct. The heir was not part of the rebellion. His purpose is to serve the tutorial, and as a piece of Joey's characterization, which you nailed. I also like subverting expectations, so if I really sell him, no one will expect his death, or that the killer is the main protagonist. In killing the prince, he also frames Miv, which prompts the war, weakening their defenses. The current idea is that Gorlan is the nation secretly using enslaved dragons to fuel their technology and lifestyle, which is why he'd want the war. On the skip, it would be rather immediate, so it's more like just a change of perspective before meeting the new characters. My vague idea atm is to say he's a spy for Nation Z, just so he has some ties from the get go and a footing for plot. I actually intended the rebellion to resolve with them losing, some bloody battle, but I'd want it to occur some time into the second campaign, after you've left. Maybe there's a reason to go in, and he comes across Atlas members being slain, so you can have the option to save them or not. Still really don't know. So, i wanted to use my world for an old D&D campaign I never ran. It is largely based on Made in Abyss, an anime that definitely should have been a video game. Anyway, you'd essentially just have this massive hole in the center of this world. And the motivations would be as decided further in development, but the big thing is getting to the bottom. Looking at an image from Made in Abyss would do wonders for better explaining this, but I'm currently too busy to grab one. So sorry! The reason I like this approach is it allows each character to be developed as part of the 'main scenario.' It'd allow for a very different feel, which is a big part of my motivation for writing it. On that front, it's likely that I end up hiring individuals to do the really complex scripting I need. What waits at the bottom, you ask? That's a secret!
  8. Chalice of Beginning makes the gimmick of a billion meteor mages on the final map a joke. War Monk is a great transition for Dedue to pick up ranks in Faith so he can grab Renewal. Try to make Constance a Valkyrie first, that way her Bolting is actually reliable.
  9. You will definitely not be training everyone evenly, but thirteen is quite manageable, especially when you unlock adjutants. Chapter 13 is not a particularly hard one. I often just have Byleth and whichever Lord I have and they have no trouble. With Claude it shouldn't be too much effort. Fly to a good wooded area, dismount, and equip a Longbow. It's hard for me to say when you should recruit. My philosophy is to work on them at a normal pace, but aim to have everyone recruit by Chapter 8. That just kinda what I do. Just some other things to keep in mind: Ignatz should not be overlooked. He can get early access to Rally Speed, very welcomed for the beginning of any Maddening run, but also Break Shot and Seal Attack, which really do wonders for softening up foes. I typically also have him grab Poison Strike. Get Warp with Lysithea asap and then use her to Warp Byleth to one turn Lorenz Paralogue so you can use Thyrsus. This will make your mages much more viable, something they struggle with without the DLC classes. Make Petra your dodge tank while giving her Dancer. Honestly, while Dancers are good, that 20 Sword Avoid is too good to pass up. Have her studying Flying only to reach A+ right away! Because of that, I'd recruit her first. You'll want to give her a crit build so that she can get kills, so Swordmaster as her final class works best. Felix does this much better, but Petra takes a fraction of the time to get going. Don't use Ingrid. Not only does she not get kills, on the chance she does get hit, she isnt going to survive. She can make a good bait for casters, but it's a character slot I'd rather fill with several others. Be prepared for many enemy gambits. Those dodge tanks typically aren't host to super high Charm, so it's something you need to really be aware of. Get Lysithea to dip into Armored Knight for the defense boost. In fact if you're filling dangerous, I made an Enemy Phase Lysithea that was brutal on my NG VW run. The important skills are Vantage, Defiant Crit, Wrath, and Dark Magic Crit, and then your Reason level. She'll still need to be aware of gambits, but getting her in HP range isn't hard, especially with archers everywhere. If you can make it, Fortress Knight will give her an even bigger defensive boost. This next piece of advice is very divisive, but I always gun for Lysithea to get Dark Spikes by Chapter 4, which isn't that tight, but you do need to focus on it from the get go. This allows for not only the easiest kills on Death Knight, but also allows her to OHKO units with Fiendish Blow. Otherwise, you've got a solid plan of attack, my friend. Maddening seems a lot scarier at first, and it isn't balanced, but it's still far better than, say, Lunatic+ Awakening or a blind playthrough of Thracia. No, you'll be fine, I'm sure.
  10. Really, ya sure? You only put nineteen bullets for added content to a game that, in its very nature, is suppose to trump the idea of a 'better version.' That said, I miss Break the Targets.
  11. Big oof. First, let me apologize for the improper grammar. I had been fighting off sleep while enjoying some wine. I am not a fan of how I worded most of what I said, but it's out there now, so I'm not going to worry about it. Honestly, there is a lot I didn't properly convey for spoilers sake, but considering this is still such an early development, I likely shouldn't worry too much on that front. So, you'd only play the prince for the first two chapters. I would start to develop this character, a prince from a tyrannical lineage, wanting to be a great ruler but afraid of what he might become, only to have him die at the end of the second map. His killer is actually the real protagonist. He kills the prince and frames Miv (fyi totally not the names of these locations, I just random hit the keyboard rather than using Nation X and Nation Y.) This real protag does this to start the war between the two nations, to weaken Gorlan so that his rebels can launch the coup. That said, he did this all on his own, without any other members knowing about the assassination, something they'd all be against, as the plan was to eventually put the prince on the throne. But this group, he is not their leader, and he is not on their side necessarily. Gorlan is a very rough place to live, with lots of inequality. That what Atlas is trying to fight against. It is not common knowledge that dragons power the nation. And this protagonist, we'll call him Joey (because why not) is working with Samuel (totally keeping Samuel) to free the dragons. The backstory for Joey isn't fully fleshed out yet, but I've currently working with the idea that he was abused as a child. Like, so really messed up stuff. Gotta give him a reason to side with dragons, right? But he's on borrowed time. He's connect to Samuel (btw, not a Jagen, isn't even playable) sharing his life force, killing them both slowly. Joey joined up with Mother and her lot before the games start, but after they were attacked, killing the bulk of their forces, Mother decided that humans were to be enslaved, much how they're treating dragons now, where Samuel wants peaceful resolve, just separating the races. There's going to be a lot of at odds between the two groups, but they aren't really friend or foe. I guess, family you've grown distant from due to political differences (something I can definitely relate to.) The thought behind adding another conflict is to add more depth to the idea of connecting all these events together in order to achieve the goal of freeing the dragons. It would allow for another opportunity to have another party switch, so it would serve gameplay as well. Which, I'm not sure I conveyed that part properly. I was thinking it would be like, while doing the coup, you've got this cast of characters, but after Chapter X you are now working with brand new characters for a different reason, and so you no longer will have previously used characters, with the Joey being the only reoccurring. I also thought that maybe reaching a certain support level before a particular moment means that you could bring that one character with you for the rest of the game. I've not yet decided on a climax. Because you'll be on a different side than Mother, I could use her as a finale, or maybe the dragons they free? I'm not sure where I want to take this, ya know? With this additional information, what do you think? Yes, I'm not really a fan of the typical lords we see in the series. I want my characters to have depth stemming from their hardships and imperfections. Because I know nothing about the scripting necessary, I can't begin to say how obtainable the idea is. That said, my think, I believe, was that you could mark these illusions as friendly units for all members save for Ark, who they are labeled as being an enemy. And yes, they would be able to harm him. The idea of having him being the only one who can attack them is to add more strategic positioning on maps. Do you wall him in with other units, or do you have him kite them as obstacles for the enemy (albeit, they'd only serve as occupied tiles, but still.) I actually really enjoy your take on Dahlia's arc. I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted to approach it and was focusing far too hard on making a compelling narrative, that I had forgotten even the simplest of stories can be compelling when told properly. If I choose to pursue this story instead of the first one, I'll go this route with her. That said, I feel like the first idea is just so much more fleshed out that it is far more appealing. What do you think, between the two?
  12. This is the exact kind of thing I was hoping for. I appreciate the write up, this gives me a better understanding of where things may go. I'm hopeful if Vanessa doesn't make it, that she at least inspires another, as I'm a fan of the single parent angle. That could host so really good supports, as she has to consider who would be a good influence on her child. Colm becoming daddy material, ha. I'm pretty into the lore of that battle. It's giving me Thomas Covenant vibes. Is there more to the story, maybe so untold truths or hidden motives? Is demigod just a pure evil or is there something to his madness? I'm excited to see where you take this. I've enjoyed what you've presented thus far.
  13. Wow, ok. I'm doing it. I'm going to tackle hacking. As a dive into the endless sources for learning the ins and outs, I want to be working on the plot. I am, first and foremost, a storyteller. Honestly, it's silly how little I know about any of this considering I was that kid in the mid 90s who was learning to dapple with C++ and MSDos. Right, so! I've got two very different ideas I'm going to outline before asking which I should go with, as well as asking for advice on what you'd personally like to see. Idea 1 Gorlan, a powerful nation, has spent many years battling the might of Miv. But for the last few years, things have calmed, and agreements reaching, leading to the king of Gorlan to invite the king and queen of Miv to sign a treaty and celebrate this new era for both nations. But this is a ploy, and Gorlan murders the royalty of Miv before launching a campaign to take control of the territory. A group known as Atlas takes this chance of a thinned Gorlan authoritative presence to start a coup to overthrow the Gorlan power. You will begin this tale as the sole heir to Gorlan. Being a descendant of Etyl of the Madness, you want to be a good and empathetic ruler, unlike the many before you, However, you have dreams and urges to commit unspeakable horrors. You wrestle with these demon's throughout the story. You will be working with Samuel, an elder dragon, who is looking to liberate the enslaved dragons that are used as the power source for all the greatest nations. A rival group you both splintered from, is run by Mother, another elder dragon who wants to also free the dragons, but then enslave humanity afterward, You will have an uneasy and difficult relationship with this group, but ultimately Mother still see's you as her child and Samuel as a brother. I would like to incorporate a system where you select two part members before a battle for recon. Depending on who you send and what level the are will give you different results. You could be disadvantaged, with an example of having those characters undeployable and jailed in the map, advantaged, which would work similarly to Hannah the Fortune Teller in Blazing Blade, or blessed, which would have a significant change in the map, such as less enemies for some kind of gimmick to exploit. I'm assuming this would be very hard to script, so I'm not holding my breath, but I still like the idea. I've also considered kind of a FFIV mechanic, where you use units until a certain point where they're store kind of ends, and then the protagonist gets a new batch of characters for this next plot. I haven't given it much thought beyond that, so opinions on this particular mechanic would be quite helpful. I would love it if you all could help me come up with one more, big global conflict. Also, do you think the plot with the factions and dragons is rather bad? I originally liked the idea, but after toying with it for as long as I have, it feels campy to me. However, if it sees enough praise, I'll push forward with it. Yes, please, anything you'd personally like to see, any suggestions at all, share! Idea 2 This one is, so far, much more of a character study. I currently have no idea for what type of world or plot I want this to have, but I am currently toying around with the idea of doing something vaguely resembling Made in Abyss. The big idea is to keep the stakes rather small in an effort to tell deeper, more personal stories of each character. The two I've mapped out thus far are as follows. Ark is the main protagonist. While he is a powerful man, he is plagued by lots of mental issues, with hallucinations being particularly hard for him to deal with. This shows up in gameplay as, on certain maps, Ark will start to see enemies. They will only target Ark. Allies cannot interact with them, but can also pass through them. This sounds like a fun gimmick to keep maps fresh. I may look into applying each characters weaknesses into different maps, even. Dahlia is a woman who suffers PTSD from her to as a slave dancer. This has made er chase away her woes with booze, being deflective and jovial when pressed to confront her past. I was kind of thinking of taking Silvia (Genealogy,) Syrenne (Last Story,) and Primrose (Octopath.) I'm not exactly sure how I plan on fleshing out her past with gameplsy, if I do at all, but I do know that at one point she will promote to the dancer class. Again, any thoughts and suggestions are not just welcomed, but appreciated! I look forward to getting deep into learning what I need to know.
  14. Ah, I see the changes. It definitely has a more cinematic feel this time around. What about your characters? Have you fleshed any of them out as individuals?
  15. Character Name: Xylagheon Borkus Forum Name: Xylaugheon Daily Class: Your choosing Affiliation: None or Antagonist Main Appearance: Once an Act, maybe? Or wherever you need someone. 96 x 96 Face Portrait: Other Notes: While I've been a member a while, I'm not exactly well known. That said, when I first started posting, I was the fellow poring over all kinds of data, theorycrafting, and providing builds for people. I especially obsess with the unorthodox, most recently known as "That guy who made a viable Enemy Phase Lysithea on NG Maddening." My idea was to be a reoccurring enemy who is testing out his latest bastardizations (think really weird units with odd stats.) I was thinking it'd be similar to a Gigamesh encounter, happening a few times while trying to create the perfect being. You could even have him appear in different classes each time, while he's working on self improvement. I don't exactly know what kind of tone you're developing, so it's hard to say what best would fit. I love the idea of being Betelgeuse levels of mad, but I also like the idea of having a vastly different personality each appearance, especially if the tone you want is more lighthearted or tongue in cheek.
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