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  1. after the most recent chapter, Might as well take a crack at Gunnthra x Sigurd...
  2. Not true; even the fodder archers can leave some nasty hits if you try going in with no crests or Iote's shield, and bowbreaker is only really good at CAUSING damage, at least from my perspective...
  3. I've been out of the game for a while and just came back for chapter 2 and the new banner. Is it just me or is this game a LOT buggier? I've been crashing on nearly everything with text and had an entire pull session where each draw crashed (incidentally, I got Lyn from the new banner that way so...yay?)...
  4. If I recall, Fates didn't have any cross-game ones shown (I could be forgetting one; December was kind of a crazy month beyond the usual 'here's your damn gift you adorable little brat')...
  5. This already looks promising as far as cross-game supports go compared to the Fates stuff...
  6. I think it's just silver weapons; they seem to perfectly match when using the Silver Axe after all.
  7. Obviously they could bring in Summer Scramble things for Awakening and Fates (alongside some new costumes for the SD/other cast) or the haloween stuff could be cool. As odd as it is I'd like to see some costumes based on the generic captains or even the units from the origin games, since some of those designs are actually quite fetching. Oh; and just give Anna costumes based off the three games she appeared in.
  8. The boss map on Together to the End is the best place to grind for Darios' materials (up to five a sitting). You should finish it at least for that sake.
  9. I might be wrong, but isn't the stone she's holding in her costume artwork a new one? I don't recall any of them being that kind of translucent golden, least of all with such a basic design...
  10. ...aside from the ring girls' new dress (which to be fair is quite lovely) these look like what could be broken armor models for those characters. also that dude's armor is an...interesting, color scheme.
  11. Oh that's going to happen; make no mistake about it. I wouldn't be surpirsed if we barely see any of the horse outside of its hooves and wings quite frankly.
  12. In hindsight it's funny were spending so long prattling about this since Ceada's a mounted unit anyway, so we're barely going to see it. So the question is; will her pegasus get a new armor set as well, or will it just use her unpromoted model's?
  13. Getting away from the current debacle, I do wonder if these costumes will have seperate Broken Armor models and what they'll entail. will Tiki inexplicably gain new straps for her dress?
  14. So you're ignoring the more compact gauntlets, or the fact her forearms are covered? what about the layering of the dress itself, or the omission of thin, fabric in Ceada's design as well as the lowered emphasis on gold inlay? Nevermind; it's clear your not willing to actually humor the merit of this costume...
  15. The dresses have sufficient variation in their patterns and flourishes to justify separate costumes in my eyes (not to mention the fact that they're mostly seperate classes, with only Ceada and Cordelia sharing a moveset). Besides, would Xander, Ryoma, and Chrom be in the same outfit and vest or would they be wearing something besides swim trunks since Frederick would already have them? Who gets the 50s stripped onsie?
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