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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. It's not that surprising if you thought of it, I've thought of the idea of Garon being a good guy too, probably a lot of people thought of it: the fact is he is so definitely a villain, that I would honestly be more surprised if the game doesn't give ANY moral ambiguity what so ever to him (I think he's gonna still be a villain but with some gray zone), considering that the game seems to go a for a non-black-and-white choice motif. Heck people even thought of the possibility of Aqua as the villain, it would be cool and subversive but not the most surprising twist in a video game ever or anything.
  3. If this something your guessing or have you tested this, not doubting you but just wondering, if that's true that really sucks. I know he'd still he horrible but at least in a casual playthrough being the only sage that caps magic on average (if I did my mental math correctly) gives him SOME niche that makes training seem remotely worthwhile
  4. So I was think one day about how Yubello is actually lower than the base magic and I was wondering if I just found an "exploit" to give him a proper magic stat, but I'm not sure if it works, here what I'm wondering: If you reclass a base stat Yubello to any class with a base zero magic, give him a spirit dust, then reclass him back to a Mage what happens? I imagine that since the spirit dust would increase his magic stat by 2 and reclass to mage would give him the mage class bonus of 3 his magic would become 5, giving him a proper magic stat, though I wonder if the game designers thought of this and it somehow doesn't work. Also side rant, Yubello got screwed in FE12, it annoys how the makers of FE12 decided to upscale magic of every single mage EXCEPT for Yubello, he wasn't great in FE3, but his power stat was actually just base Power for a mage, and 50% Pow completely ridicolous for a mage (Wendell, Ellerean and the final chapter bishops all had 10%, Linde, Yumina and Merric had 20%, Mallesia had 30%), if the game designers were to actually properly adjust his magic his base should be 3, and his magic growth should honestly be around 80% which is ridiclous but no more so than it was in FE3.
  5. You guys realize that the way fire emblem handles perma death is not only "not important" to the core design it is in fact actually a poorly designed and poorly thought out feature that effectively changes the lose condition from "If your lord dies its game over" to "If anyone dies it's game over". Be honest, when was the last time you actually DIDN'T restart when a character died, unless you never intended to use that character period (a draft or some) or in a self-imposed challenge run. Because of the fact that everyone restarts when someone dies character death in Classic mode is functionally as meaningless as death in casual mode, casual just prevents the BS having to do 30 minutes of gameplay all over again to fix that decision. Unless the game designers prevent you from reseting the game to start over again to negate the death by doing something which most other video game communities would call "save scumming" any emotional impact that death may have had on the player is lost. Extra credits talked about this problem of permanent death in one of theres video recently and I think what they said is especially true for fire emblem: https://youtu.be/aJCEQaSlvHE?t=4m58s
  6. You know if makes sense plot wise that might actually be a cool plot twist, I've seen games have stranger characters turn out to be the main villain.
  7. Three theories about the weapon durability: 1. It works as normal but Kamuis personal weapons and dragonstones are unlimited use and the game doesn't bother to keep track of enemy weapon use. 2. They haven't implimented weapon durability yet it's possible that they might be using play testing to balance the weapon uses and haven't inplemented in the display copy 3. There is no durability (except perhaps novelty weapons like the glass weapons) and before everyone freaks out you can easily redesign the game around that in fact from a development standpoint it's easier to balance the game with unlimited durability in mind. Increasing the cost of buying weapons, make weapons limited stock in armories (or a rotating time dependent limited stock of weapons also works) and it would also make weapons you find as treasure more valuable Also has no else noticed they nerfed awakenings crit formula for some reason Also I've notice that the first of the six skills is outline differenty than the rest perhaps it's either a static class skill or a personal skill that can't removed (which might be why the enemy doesn't have it) Also am I crazy or does that guy look like a bow thief? Cool! I'm all for gimmicky new classes hope we get one :)
  8. Im guessing that Marx and Ryouma are both going to be the Flavia and Bassilo of this game in that they are part of the plot for forever but don't actually join the party for some excuse or another until near the very end of the game and the two butlers are probably gonna be Jagens
  9. Nowi while aging nowhere near as a regular Manakete is implied to age slower than a regular human read her support with Inigo, that being said I kind of doubt Kamui age slower than average because that would be readily apparent and I think Kamui being a Manakete is gonna be something freshly revealer to Kamui at the start of the game, that being said I think the developers would want to make the avatar special so it's likely that either Kamui is gonna be half-Manakete but still a half-sibling of the Hoshido family. (The Hoshido won't be Manakete for balance/they want to make the avatar special reasons.) Or that Kamui wasn't BORN a dragon but through some random act of God/BS plot ritual was granted Manakete powers
  10. Eve, Alva and Eva are members of the Cross Knights it's implied they are more members but IDK if you meet any. (and Eve is the father of Tristan and Janne (you wouldn't know this unless you finished the game with Tristan dead and Janne unmarried))
  11. Also a Xane type character would be cool to have, it's on my list along with hunters, bow armors, playables ballisticians as a seperate characters, and FE1 shooters of "interesting ideas that have never really been fully explored that might not pan out well, but I'd still like to see again."
  12. Taguel could act like FE12 Manaketes in that they different stones with different abilities Soldiers need to playable and Halberdiers need to exist Swordmasters, Berserkers, Snipers and Halberdier all need crit bonuses Snipers could get +1 range to all bows (Including Longbows) War Monks/War Medic could get a mount to make them worthwhile This is getting beyond simple class rebalancing I'd kind of like a seperate of magic to the Anima-Light-Dark Magic triangle, and make it so that Dark Mages have only dark magic and sorcerers have dark magic and staves, dark knights have dark magic, anima magic and swords, mages have anima magic, sages have anima, light, and staves, monks to return (with a sisters as a female equilivant, promotes to sage and bishop) using light magic, and bishops (which can priest/clerics promote instead of Sage) also returning and having light magic and staves, and obvious war cleric/war monk mount, with troubadours and valkyries being the same.
  13. That Magic power formula on the gaiden calculation page http://serenesforest.net/gaiden/other/calculations/(Only Magic's might determines power) is blantlantly wrong, virtual anyone who's played gaiden could tell you power is also added on but if REALLY need proof that spell's power isn't just it's might here's a video of fire spell (which is a 3 might magic spell) doing 14 damage https://youtu.be/q18I78aXgNk?t=5m9s
  14. Odd question I noticed how minor the differences are in the normal and spouse barracks greeting for a character, none of spouse ones seem romantic or anything, I'm just wondering how the barracks greetings of spouse vs non-spouse are in the japanese version.
  15. I don't mind taguel coming back if they get buff,I have heard people say that refuel are unsavagable but I think with a bit of of rebalancing they can work, that and I don't want to give up an idea that fast (Imagine after FE1 the developers said that "Playable Axe users are unsavalagable might as well give up on the idea") an idea I had would be to 1. Up the bonuses from beast stones and 2. give them different beaststones that give them different advantages (A standard well balanced one, a defensive one, a one that gives a large strength bonus, one that gives a large speed bonus, one that gives weaker bonuses but acts as a brave weapon, and maybe a slightly weaker than average one that has 1-2 range) kind of like Manakete in FE12.
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