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  1. So yeah, unless I'm getting something wrong Dozla should have around 30 crit but that's not the case.
  2. Hey, it's been a while. I have noticed something when it comes to the custom classes and is that they seem to get multiple S ranks. No problem there, the problem is that if they hit S rank with a weapon, then hit S rank with other weapon and then use the first weapon, they lose the first S rank. Example 1: Seth gets to S swords, then gets S lances, if he uses a sword his sword rank goes back to A. Example 2: Riev comes with S light magic (a bit strange since he is a Dark Druid now), if you train your dark magic you get a S rank, but if you use light magic at that moment, you get back to A in light magic. Saying that this is a problem is an overstatement, but is still something that happens.
  3. Nice, I was about to talk about the same thing. Good to know that it is already fixed
  4. Given the nature of most alternate promos, this hack could also be called "Almost Horse Emblem". Interesting idea btw.
  5. When the new changes hit. Not complain tho, just felt like it fits in this situation xD
  6. Ephraim has Aether. Eirika has Bond, Charisma, Nihil and Lancebreaker. Unless she gets Aether at lvl 20 promoted since I didn't get her to that point.
  7. Decided to see what skills does Eirika learn (took her to level 15 promoted), and it seems that Rightful King is useless in her since she doesn't have any procing skills.
  8. I mean... for one, the only difference between your Franz and mine was the lance rank. If for some reason having an E rank screws things up you could tackle it from there. Besides that, none of the other units seem to have this issue so you could just leave it as it is. Also having insta S rank is a bit useful since gaining ranks is difficult without tower abusing :p
  9. I think that a good way to "get around" the problem with the Firebreaths is to change the animation for the Elfire one. It might not look as good, but at least it will be a lot better of what you currently have, and it will not break the battle animations too much. Also, to add more options, you could have Sophia have conversations with Zephiel and Jahn as well. I don't particulary like the character, but it would make sense since she is a half dragon. Probably something about realizing the fact, but feeling that she is just an abomination to their eyes. And since you did add Guinivere, I feel that Gale could have a change to be recruitable as well. His situation is a no-brainer, I think. Isn't there a way to skip all of the endings? As not make them not appear at all after the credits? Although, it most cases it doesn't really matter, since there is nothing else to do.
  10. Yeah, the thing about that is that it is a glitch in the vanilla game. Certain conditions (which I don't remember right now) make it happen. So yeah, you're better off trying something else at the moment. A example.
  11. Probably, but using only the Short Axe made it harder since it meant that I wasn´t ORKO some of the mages, which made things a little bit more complicated (although, bruteforcing things in this chapter wasn't the best way either :p ). Also onto Ch. 22 Fenrir is supposed to have 9 MT, and Flux has 5MT, yet I'm doing 4 less damage. Which reminds me that there were instances of which a Steel Sword and a Steel Lance where doing the same damage to an enemy (holding a Bow/Tome), even though StS has 9MT and StL has 10MT. I also made sure that supports weren't affecting anything, and yeah it was the same. Haven't checked other instances for now. Overall though, it doesn't affect much of the gameplay (which has been really good), but are little things that I really do notice.
  12. Hey there, currently on Ch. 21 when I noticed this. It seems to have lost its 2 range, which is mostly sad, since the 2 range would come as useful in this chapter in particular.
  13. Oh boy, is been a while since I played this. Since I lost my last save, I will have a chance to play it again. I will wait to see the last patch done however, so I can enjoy to the fullest.
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