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  1. well that's possible, but only if that character has 2 different official artwork available; i doubt they'd make a new one from scratch that name change made sense because they were two completely different characters, so it only made sense to specify their respective origin game i don't know if a fighter with two different spirits, one equippable and one non-equippable, would still make sense but hey, we don't necessarily have to agree
  2. this argument doesn't make sense, trophies weren't a mechanic like spirits are, they were nothing more than collectibles furthermore, playable characters' spirits are different than the spirits you can use to fight, as character spirits are, just like trophies were, collectibles, and have no actual usage whatsoever if they somehow add a playable fighter who already had a spirit in the game, they'd have to either "downgrade" the equippable spirit to a mere artwork with no other purpose (and i don't think they'd do that), or use that character's render as a non-equippable spirit, and differentiate this from the other one by their names with something like "---- (playable)", which would be very dumb
  3. Great! If only i could be that lucky as well anyway, i'd give his PRF +3 spd, an effect which triggers when within 2 spaces from an ally he shares a support with, maybe he could get atk/spd/def/res +3 during combat, and as a refine +10 dmg when activating his special, with the same "within 2 spaces from supported ally" condition
  4. 100% agree with what @Etheus said, although i don't know how they could handle a fighter from Pass 2 who already had a spirit since the game launch they could pull a Cloud/Robin and give that character his/her render/s as spirits, but i don't know how well that would work
  5. Valentine Ike, because why the hell is he the only valentine banner-leader without a PRF weapon? Alm-Celica and Hector both have their own
  6. my answer is Yes to all 4 questions, and i'll explain why Byleth is a silent avatar in a game which features many dilague options, so players have "more empty space to fill with their own personality and ideas" the problem comes when taking into account that Byleth is much more relevant to the game's plot than Robin and Corrin were for their, so he has an established role, but not an established personality, and despite lacking a personality, for some reason he isn't customizable, and this is Byleth's greatest weakness imo Robin and Corrin basically were regular main characters except for the fact that they were customizable, but IntSys tried to treat them like avatars, which they clearly weren't, since they have their own personality and leave players basically no empty space to fill, so this strange combination simply results in a very boring main character which happens to be customizable for no actual reason moral of the story: please IntSys enough with avatars, you've already proven that you can't handle them properly
  7. if IntSys and/or Koei (can't remember who made the roster picks for FEW) somehow manage to fuck it up once again, then people surely will bitch about it, and they'd be justified also 3H's 100%-guaranteed bias will cause controversies as well, if CYL4 is anything to go by i guess we have to hope for the next FE title to flop or be a remake if we don't want this kind of controversies anyway, yeah, i think chances for a sequel are decently high, but similarly to what many have already stated, i don't see it happening in the near future
  8. in no particular order 1) 2D graphics with sprites and so on just like pre-Tellius games I don't know, i just feel 2D graphics and animations fit Fire Emblem so much more, and i'd love to see what they could do with modern technologies. I mean look at Octopath Traveler, that game's damn gorgeous, and it really shows how a bunch of pixels can convey emotions just as (if not more than) 3D models 2) No avatar (nor the main character being just an avatar except not advertised as such) Just stop, i had enough, i want an actually compelling main character, not a bland representation of myandeveryoneelse'sself, because I AM NOT compelling. When i play a Fire Emblem game, i want to be inspired by its characters and story, but if the main character is empty, the whole point of playing it becomes empty as well. 3) No child units, unless actually relevant to the plot, à la Genealogy Luckily 3H got rid of them, but i fear they might return someday. 4) Good amount of support converations, but not Fates level -> No excessive focus on romantic relations of any sort; background informations or interesting topics discussed instead Self explanatory, i want good supports, and if a conversation wouldn't be interesting, just cut it from the final game, there's no need for oversaturation or filler conversations for the pure sake of quantity. 5) Base is back, with Bonus Exp, Info conversations and Forge (with customizable weapons) as well They were simply amazing, why did they even scrap them in the first place. 6) Linear story, no multiple routes, no "your choices matter" stuff Imo branching stories hurt writing and consistency so much, FE shoud just forget about them. 7) No World Map, no farming -> Limited resources -> Good difficulty even when playing Normal I hate it in every FE game except for Gaiden and Echoes, it allows you to farm exp and/or items and annihilates any sense of tension, when the situation requires it. "Yeah, we're about to take on the final boss, but WAIT, a random encounter popped up so let's go clear it, then we should have a look around every shop in the continent just in case." 8 ) Return to %-based skills I doubt many will agree with this, but maybe i'll create a thread where i talk about difficulty in FE games and ask for other opinions; for now, let's just reduce it to "for me, %-based skills are great for SRPG, which FE should technically be". 9) Good map design: most of the maps, if not every map, must be memorable -> No gimmick mechanics such as dragon veins or stuff like that PoR and RD have amazing map design, they're all so diverse, and thanks to this, i can easily remember the majority of their maps (i'll never EVER forget RD's first 10 chapters, they're engraved on my mind). About gimmick mechanics, they add nothing relevant to the game, they're basically a "use me to unlock this chapter's 'easy mode' and clear it" button, and don't make me feel like i achieved anything from beating that chapter, i just wish they never come back. 10) Just a high quality game in general, filled with love When i play Echoes, i can feel all the love those who worked on it put in that game, despite its many flaws. I just wish this was possible with more FE games.
  9. i always appreciate criticism towards 3H, because far too many people praise it for being the best game in the series but actually have no counterarguments to support their statements, when proved wrong anyway, despite this premise, i really can't agree with what you said, i think 3H is a huge improvement from Fates no, it doesn't mean that 3H is perfect, in fact it's far from it and has many flaws that Fates doesn't have but there is one thing i absolutely agree with you: Fates wasn't nearly as pretentious and try-hard as 3H is imho everything crumbles when in 3H they talk about huge wars, dragons and gods, but then the game lets you choose something which it considers "wrong", in a game where advertisements made it look like choices actually mattered "ok guys should we move left or right" "left" "no you idiot we're going right" i can definitely see why Fates engaged you more than 3H though
  10. i'm ok with it, simply because i like to see what new skill they come up with, how blatantly stronger new units keep getting, and who knows, maybe some units i like who are not in Heroes yet can get a good treatment too (looking at you, arthur, boyd and makalov) yeah, i'm disappointed that gen1 units, most notably 5*-only gen1 units, such as ike, got so shafted, but that's just how it goes personally, if i were IntSys, every year i would boost every old-gen units' bst to make them match the new gen's standard FOR FREE, just to show that i care about those people who've been playing my damn game for so long
  11. flood? as in... THE GREAT FLOOD?!? PoR and RD confirmed
  12. imho "deep" is an extremely vague word, so much open to different interpretations to the point that having a discussion about "the deepest character" simply wouldn't work also, "deep" doesn't necessarily mean "good" and "well written" this said, i too must go with Rhea, she's basically 3H's lore's personification, and a very good character on its own as well
  13. Crimea's Elite Knights Kieran, Axe Cavalry 44 HP, 38 ATK, 30 SPD, 37 DEF, 13 RES (162 BST) Astrid, Colorless bow Cavalry 35 HP, 35 ATK, 37 SPD, 22 DEF, 23 RES (152 BST) Makalov, Sword Cavalry (Demote) 38 HP, 33 ATK, 37 SPD, 34 DEF, 20 RES (162 BST) Geoffrey, Lance Cavalry 40 HP, 36 ATK, 36 SPD, 34 DEF, 16 RES (162 BST) Bastian, Colorless dagger Blue tome Infantry (Instant Demote) 42 HP, 33 ATK, 34 SPD, 24 DEF, 28 RES (162 BST) Lucia, Sword Infantry (GHB) 40 HP, 34 ATK, 38 SPD, 28 DEF, 33 RES (172 BST) Ground-Shaking Dragons Nasir, Blue breath Infantry 50 HP, 38 ATK, 22 SPD, 24 DEF, 40 RES (173 BST) Gareth, Red breath Armor 57 HP, 42 ATK, 17 SPD, 43 DEF, 21 RES (180 BST) Ena, Green breath Infantry (demote) 47 HP, 34 ATK, 35 SPD, 26 DEF, 30 RES (172 BST) Kurthnaga, Colorless breath Flier 52 HP, 37 ATK, 23 SPD, 31 DEF, 32 RES (175 BST) No Instant Demote Almedha (yes), Blue breath Infantry (GHB) 49 HP, 36 ATK, 34 SPD, 22 DEF, 34 RES (175 BST) Deghinsea, Colorless breath Armor (Mythic) 60 HP, 43 ATK, 12 SPD, 36 DEF, 36 RES (185 BST)
  14. i love Makalov, but don't feel bad for him: i feel bad for those who dislike or even hate him also yeah, i love Rhea and i don't like that she gets all that hate.. i wish she got MORE hate, so that she'd be much more popular, if edelgard, lysithea and camilla are anything to go by
  15. 3H has the advantage of allowing the player to unlock limitless support conversations for every character, the only limit is the amount of units a character can support with PoR and GBA games, though, only allow every character to unlock up to 5 conversations: this was probably meant as replayability value, but for me it's just a way to block me from obtaining informations about the characters i'm controlling (i hope they get rid of this in their remakes) despite this, imho the best FE cast is the Tellius one (Makalov for the win), thanks to appearing in 2 games (most of the characters, at least), and an overall amazing writing and a world with rich and detailed lore those games really make you feel that the world their characters live in is real and alive
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