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  1. Yeah, I get the idea now. I'll have to try it when I can.
  2. PM1 doesn't want to use male Byleth in FTP strats but is fine with using brave units in them? That doesn't make sense. And even he's said he's iffy on using them because which of them is free depends on who picked what. You can pick only one brave unit for free, so those who didn't pick the units PM uses are out of luck. Not EXACTLY the same situation, but both still lead to similar results: some players will not have the "free" unit because they didn't pick it/buy Three Houses.
  3. Well, being F2P is one thing. I'm not F2P, though I do collect and use as many free orbs as I can before spending money. Still, I see. On another note, I finished the one Fire Blessed Grounds I had left, so those are all complete now. I have one or two of the other three remaining as well, though I'm not sure when I'm gonna feel like tackling them. EDIT: I had one Water left too, so I completed it! These gave me a lot of trouble before though. Huh. Guess I am I bit better and maybe got a few stronger units too. Anyway, I just have two Wind and two Earth to do at some point and I'll have finished the Blessed Grounds completely.
  4. Okay, cool to know. Though I just noticed I gave both Cordy and Roy a Light blessing. Cherche has Astra. I guess I should switch one of those first two... Oh, and Cordy is -Spd because she originally had her brave lance. I guess I need to fix that at some point too. >_<
  5. I see. My only Galeforce units are Cordelia, Brave Roy, and Cherche though. And I don't have the resources to inherit it onto anyone else right now. Specifically feathers, since I do have Cordelia combat manuals. In the future, I could upgrade a Peri or Hana or Soleil, but I don't have Brave Celica or Velouria. So for the time being, is there any way I could use the Galeforce units I DO have?
  6. Yes, I get that, but when I have a situation like I described, where Alm is being stuffed in the back of the map behind obstacles and other enemies, what am I supposed to do?
  7. That's good to know. I previously kind of felt like SF was full of expert players, and I guess I'm sometimes a little envious of the knowledge peeps like Ice Dragon have too (though not REAL envious). But maybe there aren't as many high/top tier players here as I thought. 😛
  8. Yeah, I'd prefer Sothis not be the Mythic right now because of spoilers. Save her for later.
  9. They may not be Heroes players though. We don't know how many Heroes players lack a Switch/won't be getting the game.
  10. Oh, I see. I forgot he has that. >_< Alm does suck to go against in general though. Yeah, that's kind of hard to do when he's parked way on the back of the map and stays behind everyone else. Which was the case in that map...
  11. I see, glad to know someone here is going through similar. And it's not so much that I want to go higher, I'm having trouble just maintaining tier 20 in AR. I'm surprised I'm still there right now, in fact. xP I don't think I can reach tier 21 in a long time, if ever, so yeah.
  12. I think it was Alm, yeah. Bowbreaker should've prevented Alm from doubling though. Otherwise, yeah, I get that he'd be hard to tank. I did notice I forgot to change Cecilia's seal though, and that was surely a problem. >_< My Cecilia is neutral. I've pulled her a lot, but none of those Cecilias had IVs I thought would be good. If she was +Atk, she was -Res or something, for instance. Though this was mostly before the merge change came. So I guess next time I pull her, which I could in the near future because I'd like to go for Edelgard on the upcoming banner, I can think about giving her a merge. Except for one problem. I'm low on feathers after having finished merging Silas and giving more merges to Reinhardt (because let's face it, lots of people want to merge him up lol). I don't think I've ever seen Jamke in AR or anything though, is he the best example to use here? Otherwise, I believe I understand your point.
  13. I'd like to get a little something off my chest in here. It's not a rant or anything, at least not a big one. In case it doesn't seem like I'd ever admit to it, I know I'm not a really good player in Heroes, and there's probably always going to be some knowledge I miss or forget or whatever. I wouldn't say I'm bad or I suck, as I have been able to clear some infernal and even abyssal difficulty maps on my own, and reaching tier 20 in AR isn't easy. And I go back and forth between tiers 17 and 18 in arena, and sometimes 18 and 19 too. But I'm not on the level of people who can be tier 21 and above in those modes and consistently clear stuff like infernal LHBs/MHBs on their own. I may sometimes wonder why I'm not better than I am and why I struggle to improve, but...yeah. I just hope I find a solution to those struggles at some point. I don't need or want to be the highest tiers and ranks or anything, but I would like to be able to clear more content by myself in general. But admitting all this is supposed to be a good first step, right? And I've also decided the main factor behind my struggles may be that I've always had trouble processing a lot of information and getting into new habits. This would explain why I might forget to change a character's skills or seals or forget to check some things on enemy units and the map and not think to do a little math and stuff. And why I don't always pick up every factor in what happens in a battle, sometimes even just one round of combat. If I can just work on my information processing and remembering to do some things more often, then maybe, just maybe... That can make a big difference. I think this is a Asperger's/autism thing, so it's probably not going to be easy, but...yeah. I'd rather take time to do this than keep losing battles a lot.
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