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  1. I've finished my entry! This uses some characters I've never written in here before. They come from my main FE fic, Dawn of Darkness and are major characters in that story. Bryan is one of the lead males, in fact. He and Skye fit this prompt absolutely perfectly, though, so I had to use them. I gotta warn y'all now, you might tear up a bit at this. Title: That Fateful Day Fandom: Fire Emblem (on a continent in the same world as Tellius) Words: 4321 Post-Read Notes:
  2. Again, what are you talking about? I'm seeing almost nothing but Claude votes there.
  3. Huh? I looked at the English Heroes Twitter and I see tons of Claude votes! Sadly none for Sylvain though... 😞
  4. It takes quite awhile to be able to do that though, because you have to get their numbers and stuff and clear Kanto if you want them all.
  5. Oh, NOW I know what happened. I had to log in when accessing the site on my laptop and reset my password because I couldn't remember it for some reason. Thanks for clearing that up, Jave.
  6. Oh, I see. Yeah, that is bad UI (that's user interface, right? Just making sure I remember right).
  7. I wasn't able to change my vote earlier though. Or at least, it seemed that way. Maybe I just misunderstood. Oh well, at least I can still get a total of seven votes. @daisy jane Your last male vote is up for grabs? How about Sylvain? 😄 You said you like him!
  8. Yeah, and I'm wondering why my original vote got replaced. I've now cast votes for both Sylvain and Claude though.
  9. But like I said, I'd already given a vote to Sylvain beforehand and now that vote is gone. It shows only Claude on my battle ballot.
  10. What the hell? I go to see if I can place my second vote, and it looked to me like I could. I vote for Claude since I gave my first vote to Sylvain. But I go to my battle ballot and Claude is registered as the first vote instead and my vote for Sylvain is gone. What the fuck. I placed my first vote through my phone and the second through my laptop, if that means anything... I've looked at the battle ballot for both and only Claude is there.
  11. Yeah, leveling up was kind of slow there, though HGSS made it worse imo. Because the highest level wild Pokemon in those games were over ten levels lower than the highest level wild Pokemon you can find in the Sinnoh games. 😕 Oh, I understood what you meant. I'm just saying I loved the complexity you describe and wouldn't mind more.
  12. I felt Unova was less interesting because it was just that giant circle though. Sinnoh being more complex made it better. And then adding even more to Sinnoh later? What a region! That'd be so awesome imo. That's very fair, yes. Just keep everything civil and constructive.
  13. Hey, that could work! I like this idea. In fact, I can't think of a better place in Sinnoh to find Mega Stones besides any that people might just give to you.
  14. Also, I thought the complaints about Sinnoh being slow were because of the battles being slowish. Not the actual story and adventure being slow. Honestly, I liked how long the main story was. Of course, the battles wouldn't be slow now.
  15. Except there's one thing you either don't know or completely forgot. GF didn't actually design BW with sequels in mind because they said once that they weren't originally planning to do sequels for them. I don't think I can find where this was stated in now, but I definitely remember this. Also: This post, yeah. Very good points here.
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