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  1. Sorry, I must've thought I'd made that clear before. I'm sorry for misunderstanding. And I did ask that question in good faith... Also, I'm not sure how to respond to your comment in any other way than what I already said.
  2. ...What? I never thought tactics skills couldn't be used BY cavalry. Only that they couldn't be buffed by them. I completely figured that cavalry could use them to buff infantry, fliers, and armors.
  3. Uh, then explain to me why non-refreshers can equip the sing/dance seals/skills that aren't Sing/Dance themselves? As for Titania and Seth's refines, that could just mean they're more meant for mixed teams, not cavalry ones. Just because I didn't know one thing doesn't mean I know little. I meant that I'd ignore her from that point on. Thanks, and maybe.
  4. Oh, okay. My Celica is also +2, I think. She's +Spd. As is Nino. And Nino has one merge because I originally had a neutral Nino. I think only Nino has the Fury/Desp combo though. I'd have to inherit that onto Celica. What sucks though, is that I don't seem to get much Desperation fodder since I hardly ever pull Shanna. Fury's not an issue because I seem to get Hinata a lot. Other than the Desperation thing though, it doesn't seem like there's much I'd need to do in order to make that strat work. I would like at least three flying refreshers though. I only have two (legendary Azura and Reyson).
  5. I see. Literally the only LHBs/MHBs I've been able to do on my own on infernal or higher are Hector's and Roy's. And the former is the only one I've cleared abyssal in with no guides. I bet that Celica and Nino are +10 though. Mine aren't merged that high, and it isn't easy to merge Celica anyway since she's 5 star only. I've heard of Klein + three refreshers though, and I do intend to merge him up more because he's so useful and I kinda like him. But if a bunch of merges aren't needed, I could see what I could do.
  6. AR and LHBs/MHBs are my biggest issue though. Arena and AA, I sometimes have trouble with them, but not as often. And these days, I don't really bother with advanced AA anymore. I do advanced arena, though. Oh, and there are still SAs and lunatic CCs I have trouble with too. I could use guides for some of these, and I have, but... I'd like to be able to do them on my own, if even just a little more often. I think though, I know what mainly holds me back. There are a lot of variables and factors to consider, and they can differ in each mode. Like, for AR, you have to consider not only your team setup and skills and placement as well as that of the enemies, but also common threats, traps, the turn limit, etc. And LHBs/MHBs have super inflated stats and absurd enemy reinforcements. Basically, it's a lot to think about and process for one battle, and I just seem to have trouble processing so many things like that. And I am autistic, and while that's not an excuse, sometimes that does mean information can be more difficult to process. Tbh, I don't REALLY want to quit. But I don't want to keep having trouble and being frustrated all the time either when I can't seem to reduce those any way except by quitting. It doesn't help me and it doesn't help others either for me to just complain about it...
  7. I admit I'm a naturally blunt person. But there's a difference between that and calling someone things like clueless. I don't blame things on bugs anymore. At least, not as much or in the way I used to. I consider it every now and then, but typically decide in the end that it's the lesser possibility. Because I came to a realization that it'd be silly for so many things to be bugs. I constantly asked help too. Sometimes I got some and tried using it, but it didn't make things much different in the end. And sometimes I was just ignored. Well yeah, quitting isn't going to make me better. But nothing I've tried HAS made me better, so why not save myself some frustration and money? And...I don't remember you asking those things. But if you did, I'm sorry I never answered. Yes, I've built magic sweepers and player phase units. My player phase units include Reinhardt, flying Nino, several brave weapon wielders, and more. By magic sweeper you mean a tome unit that can one-round units without taking much damage, right? Again, there's Reinhardt, flying Nino, regular Nino, etc. Sure. But sometimes people suggest skills or units that I don't have access to. So I can't use every single piece of advice. Besides that, I'd love to go in with an open mind. I know, yes.
  8. Oh, sorry about that then. That's kind of you to say. I believe I did once quit and come back before... I think the only way I would return to the game at this point though, is if either IS toned down the difficulty of a lot of this game's content, which will never happen because they don't care much about players who aren't experts, or I somehow gain better skill without even playing it, which doesn't even make sense. So... I know. I've had a Nintendo account linked since day one.
  9. ...Why do I sense an underlying message of "we don't want you around here anyway" here? That's a mean thing to say/imply, but I don't care. I don't mind leaving this board. If this isn't your intention, then my mistake. But you're coming off to me this way.
  10. You're putting what she said very lightly and generically. Calling me clueless isn't rude? Telling me to stop wanting to be spoon-fed isn't rude? In what universe are those things not rude? ...When did I ever say I lack game knowledge? Why would I insult myself like that? There's nothing wrong with ignoring rude people though. I do understand now, you didn't need to explain it to me. But it doesn't matter anymore anyway. I decided to quit and uninstall Heroes. Not just because of any AR failures, mind you. Quitting because of one mode is silly. I'm tired of being able to clear very little content in this game in general. I used to be able to clear enough, but with every new mode/content that gets added, there's more and more shit I can't clear because my hard work on my units and teams isn't enough. Sometimes I can't get arena win streaks and such either. I'm not spending my life and paychecks on a single game. If already putting hours and tons of resources into my units isn't enough, there's no point. The game is too stupid at that point to me. If all I can ever really do is level up and give units skills, and I can't put them to use to clear much of anything, what's the point of continuing? I've already tried getting help. Nobody has been able to help me. I've gotten very few results from it at all. So don't bother trying to convince me to keep playing and that you can help. I'm not blaming anyone for not being able to be helped, I'm sure those who tried to help me did their best. Good luck to the rest of you.
  11. It's Golden Deer, not Gold Deers. Anyway, I don't know. Both the Black Eagles and Golden Deer appeal to me.
  12. Are you seriously defending her after what she said to me? How would you feel if someone said "you're clueless, stop expecting people to spoon-feed you" to you? Everyone else has been polite and helpful to me. But all she ever does is insult my skill and intelligence. I won't claim I'm the best player ever, but that doesn't mean it's okay to just call me an idiot.
  13. I see. Though I can only see this helping a little since I'm not super skilled. EDIT: @Hilda Wow, fucking rude and completely unnecessary. Of course I read the update notes, I'm not a dumbass. But I don't fucking memorize them. But you know what, you never seem to care about not insulting people or their skill/intelligence here, so I don't need to bother with you.
  14. I've tried doing that before though, I don't learn anything. I don't suddenly see something that I didn't before. I can test my own team? Didn't know that. Thanks.
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