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  1. Sounds nice! I have enough tanks though, so I'm making him a +Spd nuke at some point. He's already got Gronnblade+ in his kit too. +Atk will have to do for the time being in the IV department though.
  2. Well... Dragoncat is my only friend and the only person I can talk to about certain things when I feel I need to talk to someone about said subjects. I don't mean to just complain to her. Alright then. All's good. Everyone else okay now, I hope?
  3. Okay, wow... I did not at all mean for things to go this far. I guess I should apologize now. But I also have to say I only got defensive because I didn't like Diovani's wording. No one else did anything wrong as far as I saw. I stopped responding because I didn't want the issue to keep going. I said I misunderstood something and I thought that was all I had to say. I guess I should've been clearer or something though... EDIT: I was already planning to show my Sylvain by the way. I just thought it was a good way to change the subject to something less tense...
  4. Hey, I got two 5 star Sylvains too. XD One I used as the base because he's +Atk. I'm going to finish him another day. I can't do anymore pulls right now.
  5. There's a first time for everything though. But fair enough anyway.
  6. I'd love it if another Sylvain got added soon, but I'd also feel like it's a bit too fast... And I need my orbs and money replenish a bit. lol RD Ike is returning in the next legendary banner too, for that matter and I'm gonna want more merges for him.
  7. Okay then. Sadly, I can't datamine... I'd have to search for someone else's datamine. But that's provided that even exists.
  8. So this is my Sylvain so far. Not bad for just getting him today, I think. I want him to be +Spd at some point though. And +10 too, of course. But I can't pull anymore on his banner at present. I've put Gronnblade+ into his kit as well, I'm just going to actually have him learn it when I use him in the TT+ tomorrow. Most of the time I think I'll just stick with his base weapon, but Gronnblade+ will be used in situations where it's needed more.
  9. How am I suppose to prove if this kind of bug happens?
  10. I don't remember mistreating anyone though. That's what I'm saying. So again, I don't know what you're talking about. But the matter's been resolved, and therefore this discussion doesn't need to go on. Good day.
  11. ...What? Again, I have no idea what you're talking about.
  12. ...What? Where are you getting this idea? And I have a right to get pissy if I feel I'm being mistreated. And yes, I misunderstood something. This does not mean I don't know how the game works. And why are any apologies needed for anything? I don't see anything anyone needs to be sorry for. Well, I guess except for mistreating me, I suppose.
  13. I didn't say pitybreakers are bugs. I'm saying it's always possible that a bug can happen with a banner because this game is not immune to bugs. I simply suggested there could be one, not that there definitely is. Sure, it'd be strange as well if most people were getting focus units only. It'd be equally strange if most weren't and got non-focus units or no 5 star units at all.
  14. Telling me I don't know how the game works simply for misunderstanding one thing is treating me like I'm stupid.
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