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  1. This post a million times over. I also agree that Elincia is way prettier than Mia (Callil is too, actually. Nephenee...yeah, I guess she also is. But hard to say when she covers half her face with her helmet all the time). Elincia is way more awesome in general. Mia is so boring imo. I never understood her popularity either. I also don't understand Micaiah's. She's so underwhelming both as a character and as a unit. She gets doubled and killed so easily because her Spd and Def suck, so it's so hard to keep her alive. And her writing is kind of all over the place to me. It's just not good. And she's shoved aside by Yune later, allowing Ike to still get the most focus. And as big a fangirl of Ike as I am, his focus should've been more equal to Micaiah's, or even a bit less. Micaiah should've had some more focus than she did and maybe her writing would be better.
  2. You should've specified which currency you were talking about then. A 3DS game is $45 here and a Switch game is $60. My mistake on the math though.
  3. They have no right if they're only complaining because of something someone said later on down the line. They didn't care before, why are they allowed to suddenly care now? Also, the price increase is not 50% where are you getting that? $60 is only 15 more than $45. That's a 25% increase.
  4. They started complaining about other aspects of the graphics as well though, not just animations, and that's got nothing to do with what GameFreak said. Wow, so mature.
  5. Yeah, same here, except I will be able to play when I get it Friday. Even though I had said once that I wanted to cancel my preorder... I later decided I was being too hasty and stuff. Plus, Galarian Ponyta and Rapidash are still too tempting. XD
  6. Yeah, that's all true too. It's just confusing and I wish GameFreak would clarify it a bit more. Still, it bugs me that people ONLY complained when GameFreak said all this. Nobody said anything bad about the graphics until GF said anything on it. They should've been clearer, but fans are also dumb themselves for just suddenly caring when GF said anything.
  7. Yeah, that's what I mean, why not improve upon the previous models? I admit they look smoother here anyway, but still.
  8. Those saying the GTS is gone, that is technically true, but there's a feature in the game that serves the same purpose. So it's gone, but at the same time it isn't. I still say that most of the issues with Sword and Shield are minor nitpicks, at least for me. The only glaring flaws are the number of cut Pokemon and a seemingly lackluster postgame, and the fact that does appear that they lied about reusing models. Thing is though, they could've also actually rebuilt the exact same models from scratch, so it looks like they reused old ones even though they really didn't. But then, what was even the point?
  9. I sent both my Freddys. lol That should be obvious. XD
  10. OMG! This is SO cool, can we get something like this for every book now? Dat black and gold Breidablik. PITTSBURGH COLORS.
  11. I completed hard and lunatic easily. Haven't done infernal yet. Cormag's voice surprises me though. I expected him to sound deeper and edgier (though not as edgy as, say, Gerome). I'm not sure this voice fits him.
  12. I can't say I agree, I struggled a lot. SPM and Color Splash though, were not so hard.
  13. Oh, I'd love a port of Super Paper Mario and/or Color Splash myself! TTYD too, though in the case of that one, I hope the difficulty is toned down a bit. I couldn't beat it because the final battle was so hard.
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