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  1. Sharena is confirmed to be a freebie! I'm real happy to hear this and it kinda makes me want to return to Dragalia. I still think she should have been there the first time the event happened, but better late than never. Along with Sharena, I really hope for Hrid and/or Ike. Marth was in the event last time, so why not the arguably most popular FE lord in Ike next? And Hrid could join his sister Fjorm. I'd love both these guys and I'd definitely be going back to Dragalia for them.
  2. I never recruited Bernadetta in any path, so I wouldn't have known about that. I see. I haven't fully watched it. It's fairly long.
  3. I think Dimitri suffers from PTED, or Post-Traumatic Embitterment Disorder, that's for sure. But I'm not sure what mental illness any other character in the game could have.
  4. It's obvious why Tsubasa is there. Itsuki isn't in the pool, he's a grail unit. So they have to go with the next best thing for TMS and that would be Tsubasa.
  5. ...Wow. Yeah, that is really dumb. 😕 Narcian's a creep who needs to shut up too. I'm always wanting to tell him to just shut up, he gets that annoying.
  6. Xander won too? Nice! I get to join whoever wins out of him and Palla in the final then. 🙂 Narcian winning over Idunn + Fae is weird though, I agree.
  7. Palla won! 😄 And over my most disliked character in this too, sweeeet.
  8. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to those. Only new heroes banners.
  9. Oh yeah, imo Rinkah's art is bad, even though I also rather like her as a character. Her breast wrap was not originally THAT revealing, nor was her bust that big, nor did the wrap look that uncomfortably tight. Yeah, I really don't like her art here because of that. It just ruins it for me. I'm also not interested in those limited special maps. They just look like a nightmare for a player like me that's not a super expert at the game. I won't be bothering with them.
  10. Looking at that again, I'm actually right. "Other special heroes from their game will appear as well." From their game, meaning Shadow Dragon. So I could get younger Abel or Palla or Linde.
  11. Oh yeah, they actually recognize Elincia as a lead this time! Thank you, IS. I thought you were shitting on her at first with the 8-bit Feh Channel episode. But you're forgiven now.
  12. Did it say main characters? I thought it just said characters or more SD characters. If main characters, I won't complain, I could get a cute little boy Ike! Oh, I see. Okay then, this makes more sense now.
  13. I saw that. I assumed they hadn't met yet at the start of Shadow Dragon when Marth is 14.
  14. Yeah, I agree with this. If I got, like, a male Corrin with bad IVs instead of an Ike merge, I'd be annoyed.
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