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  1. In all of my summons, there were at least 2 Reds at all times. Most of the time there were 3-4 of them, one time even all five of them. Sadly, I do not have enough orbs to summon...
  2. Welcome! You are now officially lost in the forest. Have fun!
  3. We would need a constant high accuracy for this to work. And arrows are thrown like paper planes
  4. "Archer! Throw the arrows!" *fails to hit the target*
  5. I meant that is the only way to use him right now for me, even though I want to avoid that. I'll look what I can find in my small pile of heroes and thanks for the recommendations
  6. He never inherited something so its just Falchion, Pivot, Escape Route 3 and Spur SPD 3 I never intended to use him as a Tank but he doesnt even hurt the enemy. If I am lucky he can do about 25 damage to mages and about 10 damage to physical units. He is more of a meatshield to block the enemy
  7. I have a question. i noticed that my Marth started to die really fast and I wanted to (maybe) try a real build on him and would like for suggestions. Marth is +ATK/-DEF
  8. @NekoKnight Well, I don't like my name (and from what I know not even the character with a similar name)
  9. One of the characters who appears in every fates game has a similar name. you'd just have to change 2 letters
  10. Thanks for bringing that up. Updated the poll, like you said.
  11. Hey, Its been a long time, since I was active (not lurking in the shadows) and recently I had the urge to go and buy one of the 3DS FE titles. If you could kindly consult me about what game I should get, that would be nice. I know, many may not like them or even hate them, but I am still asking for (if possible) objective opinions, why I should or should not get game X. Meaning a reply like "Buy game X, cuz good waifu" is something I often see on non-Serenes Forest forums with unreasonable children. PS: If I seemed rude, then I apologize. But recently, I have encountered many kids in fandoms where I also lurk around with this kind of attitude, which increases my salt-level. PPS: If there are any mistakes, english is sadly not my native language.
  12. Hey, Very interesting idea, I would certainly love to play! Maybe, if possible, you could post every poll with the question directly next to it, so that it would be easier to find and decide the ones you want to actually do. Only if you want, though
  13. Macoal


    i am going to play it
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