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  1. Used Nursery Rhyme in my CQ run and she dominated. I sleep until Amazon dot com.
  2. I got Arthur from NA GSSR. Ehhhhh JP on the other hand: 2019 was the Year of Quick Memes. I’m hype going in to the New Year.
  3. Bored with NA and JP right now. I’m skipping the lotto event and have already done the CQ (BB < 3), so there’s only shop. LB5 is a lot easier compared to previous ones. Space Ishtar did basically all the work with some changes in select fights. Please rerun Kama for New Year’s.
  4. Use her with Jeanne Ruler and Merlin. Laugh as the enemy is completely incapable of killing your team. It’s one of the most consistent stall teams you can run other than BB until Qin Shi Huang. lol Tamamo in anything remotely difficult next year.
  5. I'll start grinding in earnest once the final node opens. I want to use all of my apples on lotto. I'm not going to talk about it.
  6. I'm gonna take this event nice and chill. Almost done with my second box on AP regen. Once all the nodes open I'll grab the bare minimum from shop and use the remaining apples on lotto.
  7. If your Waver buffs Quick cards, then I'll spam your support. Planning on Waver DSS with Space Ishtar for lotto farming--the usual. Just missing the two lotto CEs from shop. Because people are allergic to servants that need any level of investment beyond skills and ascension. They're not directly comparable due to having different roles. However, I would agree when you say Astolfo is overall better.
  8. Yeah, that was me being very blunt. I just recently got access to one of the best farming teams in the game--Space Ishtar NP2, Waver and double Skadi. This team obsoletes the need for any other AOE NP5 Beatsticks when farming. For me, Nightingale would have to be good in a support role for me to use her. Really disappointed with how she turned out since I can't run a team where she is anything but suboptimal. Need to boost your damage? Chiron and Santa Altera are better. Need debuff clear or some other form of survival? Medea Lily, Asclepius, and even Martha are all better. And no I don't care that buff removal res is a bad effect. The emphasis on offensive buff removal is questionable. Really, make her debuff clear the standard or let her remove defensive buffs and she becomes significantly better. Looks like I was too harsh on Astolfo though. His neutral damage is really good and he can triloop with BG start too. The real question is how he compares to Kama.
  9. Nah dude Oof, initial specs show Astolfo and Nightingale being pretty bad. They are poor loopers and no utility to show for it either. At least the Saber Astolfo meme is dead though?
  10. NA is now the beta-testing server, it seems. JP got a QoL that prevents login streaks from breaking due to maintenance just recently. Let the salt flow.
  11. Extremely disappointed that Nightingale is an archer. She'll need a very specific skillset or I won't have a use for her.
  12. A blonde man with wings isn't a flying Eliwood. Can't wait for "late November" to just mean "November 30th". The most late November possible.
  13. @redlight You only need 1 PG but you can shoot for 3 at most. You only get six slots on a team and one is taken by your damage-boosting CE. Wouldn’t be surprised if Astolfo was the SSR. Saber Astolfo was a servant datamined over two years ago and we’re finally starting to see more and more of them. Jane was the most recent one.
  14. I just want JP to get the new Christmas event already. I need more lotto grinding. Just finished farming the NA event.
  15. I just threw BB at this. Swapped in Medea with taunt CE to remove the Arts Resist after breaking the bar to save time.
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