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  1. Not 100% sure what you guys would want the most right now I have a Divine Dew +1 Eirkia (+Res -Def) up as it a newer refinement people may want to try... anyways here are some options if you want to switched too I can, note Grima and Myrrh are found with there other movement classes rather then with the rest of the dragons. I also have way more units then this (especially with horses) but these are the one I though people would want the most. I will rotate units every so often anyways though... Infantry Album Flyer Album Armor & Horse Album
  2. Edit: Never mind there's a random on the enemy on top of the tree I didn't see at all. This is what I get for jumping to conclusions that being said way the crap is there a singular enemy on top of a tree for the Spirit Forest Camp I thought I broke the game he was so hard to find. I'll give more complete impressions of the DLC when I finish it.
  3. Yeah about that I should just joined her for this round anyways but I made a random pull today on the gauntlet banner today because reasons and Katarina just popped out of nowhere with good IVs to boot sooooooo....... I so joined her team to show my appreciation for her actually showing up. But if Katarina loses I will be joining Priscilla next round if she still around. So Yeah I to those on Team Katarina I have my Wraithfull Dazzle Elise out if you want someone else I’m more hell than happy to oblige. I will be playing the bare minimum of the gaultet this time around though, because I’ve decided my happiness is worth more than progress and I am cranking down extremely the amount of this game I play especially the parts I do not enjoy. How long this will last no idea I’ve said this to myself a lot of times and never succeeded.
  4. It is in there just look under T Anyway here is good one people haven’t already mentioned. This game is so beautiful. I love Gravity Rush and Okami too. Ni No Kuni: Wraith of the White Witch
  5. Since when do you play this game? Launch How did you get introduced into this? FE Direct when it was announced On which kind of device do you play it? iPad and IPhone Is it your first mobile game? No if we talk about cell phone games I use to use my old flip phone to play some game including the the Original Legend of Zelda, and other crappy games. As far as smart phone games go I owned the first iPod touch and played game that where among with the very first iPhone games I have experience the full evolution of the App Store. I also used to play games like Peggle and Zuma on my original iPod (Yep the clickwheel ones had games). That being said I am not particularly fond of at lot of them partially due to my long history with them. Have you beaten all main story and sidequests in all difficulties yet? I have beaten all content currently available Have you beaten all main story chapters yet in at least one difficulty yet? I have beaten all content currently available Have you beaten all side quests in at least one difficulty yet? I have beaten all content currently available Have you beaten all challenge chains 3 battles in at least one difficulty yet? I have beaten all content currently available Have you beaten all challenge chains 6 battles in at least one difficulty yet? I have beaten all content currently available Do you usually try to beat all Grand Hero Battles in all difficulties? The only one I didn't beat all of them for was Narcian's very first run which was pretty much impossible for most of us do that how early in the game it was a little resources we had. Do you usually do the daily quests (challenges which repeat every day)? I used to but now it depends how are good they are and if they are fulfilled by things I'm going to do anyways. So most the time I ignore them From which banner have you pulled the most yet? No idea I pulled most main banners equally If had to see one it was probably Hero Fest 2 & Brave Heroes. This upcoming 8% better will be the most I ever spend as I'm purposely saving up for it unlike other banners and spending every single solitary or I can tell the last day . From which orb colour have you pulled the most yet? Probably Red Who have you pulled the most yet? Hana, Laslow, Gunter ( I have enough hone cavalry to field like four Cavalry teams) Who was your first 5* pull? (free pick from the Lord banner excluded) 5* +Def -Hp Marth Who has been your best pull yet? I've got a number of good Pulls and units all have their own uses it way the person I have you as my best unit was so was someone I upgraded (Cecilia). As far as lucky pulls I have gotten exactly 5 perfect IVs pulled, Y! Tiki, Sakura perfect IV healer wooh!, Kagero, and 2 Lyns (one perfect speed IV one perfect attack IV O went with attack). As far as pure luck i've gotten three Lyn without even trying and have 7 seasonal units (Spring Luncina, S! Corrin, P! Olivia, P!Indigo, P! Shigure, H! Henry, and H! Nowi) all of them have poor to OK IVs none of my Ideal thankfully none of them are totally crippling though -Atk on Nowi wasn't very nice. Do you care for stat natures? Yes especially for the slick soonest I could be totally crippled by there IVs for example I recently pulled a minus -Atk Camilla she has a -4 attack bane make it a total of 26 attack 34 after her weapon well it can be rectified it's not worth it so I fought her off to a perfect IV Cherche I had waiting around ( though unless her IV was perfect I probably would've sacrificed her anyways Camillas only good builds are very expensive). Who did you promote to 5* first? My first ever promotion my Nino +Res -Hp no I had no idea what her IV was at the time I was just happy Promoting Nino she was later sacrificed to give Cecilia +Spd -Atk Cecilia ( Believe it or not the atk does not hurt her much) Gronnblade+ to become my best year unit. I released recently repromoted another Nino but that took me about 22 upgrades to get around to lol. Three characters you haven't pulled yet, but want to so badly? Linde, Brave Ike, Celica Who's your favorite character gameplaywise? It's hard for me to divorce favorite character from best character and Cecilia is just hilariously good if the appointment doesn't have the ability to completely ignore buff or are red she will always kill them. What's your preferred team (four units)? I switch up my units a lot but my arena team for Offense and Defense is Lyn, (Bonus Unit), Cecilia, and Camus that's my only team that never changes. As for the team are usually default to on most challenging things it's usually a variation on these 9 Cavs (Leo, Xander, Brave Roy, Camus, Reinhardt, Ursula, Brave Lyn, Elise, and Cecilia). Who of the new protagonists and antagonists (Anna, Sharena, Alfonso, Veronica, Bruno) do you like the most? Sharena Which three things do you like the most? GHB & BHB, Lunatic Chain Challenges, Squad Assualt Which three things do you dislike the most? The Voting Gauntlet, The Tempest, The totality of the gotcha mechanics what I would gift to be able to play this game normally I would pay up to $40 if this game could be free it its shackles heck I would pay a scription fee of like 5 to 10 dollars a month if I had to. What's your opinion of the map design? Ranges from extremely poor too okay they do the best they can with the limited space they have any skills and unit placement usually factor more into strategy then any map does The maps in and of themselves aren't all that interesting . What's your opinion of the skill system in the game? It's just decently interesting and very simplistic at times and basically goes like this A: for Stat Buffs, and Special modifiers, B: Ability modifiers and Combat Effect by far the most interesting skill slot but sadly the most underused in terms of new stuff Wraith, Shield Pulse, Guard, Wraithfull & Dazzling Staff, Cancel Affinity, Live for Skills (only have a outside of normal game play effect), and lastly the new Dance skills. And all the skills are only received from a five star upgrade or unit at the third level and only Guard & Cancel Affinity are even available at 4 stars and even though skills or kind of niche and cancel affinities case it's meant to cancel a single skill. So I really think they've messed up with B skills. C: is Team Aid & Enemy and debuffing skills lots of new stuff I've spent introduced here where should it done I done a decent job with C slots overall. So overall I think it's fine my main point of contention with it is the SP system which is just a system built for grinding which is stupid I wish you just learn them when you leveled up. What's your opinion of seasonal banners? They're kind of stupid but whatever they're going to happen I really hate that all unique types have to existent only these types of banner seriously Brave Lyn has been the only exception to this. I also think the lack of variety is eras is kind of sad but I guess I need to give a bone newer fans. How stingy are you with all your orbs? I a lot less stingy then I should be they tend to burn a hole in my pocket. Have you ever had a moment while you couldn't do anything because you were out of stamina portions and orbs? There was one point quite a few months back I completely ran out of arena crests and ended up even using the orb to get one this is the only time I've ever used an order for anything other than its intended use. Have you ever invested real money in this game? Nope Do you try to beat as many time limited quests as possible? I have beaten all content available this game I think the only time I might not have is I think I missed a couple of quests early on in the game such as the full armor team very early on . Do you usually give bonus levels to your units? Yes my highest is Lyn +2 at the moment Do you care for Gauntlets? I positively hate this mode anything to expect me to play it on it's schedule should die in a hole I think the idea behind his cute little but a game some never ever expect me to schedule myself around it, I play games when I want to put them down when they want me to play it. Do you care for skill optimizing? Pretty much the reason for my addiction to the game new builds or my life blood hence the massive B skills I just want some new stuff to work with or for the game is finally start give me good A skills again for Fodder. Do you try to get all the rewards in the Tempest Trials? Yep since the first one doesn't mean I hate it less I've grown to be more neutral towards it that I am towards the goblets but that's because I don't actually played anymore I just do auto battle. How often do you play the arena? Every week never have missed one. Do you use the training tower aside of fulfilling side quests? Yep Are there any things from this game you would like to see returning in a regular FE game? Some of the skill ideas are pretty cool and could work in the real games like Desperation and QR some of the gimmick weapons could be interesting such as owl and weapons. The large concentration on Stat Buffing is something I don't see coming to actual FE as I think variable weaponry light buffing and a larger emphasis on the debuffing or more at home at main games How would you rank the game overall from 0 to 10? 6 (Slightly Above Average) out of 10, as for the Reason that's hard there's times I truly hate this game and we should never was made which is when ever it's free to play mobile trappings lay themselve bare. I truly hate everything this game of business model represents it's the only model where money comes first before's the audience enjoyment. But I would be lying if I do enjoy having a tiny bit of FE play every day and I wish it was just that but it's not it has to be mired in on all the other bull crap like the Voting Gauntlet, purposeful content barring as new skills have to be made more accessible to players for fodder if Build variety is ever going to increase and skills like L&D and QR have no business only being available at level 3 at five stars anymore) inheritance is a big part of the actual fun of this game and this country barn has been a big part in the generic builds we see. Even the new content being introduced in the screen patch is going to be locked behind large grind wall going to take forever to upgrade even half to weapons they introduced three new currency's for just one system whyyyyyyyy!? Will you play more mobile games in the future? probably though once Heroes or my interest in Heroes ends which ever one comes first my time we'll go down a lot back to where was before the game getting out which was minimal play at best.
  6. That’s because she ate my -Atk Cordelia in fact both five star Cordelia’s I pulled had horrible IVs (-Atk and -Spd) so I fed them to Effie and Est (because she had a perfect IV) respectively. Anyways her kit is mostly Est focused though it’s literally Death Blow 3 away from her generic “Best Kit” which would happen if Klein ever came home again. Here is her full kit. But yes the strategy would work about the same with a five star Cordelia. Honestly it’s been so long since I made those sacrifices and so long since I pulled another one that I forgot that’s how she got TA 3.
  7. Beat infernal with Flyer Emblem using Est, H! Nowi, S! Corrin, and Michalis. S! Corrin and H! Nowi are not absolutely required to use my strategy but a Red Mage or Archer of some description to replace her and fortify flyers is recommended (what I used S! Corrin for) I do not know how much Hone Flyer actually helped and how much of it was overkill but it was active Goad Flyers should work just fine in its absence. Est and Michalis carry the bulk of the battle my weird Est build is required to actually do the strat (TA3, Brave Lance+) my Michalis runs (Fortress Def 3, QR2, Ignis) this allows both of them to tank like bosses and kill when it counts.
  8. Can't comment on too many of the games listed here but I can't talk about DKC Tropical Freeze and Returns and maybe a little bit about DQ. First off the Wii version of DKC: Returns has waggle for this reason and this reason alone I recommend the 3DS Version if you're interested in picking up this game I recommend just starting with returns and if you like it pick up Tropical Freeze. If you want to just start with the best game of the two that would be Tropical Freeze but it can be hard to go back to returns once you play tropical freeze so I recommend returns first. As far as difficulty goes I would be lying if I said the games are not hard, but I'm not known for being the best in the world that platformers I'm just decent (for example despite my adoration of the Mega Man X series I cannot for the life of me beat a single one of them I can only ever get the Sigma I can never beat him Mega Man final bosses are bullcrap) and was able to beat both games as they are definitely challenging but not impossible and the hardest parts of the game can be memorized (i.e. the rocket barrel most of your frustration from these games will come from these segments, Returns is especially guilty here). If you're up for something challenging these games are definitely doable but don't expect to get even close to fully completing them because although the main game is totally doable for someone of average talent, the optional stuff is absolutely insane. TLDR; If you enjoy a good challenge that's doable for someone average talent I definitely recommend both. For Dragon Quest just some notes on pricing Squares games rarely go on sale on the App Store but if they do go on sale you might find some deals right went black Friday hits All main line dragon quest game except 9 and up and 7 (3DS and PSX exclusive) are available on the App Store the more recent ones 4 and up cost $15 and 3 cost 10$, 1&2 cost 5$. So if you're more interested in the iOS version of any of these (4 being the only "improved one" are the same the same as their DS counterparts). I personally recommend against iOS ports of Console/handheld game while functionally they're fine the controls for these games can be pretty annoying, but if you can deal with the touch controls it's not a problem I suppose but I have personally regretted every single port I've bought. As for recommendations on the games specifically. Personally I have only played the 3DS version of 7 and the DS version of 5. So I can recommend 7 but I never played the other ones, though but I hear they're good. If you have more questions about this I would just ask Glaceon Mage she would know best. As far as other recommendations go I'm sure you know most of them at ones I will throw at you but whatever i'll tell you what I know i'll go by system lets with start Wii U it only has two RPG's worth mentioning but I'm sure you already know about them (Xenoblade X and TMS) though if you some haven't played them yet I recommend them, for Wii there's also the original Xenoblade & Last Story which are good. Color Splash and Super Paper Mario also teeter on the edge of being RPG's but trend more towards puzzle games, Color Splash for what it's worth is a good game unlike Sticker Star just not as good as Thousand Year Door or Super Paper Mario, i'd say it's about on par with the N64 title if a bit more flawed as a whole. PS3's home to a ton of JRPGs but I didn't play many of them, but one I did play was Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, I was drawn to this game but it's incredibly beautiful art style and it is a beautiful game, the gameplay itself is a bit like hardcore real time Pokémon. It's a bit flawed as it drags near end game and get a bit grindy there, and worst of all is capture mechanic is 100% random and very flawed. But it overall very charming and good game I recommend it. DS/3DS: here is my opportunity to talk up a highly underrated game Age of Empires of the DS yep you read that correctly this game is surprisingly amazing no real story or anything but as a pure Turn Based Strategy game it's a fun mix of advanced wars and the more progression styled gameplay of Age series. But Empires only do not get Mythologies for the DS. Other than that there's Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced A2 which is really good. I'll just leave it there there's more I can recommend but I'm sure you know most lol.
  9. Here’s my strategy for Infernal, you need some decently high inheritance dragons to pull it off (Lighting breath + is necessary on Fae at the very least) but here’s my strategy. My Team is Fae, Ninian, Y!Tiki, and Brave Lyn.
  10. I Adore Okami (number 6 on my top 10 favorite games of all time list), but I don't think if I'll be buying it yet again on PS4 as I still have my PS3 around. But Okami HD comes highly recommended from me if you have any love for Zelda I highly recommend Okami. If only Capcom would actually pay attention to their best franchises (Mega Man & Okami) I might actually buy something from them occasionally. Also before anyone says it a new Okami is possible am sure Platinum (contains most of the people from Clover Studio) would not say no if Capcom gave the offer. Though Capcom if you want me to buy Okami a second time put it on Switch I will pay money for portable Okami.
  11. I always gotten at least 10 or More Wins for months on end with this team (i’ve been using this same cookie cutter team for months for both offense and defense). The team is changed a bit since then but I’m just gonna give you their most recent kits Lead Unit: +Atk -Res Lyn+2 (L&D 3, Escape Route 3, Spur Spd 3, Rep Aid, Galeforce, Brass Assault 3 Seal) Bonus Unit (usually one of the Askr Trio in the event Cecilia is a bonus unit I field Brave Lucina, Bonus units are usually equipped with Fort Def 3 Seal). Camus (Fury 3, Vantage 3, Hone Cav, Reposition, Aether, Fort Res 3 Seal) +Spd -Atk Cecilia (Gronnblade +, Fury 3, G Tome Breaker 3, Hone Cav, Reposition, Draconic Aura, Atk +3 Seal) Lyn is mostly there to act as bait and to weigh down the team with her higher merge count and Galeforce, she only recently got a scarier kit I just used to run TA 3, Brass Assault 3 on her. Also even while being minus attack (48 Base Atk without Summoner support it’s not bad at all) my Cecilia is downright scary she is likely the reason for the bulk of my wins her and Camus are just a great combo. Camus is chosen over Reinhart for a couple reasons that basically all come down to Camus being heavier while doing much the same job that I would need him to do.
  12. I am laughing so hard right now we actually won this is awesome lol, and we did it without a multiplier.
  13. Soren lost so I'm moving on the team Shanna. I like her well enough in FE 6 and I'm always cool with supporting Elibe (I am biased). I'll be changing my lead to my +1 Elincia. @Rezzy I got her plenty of times she is always useful.
  14. Corrin is the closest it gets you only need one letter to change it to my name.
  15. Well that was weird Ryoma lost I guess I’ll be joining Soren now. Seeing now that I have zero bonus units I might as well join up with one of my absolute favorite characters.
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