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  1. Hi all, I love recoloring sprite in general and I was thinking " What if I made a recolored classes sprite of every Character of all 3 FE games, can someone program it to add it to the Randomiser?" If I made Lowen battle palette for every classes, once randomised, he will always have the battle sprite color. Just to make things more pretty for the eye. If someone is want to program this I am okay to make a recolor of every character. (I just don't know how many time I will take.) Sorry for the bad english, hope you still understand me.
  2. Hey guys, I have a question for you : I've just finish the green patch and i found in the support section that I miss a pegasus knight. I have Vanessa, Elincia, Karin, Farina, Syrene and Tate. Can someone say to me where and how to recruit her ? Thanks guys ! Keep doing your great LP ! :P
  3. In the last version ( 1.1 ) I've decide to buff some character, here are the note:
  4. First of all, sorry for my bad english ( I'm a French little boy, meh) I've made this hack during the last year, I made it as a crossover between the three GBA games. Like the last hack I've done (FE7 gba armyr), I've planned a story too but due to lack of motivation and some language issues, I've decide to don't touch any bit of the story (you will find some … strange dialogue..) The way I see this hack is that it is a "Complete" hack for me. A few things will be patch for sure, but for me the more important things are done and will not be change. This is what this hack is about: *3/4 of original cast changes into other GBA FE characters. (The cast is quite... strange..) *Growth, base and max stats of all classes and characters have changed. *Changed bosses/enemies places. *Added a few more bosses and a lot of enemies. (Even if the map are the same as the original games, you will find a few twist which will change the gameplay of it) *More characters than before. (Try to make them more balance than in my FE7 hack) *Edited Items and added a few new weapons. (All weapons, exept staff, have a brand new S weapon.) *Fully complete Eirika Story mode. (Ephraim is up to chapter 13 or 14, but don't try it, nothing interesting) *The difficulty is higher than the normal game. A good challenge on normal mode, but nothing like Thracia 777 anything like that. You still have access to the Tower for leveling your units if needed. You can play savestates free. (At least on normal mode, didn't fully test hard mode yet, but I am 99% that it work and its not impossible) *I have import some class from other FE. *Changed a few icons made by me or by the Internet. (Thank you very much again Lord Glenn for your amazing ressources) And now here is what i didn't implement in the Hack: *Custom story (Like I said before, i planed a big story but im keeping it for something else) *Custom map. *Custom event (The bonus character come like in my other hack… what I mean by that is that they come automaticly, no text or anything so they will welcome you in silence.) *Custom Music (Still have some difficulty for it right now, but i am learning..) Last version : 1.1 I didn't have try more than the first 6 chapter in hard mode. From my experience it was quite difficult (Was doing a IronMan run till chapter 6, where I screw everythings up.. :'( ) But I am pretty sure you can full play it on hard mode, even without save states. I will male a few patch in a very near futur to remove some bug and still making the gameplay experience better. I am already on my way to make something more complex and a more full hack right now(with at least some minimum story edit). But I am sharing this to let me know of what you think of it on the gameplay side and some good/bad things and idea I've put on this little patch. Thanks for your constructive critics and have fun! Fe8 Tacos 1.1.ups
  5. Hi, is there any patch or way to make a hack that include player to play both eirika and ephraim route on the same play? Like FEGreen do by separating the team in half at the end of Chapter 8. Sorry for my poor english.
  6. Thanks, but I am actually not working on it since its release. I have currently working on another similar project with FE8. The editing is far more easy since FEBuilder was release. I will maybe after that remake or just redone this one if I have the motivation for it, but I think I will.
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    I think I've edited it well, but for no reason it don't seem i can touch the enemy/npc palette of unit, but its perfect for all ally unit. Normally I was using BS Palette Assembler for doing this but since I have increase the maximum palette quantity to 110 instead of 108, BS Palette Assembler don't recognize it anymore so I am quite lost.
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    Hey, Do you know if there is a way with FeBuilder to make a ally palette the same as a enemy palette ? What i mean by that is changing Joshua battle sprite color and making him look the same when he is a enemy for exemple? Thanks .
  9. First of all, sorry for my bad english. I've recently starting to work on fe8 and I've seen some hack (Midori and Elibian Night) have unit like Paladin who can use staff and sword and we can see theirs weapon ranks on the menu screen. The thing is, i didn't found any way to add both of the weapon and the magics branch on the menu screen. Is there a patch or something somewhere that can help me? Or a tutorial ? Thanks !
  10. Hey, I thinks its to late too subscribe, as september is finish, but I have nothing to lose. Here is my hack : Name:Fire Emblem GBA Team Support:Fire Emblem Blazing Sword This is the link to the patch: fafa 1.11.ups and here for the forum:
  11. Thank you for your critics ! I kinda like to have a nice challenge without having OP enemies and absolute use of savestats. To be honest, I have abandon this project during last spring and I just rescently decide to make it done and fix the major bugs. That's why some things a rushed (a.k.a narshen and caellach name or Batta promotion.) But I have no idea where your Igrene go. Anyways thanks a lot for you review of this game (and sorry for my bad english), I am happy that u like this hack !
  12. Honestly other than the Igrene cutscene bug, i have never got these kind of error. I think it's because the base rom i used the game weren't the original Venom (U) version. I have upload a new patch and I think it can resolve theses bug, exept for thing like Igrene. Tell me if it work ! Thanks. EDIT: Reupload, now I think everything work fine. (... I hope... ) fafa 1.11.ups
  13. First of all, sorry for my bad english ( I'm french, duh) I've made this hack during the last winter, I made it as a crossover between the three GBA games. I've planned a story too but due to lack of motivation and language difficulty, I've decided to put my motivation only on editing the gameplay while I'm learning how to hack and edit events. In the final we got this : *3/4 of original cast changes into other GBA FE characters. *Growth,base and max stats of all classes and characters have changed. *Changed bosses/enemies places. *Added a few more bosses. *More characters than before. *Edited Items and added a few new weapons. *Lyn and Eliwood normal story redone. (Don't try hector or hard mode, nothing have changed) *A slighlty more difficult gameplay than the normal mode. *Changed a few icons made by me or by the Internet. (Thank you very much Lord Glenn for your amazing ressources) And now here is what i didn't implement in the Hack: *Custom animations (I understood how to add them yesterday..) *Custom story (Like I said before, i planed a big story but im keeping it for something else) *Custom event (The 5 bonus characters I put come automaticly in your team) I won't edit this game anymore, it is like a "test" for me, a way to learn more how to hack FE7. I'm starting to work on either the remake or a totally new hack soon. I'm sharing it to know what you think about it, know good/bad ideas i've put in it. (other than the obvious things I've written up there). Thanks for your constructive critics ! fafa 1.11.ups
  14. Hi, I am trying to make a custom Short Axe for my hack, but unlike creating a new javelin, the animation doesn't show for my short axe. Im doing exaclty like ive do for my other custom ranged lance but idk why, the battlescreen always show up with only the user normal battle animation and any animation start causing the game to glitch. Can someone help me with this? Thanks..
  15. I resolve it, it was a stupid thing after all, i have a lance that i didn't put the javelin animation so when i was killing Heintz, the dialogue didn't spawn. With what you send in the MiscBased Event it resolve everything, thanks !
  16. I tried but I already have this line in my event. I have also see that i can't play "End Turn" when i play if i didn't move all my characters, like if I was in tutorial. I don't really don't know where this bug can come from. I have tried just to put the chapter 7 event of a original FE7 without any patch and it didn't chance anything.
  17. Hi, I have a problem, a Easy one I think : Im actually editing FE7 with a patch that remove Lyn Tutorial mode, and this patch is bugged. In Chapter7, i must defeat Heintz but even when i kill him, it didn't end the chapter. Im not really good in event editing in fact im just starting using them. Well sorry for by bad english btw, im french. Here is the chapter text :
  18. Are you planning to do a more easier version of yours game for peoples who are more interested by the story ?
  19. Hey guys, found this, the downlaod link is in the comment. Its seem pretty good so far make me remember of FE8-Green hack.
  20. Do you think if I do all the sprite colors for every characters for each classes of any gba games and send you all theses files, you could put them in the Randomizer? Is this possible?
  21. I've done a short text a few mounts ago while I was doing my first run of this hack. My files aren't perfect but its a good start. I have recruited everybody i think expect Aion(If he is recruitable) and Eyrios. I marked the chapter (a is for eirika and b for ephraim), the name/class and how to recruite them for some. If i didn't right anything after that, its normally because the come automaticly at the beginning of the chapter or when talked with your main lord. Sometimes the promotion class can be wrong because i didn't play with every character yet. [spoiler=Spoiler]Pr-Eirika(Lord-MasterLord) Pr-Sothe(Thief-Rogue/Assasin) 1-Lance(Cavalier-Paladin/GreatKnight) 1-Bors(Knight-General/GreatKnight) 2-Vanessa(PegasussKnight-FalconKnight/WyvernKnight) 2-Wolt(Archer-Sniper/Ranger) END OF CHAPTER 2-Rebecca(Archer-Sniper/Ranger) END OF CHAPTER 2-Othin(Fighter-Warrior/Hero) VISIT VILLAGE 3-Lugh(Mage-Sage/MageKnight) 3-Ray(Shaman-Druid/Summoner) TALK WITH LUGH 4-Elincia(FalconKnight) 4-Nephenee(Recruit-Soldier/Knight-Halberdier/General/GreatKnight) VISIT VILLAGE? 5-Safy(Cleric-Bishop/Valkyrie) 5-Guy(Myrmidon-SwordMaster/Assasin) TALK WITH SAFY 5x-Ephraim(Lord-MasterLord) 5x-Eyiros(MageKnight) HE DONT STAY 5x-Arden(Knight-General/GreatKnight) 5x-Kyle(Cavalier-Paladin/GreatKnight) 5x-Noish(Cavalier-Paladin/GreatKnight) 7-Sain(Cavalier-Paladin/GreatKnight) 9a-Femina(PegasusKnight-FalconKnight/WyvernKnight) 9b-Lowen(Cavalier-Paladin/GreatKnight) 9b-Cecilia(Valkyrie) 9b-Nino(Pupil-Mage/Troubadour-MageKnight/Sage/Valkyrie) 9b-Boyd(Fighter-Warrior/Hero) AUTO TURN 3? 9b-Farina(PegasusKnight-FalconKnight/WyvernKnight) AUTO TURN 3? 9b-Oscar(Ranger) AUTO TURN 3? 10b-Heath(WyvernRider-WyvernLord/WyvernKnight) TALK WITH EPHRAIM 11b-Devdan(Halberdier) TALK WITH LARACHEL. 11b-L'Arachel(Troubadour-Valkyrie/MageKnight) 12b-Rolf(Archer-Sniper/Ranger) VISIT VILLAGE 11a-Dozla(Berserker) 11a-Gerik(Mercenary-Hero/Ranger) 11a-Lyn(Lord-BladeLord) 11a-Brython(AxeCavalier-GreatKnight/Centaur) 11a-Nils(Dancer) 12a-Rath(NomadTrooper) 13a-Sety(Sage) TALK WITH ASVEL IF I REMEMBER WELL? 13a-Asvel(Mage-Sage/MageKnight) TALK WITH EIRIKA IF I REMEMBER WELL? 13b-Tate(PegasusKnight-FalconKnight/WyvernKnight) 13b-Ninian(Dancer) 13b-Dieck(Mercenary-Hero/Ranger) 14b-Aion(Sage) I DONT KNOW IF HE IS RECRUITABLE. MAYBE WITH LARACHEL? 15-Alec?(Paladin) 15-Renault(Bishop) 15-Tiki(Manakete) 16-Eyrios(MageKnight) ??I Think i need to have someone else dead but who ?? 17-Syrene(FalconKnight) P.S: Duessel and Cormag can't be recruited in this grennz hack. Sorry for my bad english, its not my primary language.
  22. Hey guys, I was looking for FE7if patch yesterday and I found this site http://ux.getuploader.com/FEkaizouwww/ which seem to be some japaness fe hack. I post it here if this can interest somebody.
  23. I've try adding a space like you said, sadly it didn't work :s . I Thinks i will just add a description to all weapons so it will solve this stupid problem haha. Thanks for the help !
  24. Hi, to be simple here is my problem : Since a few time i modified a weapon description in the FEadv editor and soon after (i don't know if my problem come from there) my items description is cut in half from all no-commentary object. It now just show the Weapon-level, RNG and Wt of the weapon. I try to but back my weapon description i modified before to is original copy but it doesn't change anything and now I don't really know what to do :S . Sorry for my bad english. (Not my first langage) and thanks for help !
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