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  1. @mcsilas Quan with his gay-bolg is too stronk. He sure took many hits and stab them back. Also your -Atk wonder Deirdre wall those mages and punch them back with huge Glacies. Great job!
  2. Kagero all the way !! let's throw some bottles and set fire.
  3. Glad you like it. At first, I didn't believe myself that they would clear this map abyssal. But seeing people saying this map is easy made me want to give it a try and it worked!! Just changing Iceberg to Glacies is enough to beat it. (If you watch both infernal and abyssal, you'll notice) @Landmaster Cinnamon rolls and the doggo destroy this map like a champ. The Carrot on her hand really make the difference. Watching green fridge disappear in one round. The doggo risk his life for the master by taking hit but bite everything back to death!
  4. @mcsilas I appreciate these Echoes clears. Python is so bulky to take on Conrad. Kliff is underwhelming as a mage but Sagitae animation is cool. Boey got a new life with his refine. That Legendary Alm is too good, Lunar Flash will pierce through any wall. I never got my hand on Sonya, her new refine is cancer as I know. All together, I feel bad for Conrad who got beaten by everyone lol
  5. @SatsumaFSoysoy Nice Abyssal clear!! I was just wonder how did your Kagero double those fridges? Then I notice you have Null Follow Up on her. Big sacrifice but worth it. I'm start to thinking, should I +10 Kagerou and join my Dagger party? lol @Zeo @mcsilas @mampfoid @Landmaster Sorry to tag you all again, after all legendary battle we have.I only cleared Lector so far with Shiro party. So I decide to do first abyssal for my beloved dagger and here it is. I'm so proud of them T^T I won't do abyssal clear again soon until I have the mood. So enjoy the show ^^
  6. This map is quite challenging. I knew Shiro can tank him but I better avoid him got his Galeforce. @Zeo @mcsilas @mampfoid @Landmaster Double fridges and mages in the middle are really annoying. Thankfully, Kagero can handle them. Leif being slow is a big weakness. Even Shiro can double and finish him easily. Dagger team got their music to enjoy the tension of battle. More fridges mean more hard time for dagger lol. But this map really give advantage to Kaze's Def Ploy.
  7. Gratz on that pull, only one more merge and he is just perfect.
  8. @mcsilas Congratz on the Ranulf pull. I will see him on your clear soon, right? @mampfoid A perfect boon Leif is so satisfying. I'm jelly. My pull is okay, not that bad. I got him on first circle which is very welcome. and then the colorless fever begins... my mind was like I'm okay to take any archer(Alm or Leif) but I got the **cker dragon. I don't care about her, even if she is +SPD I will fodder that Special Fighter to my other favourite armor.
  9. No problem. Most of the skills I mentioned can be found on 3-4 stars units. Only Swift Sparrow (2 or 3), Galeforce and weapon skills are 5* locked. You can pretty much try the lower version of bladetome before you upgrade to the + version.
  10. @TheSilentChloey After seeing your barrack. Here is some Fliers that I see you should build them or give it a try. That's all my recommendation, if you have any more question about other fliers you want to build. Or you need some build idea on specific units. Feel free to PM me.
  11. Should I stop using Kagero? I mean sometimes I feel bad to use her one round everything easy life. I'm low on orb so I didn't try to give her more merge. +1 and +10 difference is just only 4 ATK while the rest of her stat is nothing because she always die in single round from red anyways with her abysmal SPD. The Cinnamon rolls taking hits from disadvantage colors give me a heart attack but they survive. It would more entertaining if you take that Nowi out and bring in Festival Xander and dance!!
  12. Easy stuff, one team clearing with offensive formation and another team take the defensive. @Zeo @mcsilas @mampfoid @Landmaster One day, Siegbert will be bench... Kaze took the first hit and then everyone go all out.
  13. @Zeo @mcsilas Congratz to both of you. I never got that 1st gen Azura like everrrr. Jacob is powerful range armor. In the perfect world, +Atk version is stronger than my Halloween Kagero. But +Def can be Ignis nuke too.
  14. @Zeo Gratz for Lancina pull. After all those freebies orbs pour into my stack. My final copy of B!Ike still not come. Now I'm sitting at 17 orbs waiting for tomorrow orbs for final day pull.
  15. @Zeo I would trade that Shiro with my +0 +Atk/-Spd Lancina. Good deal right? T^T
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