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  1. Another skip I guess? Those weapon are not creative at all. Just mix and match effect of Null Follow Up into their weapons. 2020 will be the year of Null Follow Up where you see no one doubling?
  2. Noob question, I'm new to Cipher game. Can I move my characters on Deploy Phase? (back to front, front to back) or I can only perform movement on Action Phrase?
  3. I'm with Veronica since round 1 just because I don't have others. Oh well, thank you for huge amount of feather. Will join her again in the future lol
  4. @Silver Lightning If you seek peace, join Eldegard and deal with it. If you seek the revenge, Veronica will do the job for you ^^
  5. At this point, Veronica hop to final for sure. Eldegard need to waste more flags (for less points) if they want to be in final otherwise Hardin will just steal it.
  6. Definitely, that's the best boon you could ever ask for Shiro. I remember mine was that boon as well. Give him some love (premium skills) and join me the tank party lol
  7. He carry that Wasaga for whole year, I don't care about his refine anymore. If I got a Hotspring Ryoma, I will let Shiro carry that weapon and look fashionable with it lol. Don't worry, it's not like I will bench her entirely. I invested many expensive skills in her so she will come back when she can handle easier abyssal map. As for now, I will cheese with BIke when things go too difficult for me ^^ As for your clear, that Vantage was perfect timing. Brave Celica can go rampage anywhere as long as healer is with her.
  8. @Landmaster Gosh, Staff Elise really make things different. Her Miracle save her life and it flip the table here and also kill many squishy Res enemies too. Kana tank and wall to keep all cinnamon rolls aunties to safety. I know that you have both OG Sothis and winter one. I wish to see them on some clear if you would like to feature her in the future.
  9. Keep in mind to do it at your own risk. When you start the banner, you may pull the whole 1st circle. If that circle doesn't pop you any 5* then you may start picking color in next circle. That's my way of doing it. It's not worth to waste your orbs too much to increase the rate except that you have many target units in every color.
  10. It come to the conclusion that I have to use my B!Ike to clear the Abyssal map which I overuse him in AR already but I have no choice. Here it is, first time Abyssal map for him. @Zeo @mcsilas @mampfoid @Landmaster I swear that I fodder that Infantry Breath long time ago since I got Nah. It's not like I'm desperate to beat Abyssal map. This time is special because it's Christmas !! Who need Lancina?, seeing Shiro double wall with Ike is more interesting lol It's time!! Finally, this dagger emblem become a complete boyband team ^^ (RIP at bench, Kagero) I got a crappy Winter Nino so I fodder that A skill to the reindeer and fodder that pitybreaker Tiki for Special Fighter. Voila!! he is so fun to use. I love him so much.
  11. @Zeo @mcsilas @mampfoid When I look for a fodder, I got what I want... and yes, she is +Spd/-Def waiting for Legendary Alm to eat her alive!!
  12. @Zeo Late reply because I got bored with Mjonir's strike. The event just too easy. It's even more boring than Grand Conquest while I can enjoy friends' units. Matthew take care of everything with some help from the crew. His first attack is soft but after debuff applied he is godlike lol.
  13. Ike won!! I'm happy I hope IS will put him less often in the future VG.
  14. She is free, I can sac that Fortify Res 4 to Azura like I sac my free Eir to Yune.
  15. Ike will get a multiplier next hour. Prepare ourselves team Ike!!
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