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  1. @Zeo Wow!! That Leila come with good IV and begging Matthew to join the main party. I guess you need to switch someone out and put her in. No Lyn but still, +Spd Ayra come to claim her spot. So it's Genny or Inigo who need to give up the spot lol. Congratulation ! After I got 2 copies of Nils in the afternoon. Therefore I finished dinner and I feel like I want to get better IV of Valentine Ike. Pay 5 orbs seeing 2 red, Pick the lower one on the right.... and it's him!! He is freaking +Atk/-Hp which is better than the old +Hp/-Res one. A fine day, those 5* cost me only 10 orbs.
  2. @mampfoid Congrats on free Leila @Zeo @mcsilas My free pull before tickets is... Thanks for not giving me Fiora. I don't want to fodder her lance on my Shiro yet... Good bye!! Dread Isle banner
  3. Blue pool is going to be more garbage with more and more lance fliers in the pool. Oh well, still gonna pull blue anyways.
  4. My dagger emblem is having fun. Just provoke Lyn and this map is done. @Zeo @mcsilas @mampfoid I got bored so I decide to do this BHB vid. Hope it entertain you guys a little. I won't post Shiro's clear this time, this map is just too easy for them.
  5. @mcsilas Congrats on those Brave units pulls. I could say this CYL 3 banner give me a chance to collect all of them in last week. The only real fodder for me is B! Camilla, she pitybreak me in some random banner with worst IV possible +HP/-Atk. (Of course, I sac her lol ) After I got +Atk B!Eliwood, I also got +Spd/-Res B!Alm (Yes, I want to fodder him but he came with perfect IV again!!) Good way to cheat the game, always pulling units in the purpose of skills inheritance and they will come to you with perfect IV hahaha, just kidding... (In my case, it's true lol)
  6. I'm free now so it's reply time. @Landmaster Staff Elise really hit hard!! That 1st turn opening was big advantage. Nowi really hang on and counter kill enemies. Summer Elise is a can opener with Lancebreaker!! @mcsilas I have a heart attack when you let those paper thin mages tank the blue fridge. Delthea hit hard and score many kills. Thrasir tank magic hits and counter kill them in the process.
  7. @Zeo Big Congrats, It's so funny to see you make a spoiler pyramid like that lol Have fun using him and don't stop voting him. I don't want to see Edelgard in VG.
  8. 1st day: Legendary Alm 2nd day: Dancing Ishtar 3rd day: Dancing Reinhardt Pretty much done, the rest of my vote will go to Legendary Alm until final day.
  9. @SatsumaFSoysoy Agree with you, this map made trouble for B!Celica. But Hilda smash everything to ash with some help from Kagero.
  10. 1st day: Legendary Alm 2nd day: Dancing Ishtar I might skip voting blue, I don't need anything specific from blue at all.
  11. You mean the second turn when they form a straight line, right? I just notice they say those line orderly.
  12. Edward got in top 200 this time. I will keep voting for him until he is in game. Ryoma is my favorite lord but he got many alts already so I'm fine. But would be better if Ryoma fans will help out next year for his Brave alt.
  13. 1st day vote go to Legendary Alm for colorless Here are some of my remaining choices Green: Dancing Reinhardt Blue: New Year Alfonse, Ophelia, Halloween Ilyana Red: Hoshidian Summer Micaiah , Duo Hector, Valentine Ike, Dancing Ishtar
  14. @Silver Lightning It's leaked results. You can check it at page 45. I post it right there.
  15. @Diovani Bressan I'm surprised Felix went higher than M!Byleth.
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