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  1. To stop the frogs from breeding and swarming all over the place. Why is Java way more fun than HTML?
  2. Russia! THE COLD! WYR live in the Philippines or Malaysia?
  3. Not me! Probably Sirianne. Why do I like Lunala?
  4. Shulk. Fiora ate a slice though. Why am I craving pizza now?
  5. Leche Flayn. Why am I always sleepy in school?
  6. Excuse me I am a kitten. Meow! As for the bullfrog... He was playing Frogger. Why do I (sometimes) ship Spiderman x Captain Marvel?
  7. Marvel superhero. Whee! WYR have any of the six Infinity Stones or any of the orbs in the Fire Emblem?
  8. Herp derp. Why do I ship Ignatz x Bernadetta?
  9. Dark Elf, Mage Knight. Wait... that's my current homebrew character! Why do I keep inviting my cousins to my Discord server?
  10. Naming forges. Please bring back nameable forges!
  11. Because kids are stupid. Sirianne is a girl. Why do I come up with Sirianne shenanigans which embarass her adopted son Martin?
  12. Yes. Why does my OC Sirianne love cheese?
  13. Ignatz makes Bernie slowly come out of her shell, leading up to their first kiss. Claude and Judith, soaring on Claude's wyvern.
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