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  1. Toss out like half the ruleset and add your own homebrew stuff. Hey, it's what I did! Why are people telling me that the friend who left me is not a good person?
  2. Multiverse. WYR star in a Disney movie or a Universal movie or a Warner Bros. movie?
  3. Because they're average. Why do I wanna put Spider-Man in my hack?
  4. Cowboy. Yee haw! WYR be a cowboy, pirate, or ninja?
  5. No. If Tenzin is the Jagen on Legend of Korra, does that make Mako and Bolin the Christmas Cavs?
  6. Date someone who loves me. WYR date an abusive asshole or a manipulative person?
  7. Be Arvis or Ephraim and marry Deirdre or Eirika. They're hot! WYR marry Lyndis or Eirika?
  8. Science. WYR ship Wolt x Lyn or Wolt x Lilina?
  9. I dunno, I'm pretty negative too. Why do the Avengers have great music?
  10. I'm Chinese and I have no idea. Why do I dislike being Chinese?
  11. None. Why is the Lynfinity Gauntlet now complete?
  12. I don't know, I don't like em. Why do I want to nuke America?
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