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  1. Can I write about my OC Matthew and his female counterpart Melina? Despite the fact that they have different names and that she's three years older than him, they're basically the same person.
  2. Very unhealthy. Is it a bug or a feature?
  3. Mountain plants. Why did I make this custom spell animation?
  4. Because he wants to be King Arthur. If Aladdin is poor, how did he get a purple vest when back then purple was expensive as heck?
  5. Ben 10. Just, Ben 10. Seriously, he was my childhood hero. Don't judge.
  6. Well, Muhammad is already a common name among Muslims, and so is Jesus among Spanish-based communities. I don't know about the other two though. Who is the french drip with the egg noodle hair?
  7. Have y'all heard of the game Chroma Squad? It's basically an SRPG with a tokusatsu coat of paint, inspired by Power Rangers. It's awesome!
  8. No, because donkeys probably taste horrible. Why am I always sleepy?
  9. Yes. And they died, of course! Why am I always sleepy?
  10. Well, here goes... Thank you, to all my friends and loved ones who've stuck with me this far. Thank you for standing by me.
  11. Yes. Why does Marianne remind me of Espurrhoodie?
  12. Speaking of Laura Bailey, she voices Serana the vampire in Skyrim! Also Matt Mercer voices McCree in Overwatch and MacCready in Fallout 4.
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