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  1. Because that sounds weird. What if they were called uniporns tho?
  2. Because she suits you more? @Espurrhoodie I've also seen Seliph x Deirdre. Ew. Why do I wanna see wholesome interaction between Rolf and Elincia now?
  3. Due to the fact that a Rolf x Elincia (and then Mia) smutfic exists, i'd assume Ike x Mist exists too. Seriously, WTF INTERNET? Why is Rolf so adorable?
  4. Not at all. You have good taste. Why isn't Ike x Titania a thing?
  5. Sausages taste better. Why do I imagine @Espurrhoodie as looking like Loki?
  6. Why not? Am I good enough for my friends?
  7. Sure, wynaut? Why am I feeling better due to the Roy x Idoun fic being completed?
  8. Very. Just ask Ness and his buddies. Why am I gonna play Octopath on PC?
  9. A question whose reply is a stupid answer. How'd you feel if someone would always be there to take care of you?
  10. Mermaid waifu! WYR have a waifu/husbando who takes care of you or one you have to take care of?
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