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  1. I was pretty bummed that they released the Ike banner when my orb stash was relatively low, but that went WAY better than I expected. -hp/+res Ike, which isn't great, but eh, I'm still going to use him. Out of orbs now anyway, hope there's time to build some up before the Celica banner.
  2. I finally got some time to come on here and catch up on this thread and I wish I had gotten to sooner! What a great video - thank you so much for making it and sharing it, Miss Strober! Your voice is just lovely, and I'd also love to see and hear you perform more of the song!! Also, not gonna lie, totally cool to see the Azura doll on your shelf, and I'm so very glad to hear you like it. Yaay! :D
  3. Hey guys, thanks to everyone for looking at my entry and to everyone who voted for it! I'm really happy people liked it, but I have to admit, I only had a few days to work on it before the deadline so it was kind of an unfinished piece. So I've come back to show you what it looks like 100% finished! I'll be posting a few more photos to my social media accounts tomorrow, too. If anyone wants to check it out, I'm Himagurumi on tumblr, deviantart, and instagram. And I'm on Etsy, too. :) Thanks again, everyone!!
  4. Hi everybody! First post, since I've been pretty busy lately and didn't have time to make a proper introduction or check in too often (although I lurked for a while before signing up), but wanted to drop in and thank everyone who voted for Sack Aqua! It was a bit of a rush job, but I'm super happy people liked it. Congratulations to all the winners and a great job by everyone who entered! And a thank you to the people who organized this, it was a lot of fun and I definitely hope to participate again. :)
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