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  1. Fallen Edelgard with Save skills already showing up on AR. Damn.
  2. I was the first person in the thread to mention that I was getting a bit burned out on Dimitri and Edelgard, but what you're saying is not what I meant at all. I didn't feel any different back in the day when it felt Lyn and Camilla were getting an alt every other banner. I just didn't mention Lyn and Camilla in my original post because this wasn't the thread for it.
  3. Ehhh... as tempting as it is to get these characters for the skills, I have to say that I'm pretty burned by Dimitri and Edelgard at this point. The Morgans are tempting though. Also the freebie is Orson. Interesting.
  4. Fandom: “Distant Counter refines are never happening.” IntSys: “Hold my beer.” This certainly is a welcome surprise. Interested particularly in what Xander gets.
  5. After 70 orbs, my one and only 5* pull on the Legendary banner was +Atk/-HP Legendary Sigurd. 70 orbs well spent.
  6. 24 Free Pulls. With a 11% chance of pulling a 5*, law of averages says I should get at least two. Well, I got three of them. Brave Lyn (curiously, on the 2nd banner, as she was a Special 4*), Caineghis (2nd banner too) and Brave Lysethia (4th banner). Thanks a lot for the freebies, IntSys!
  7. 100 orbs spent on this banner (bought the new 60 orb pack). Got pity broken by Julian and Catherine (Both welcome, since I had neither), then I got Smol Lyon at 5* and finally Duo Eirika. Smol L'arachel will have to wait, I guess.
  8. They announce Smol L'Arachel and here I am with no orbs.
  9. So it's Reese versus Reese in the final? I wonder if I should pick Reese or Reese. I think I'll go with Reese. Good luck, Reese!
  10. I'll do the free pulls and that's it, hoping I get Farina. Don't care much about Pent and Erk, and Louise is a character that I've lost all love for thanks to a former member of the community (not discussing that here).
  11. Just wanted to share this with you guys. It's my first unboxing-related video.
  12. Got an Edelgard and two Freyjas before getting Dagr, but considering I only spent 130 orbs, that was a great haul.
  13. Team Sara for me. Hope she at least makes it to the final.
  14. Yup, next Resplendent Hero is Hel Micaiah. Quite the unusual choice, but she looks beautiful. And won't say no to free Miccy.
  15. This year's Spring banner was probably one of my best banners ever. Around 120 orbs got me every Focus unit including TWO Duo Myhrrs, plus a Special 4* OG Minerva. Of course I'm out of orbs now, but that was quite the haul I got.
  16. Damn, I kinda want all of these characters. I hope I can at least pull a Minerva, glad she's the demote.
  17. Yeah, that's definitely Severa/Selena. Other one looks like Inigo/Lazlow, but it could be someone else.
  18. I'm calling: - Minerva - Two siblings (Specifically two FE4 Gen 2 characters) - Father and Daughter (Specifically calling Brom and Meg. Feels like a good time to release those two) - One more filler character. More likely a girl. Either the Sibling Pair of the Father/Daughter pair is a Duo unit. That gives us the four banner units + Freebie.
  19. Update's out, by the way. Don't have all the details, but the highlights seems to be Ishtar getting Swift Sparrow 2.5 + Null Follow-Up, and Lyon getting a conditional (HP >= 70%) guaranteed Follow-up attack.
  20. Guess I'm supporting Lynja because I don't have her.
  21. Nice banner. Dunno how much I'll spend on it but I do want Marianne. This leaves the following (playable) 3H units which are not in FEH in any form: - Caspar - Ignatz - Ashe - Leonie - Manuela - Hanneman - Alois - Jeralt - Gilbert - Cyril So they could technically finish them all up with two Banners + Freebies.
  22. A couple of days ago I FINALLY got Henriette, in the same circle that I got my FOURTH Duo Lif. I'm glad it's over now, and I also got a +1 Duo Lif in the process, with the other two being saved if I decide to merge/fodder later on.
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