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  1. Heard about it on the radio the day it happened. They played his songs all day. Still bummed out by it; my friends and I listened to Linkin Park a lot as teens, so I dunno, it feels terrible knowing someone who helped us through some really hard times couldn't make it through their own. Gonna miss that voice.
  2. A lot of Chrono Trigger's sidequests, but top of the list would probably be the Rainbow Shell. Or saving Lucca's mom's legs. OR the Black Omen, if that counts.
  3. Clicked just to see where pistachios were, am not disappointed.
  4. Wedge heels and flats. Boots whenever the weather is right for it.
  5. It's not really his boss "theme" exactly, but it does play during the last battle with Asch and only then. And it makes me feel a lot of things.
  6. Well, I used to all the time as a child, I also had very bad sleep paralysis. It wasn't until I was in my late teens when I was able to sleep more normally but honestly, I still have lots of sleeping issues. All the same, lucid dreaming is such a normal part of me that I still absolutely love to do it.
  7. Quoting for pumpkin soup! I don't have the recipe but my friend made me this delicious pumpkin soup once and it was easily the best soup I've ever had. It wasn't a smooth pumpkin soup either; it was diced into these chunks that softened as the absorbed the flavors in the broth. In a close second would be the Udon chicken soup this place in town makes, it's divine.
  8. Healthy, clean skin makes a huge difference. Still, everyone has different skin types and different skin problems. Like, I have combination dry/oily skin but otherwise don't get a lot of pimples/blackheads because I take care of it. I do have huge pores though, so I can get make up and dirt trapped in there easily no matter what -- that's just my skin type. Asian skin could just be different in general. But as far as idols go, it probably has to do with a very extensive skin care routine and expensive make up. When your face is basically your brand, you tend to go above and beyond to keep it looking good.
  9. Finally gonna get EO5! Hell yeah. Totally gonna get Strange Journey too, Japanese voice be damned. Hate the new artwork for Radiant Historia though, probably just gonna stick to the original version.
  10. I see. I mean, I kinda field like, all the mercs so his redundancy doesn't bother me so much; in my army he's just another good guy with a Brave Sword, tearing shit up with Saber and Kamui. His arrival (plus making Atlas a merc because I had no idea what else to do with him) did make me pass on Deen though. Worked out well because Sonya is easily one of my best units, period.
  11. I'm surprised people are saying Jesse is terrible. He's a bit behind since he joined later, but he's doing quite well for me.
  12. Yeeeeah, I always save right before I do any upgrading so I don't waste any silver/gold or, especially, good weapons. Rapiers aren't terrible though. They still do effective damage to armored guys, right? A Dread Fighter would actually be able to throw down with a baron with one, I guess. On Topic: I actually like Forsyth quite a lot and I wasn't expecting to. And I'm really debating whether or not to get the Deliverance DLC so I can enjoy more of that crew.
  13. Ah, I chose Sonya, so other than giving me an extra Brave Sword I don't know anything about Deen. The extra Brave Sword is pretty sweet though!
  14. That does make her seem less "mean girl" and more "socially challenged". Shame that I don't get to see that normally. Either way, she's still probably one of my least favorite characters, even if she isn't as bad as I originally thought. But that has more to do with how much I like the others and less about how I dislike her, you know? Someone has to come in last place, after all.
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