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  1. I wasn't sure if this thread belonged in General Gaming or not, but with the main examples I can think of being Disney spinoff games, I thought I'd post it in General Gaming. Anyways, with Disney Dreamlight Valley being announced a few weeks ago, and me realizing there's quite a lot of Disney characters that have little to no chance of showing up in that game or Disney Speedstorm, I thought I'd make a thread seeing what Disney characters people on SF would want to see show up in Disney spinoff games like Disney Dreamlight Valley, Disney Speedstorm, and such. Feel free to list a general Disney movie you'd want to see character representation from, as well. For me personally, I would really like to see characters from Treasure Planet and The Black Cauldron represented in Disney spinoff games (specifically the former, since I really like Treasure Planet and find it so underrated and underappreciated). I know those movies aren't as mainstream as other Disney movies, but I really think the characters from those movies would add a nice amount of variety that other mainstream Disney characters don't have, especially with Treasure Planet's steampunk vibe and The Black Cauldron's villainous characters that are beyond hideous and terrifying (that's a compliment).
  2. I got to admit, some of those mutations the customers experienced got a good chuckle out of me. The rainbow trail was also pretty funny. For the below video, stop watching at the 2:09 mark.
  3. Is that laughing bird a prevalent meme? (looks it up) Oh, wow. I sure am behind on memes yet again. And now for the "greatest" love song ever.
  4. I've got the pick up duck videos recommended to me this past week as well. They're strangely addicting and captivating, even though they're pretty tame for "the weird side of youtube" type videos. Well, I might as well keep the duck video streak going:
  5. I really hope that's a final boss tune because if it isn't... (reads the youtube comments) Ah, very good. Because if it wasn't, I would've considered it to be such a waste using such an epic, blood-pumping tune for a non-final boss. 9.4/10
  6. In terms of 1st party 3DS recommendations I haven't seen listed yet in this thread, Pushmo, Dillon's Rolling Western, and Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger are titles I've personally played and highly enjoyed. Pushmo I defeated at least 95% of the puzzles, and the Dillon's Rolling Western games I completed 100%, except for the 2nd game's Item List and Bestiary. The games I listed are pretty cheap ($9-$15) since they're download only titles, but you get a lot of content and playtime out of them. I haven't played Pushmo's sequels or Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers, so I can't give an accurate recommendation on them. Pushmo is a simplistic yet fun puzzle game where you push and pull blocks to climb up block stacks and reach the goal. The game is forgiving in that it lets you skip story/post-story puzzles if you spend too long on a puzzle due to not knowing how to solve it. You can also rewind time if you mess up a jump or reset the whole puzzle so you don't get soft-locked. Some of the later block stacks are modeled after animals and even classic Nintendo characters like Mario, Donkey Kong, and Link. You can even make your own puzzles and get a QR code for them to let others try them out. The Dillon's Rolling Western games are a hybrid of tower defense and action. The basic goal of the game is to protect the town's livestock from getting eaten by rock monsters (a.k.a. Grocks). The game require a lot of strategizing, micro-managing, and quick thinking/decision making. I'll admit, the games have a somewhat steep learning curve and the game series definitely isn't for everyone, due to how overwhelming the Grock raids can get. But if you're looking for a challenging and unique gameplay experience that'll test your reflexes, brains, and decision-making skills, I highly recommend it. If you want to stick with just one of the Dillon's Rolling Western games, I'd recommend the 2nd game: Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. Also, if you want more details and information about the Dillon's Rolling Western games, there's these two threads you can refer to.
  7. That's really messed up. I mean, at least they're not imposing/forcing their views and beliefs on others (to my knowledge), but still, making a Church that revolves around a drug can't lead to anything good. For the below video: I actually just stumbled across it today, but I liked it so much that I had to post it here.
  8. I've been watching a lot of Manga Room, Manga Sarubedo, and other similar youtube channels these past few months, and I'm wondering if anyone else here is a fan of those channels as well. If yes, which channel(s) do you like the best and which videos are your most favourite? I'll start off by listing off the manga youtube channels I know of. I'm hoping you guys can recommend similar channels to me that aren't on the list: Manga Room Manga Sarubedo Manga Bear Nana Kuma Manga Rabbit HoméNoba Manga Sweet Chocolate Sekai No Fushigi My personal favourite channel would be Manga Sarubedo, due to their main voice actress being Filipina and me liking their manga's artstyle the most overall. As for my favourite videos, it'd currently be these two: And yeah, I know the romance, situations, and luckiness of the characters in those stories is really unrealistic. Still, I can't help but enjoy them and be addicted to them despite their story flaws and grammar/spelling issues (though to be fair, I'm pretty sure English is not the primary language of some of the people who make those videos).
  9. A really epic and rocking song. I like the retro vibe it has, as well.
  10. Though even with that factor taken into account, I still feel like being DLC kind of puts Aelfric in a different category than Orson or The Black Knight. Well, since Aelfric is a debatable call, people can list him in this thread if they want to.
  11. Ah, that's definitely an interesting case. Not getting Exp or WExp definitely emphasizes the "Temporary Playable Character" status he has (I mean, a good chunk of video games with experience systems tend to not give experience to temporary playable characters). But at the same time, I feel like being DLC only and not part of the main game disqualifies him? I'm not even sure if I'd classify him as an "Orson Type Character", myself. I mean, I guess he'd technically count, but I wouldn't put him in the same category as Orson or The Black Knight.
  12. I personally don't count Dierdre, Quan, and Ethlyn, since all of the Generation 1 characters (aside from Finn) stop being playable after Chapter 5 anyways. That, and Dierdre, Quan, and Ethlyn don't feel the same as Orson and the Black Knight, playability-wise or character treatment-wise. I mean, people consider Dierdre, Quan, and Ethlyn to be as much of playable characters as Edain or Beowolf. Though for Orson, most people wouldn't consider him a playable character like they would Seth or Forde. Likewise, people wouldn't consider The Black Knight to be a playable character in the same way they would Edward, or Laura. But since it's a debatable call, people can list those 3 in the thread if they want to. Could you explain Aelfric's case? I've tried looking him up in the Fire Emblem Wiki, and it doesn't say much about his playability, or him being available/unavailable on different routes.
  13. Yeah, with Eyvel being recruitable again near the end, she doesn't count. For Scarlet, I consider her to be a "branching path" character, since Revelations is technically one of the three paths you can choose for Fates. That, and Gunter is in a similar situation in Birthright, where picking a certain story path renders him a temporarily playable character, but other story paths make him a permanent character. I've added a rule that excludes the Genealogy of the Holy War Generation 1 characters, due to the game being structured very differently than other Fire Emblem games cast/story-wise. I'm not too familar with Radiant Dawn or the Three Houses DLC, so I'll take your word on the Black Knight and Aelfric. Edelgard, Hubert and Flayn, I'd classify as "branching path" characters. I actually forgot about Glade's playable squad, and I played and defeated Thracia 776. Kind of curious, that's the only time you get a squad like that in any of the Fire Emblem games, correct?
  14. It feels like the the culmination of internet memes, jokes, and weirdness (in the best way possible).
  15. A really, beautiful song that reeks of classic RPG fare and essence (in a good way). 8.75/10
  16. So how many "Orson Type" characters are there in Fire Emblem? When I say "Orson Type" characters, I'm talking about characters that are playable at first, but become unplayable and unrecruitable after certain points in the story (we're not counting Creature Campaign/Trial Maps for this thread's purposes, since they're not part of the main story). So for some examples of what counts and what doesn't, Orson from Sacred Stones counts, since he's playable in Chapter 5x, but he stops being playable after that. Marty from Thracia 776 doesn't count, since although you lose him at a certain point, he becomes a recruitable enemy later on. Kaze from Birthright... he kind of falls into a grey area, but I personally wouldn't count him since you can save him without making gameplay choices as drastic as choosing a different branching story path. Speaking of which, if you're wondering if Fates/Three Houses branching path situations count for this thread's purposes, I guess you can list characters like that, but state that they're branching path characters. I was mostly wanting to compile a list of characters similar to Orson that are temporarily playable, but leave your team permanently no matter what you do and no matter what story path you take. The Fire Emblem Wikis don't have a list of characters like that, and I was really curious as to how big the list of temporarily playable characters in the Fire Emblem series are. [Edit] We are also not counting Genealogy of the Holy War Generation 1 characters that aren't playable after Chapter 5, due to to the nature of the game and it being split into 2 very distinct parts with greatly different casts.
  17. I... guess it's epic and cool? Sorry, but for a final boss theme, I feel like it's kind of lacking. It seems too soft note-wise, and as a result it doesn't give off the pressure and urgency that I feel final boss themes should give. 6.8/10
  18. I really like the song. It's very ambient, atmospheric, calm, and relaxing. It reminds me of David Wise's music from the Donkey Kong Country series. For the below video, stick to 0:00-3:58: "
  19. A very classical, old-school American tune. It sure brings me back to better times.
  20. Amazing job with the Marth figure!! I like how you captured so much detail in the costume, like the boot laces and the gold lining. The hair and eyes are also really well done.
  21. It's pretty cool, seeing people re-enact fighting styles from the medieval times for tourists.
  22. A really epic, blood-pumping, beautiful song that's easily among my top 3 favourite songs of Final Fantasy IV. 10/10
  23. It feels kind of weird having them go back to colors for Pokemon titles after 3 generations of using non-colors for their Pokemon titles. I suppose I technically don't find anything wrong with the titles being Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, but it's just weird to me. I guess part of the reason I find it strange is that they've already used 4 of the 6/7 colors of the rainbow for the 1st Generation of Pokemon games, and they're only now using another rainbow color for a Pokemon game title (Violet). Regarding the 9th generation starters, I like the grass cat the best, currently. But I always pick my favourite starter by which final evolution I like the best, so I'll have to wait to see what the final evolutions look like. Speaking of the 9th Gen starters, there's already a fair amount of fanart of what people think the final evolutions will look like. It impresses me just how quickly people come up with fanart of things on the day they're revealed, especially when fans are predicting form changes of newly revealed creatures/characters.
  24. I like it overall, though it feels like it could use a bit more background. 7/10
  25. A pretty cool battle scene. I appreciate that it doesn't get too cheesy with the characters' power/speed levels.
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