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  1. Just like the chapter this map is based on, Awakening's Chapter 24, the plan is to kill the fliers first, then advance and kill everything that gets stuck on the terrain. I don't care what anyone says, Lyon is still my favorite GHB unit.
  2. Well, Jamke was much easier for my team to defeat than Marth was. My units just happened to counter his very well, however.
  3. I've been very busy lately, so I'm incredibly late in clearing this map, and I haven't even tried Abyssal yet! I hope you guys still find my clear entertaining even though it is only on Infernal.
  4. I didn't have any time to work on either of this week's legendary battles until tonight, but here's a clear of Robin's Infernal difficulty. Hopefully I'll have time to work out a solution to Abyssal after I finish with Marth, but I've had less time to puzzle these out recently than I've had in the past so I might not be able to before it goes away again.
  5. @[email protected] It's interesting how you guys came up with nearly identical strategies using completely different units! It's also cool to see Azura be so offensively competent! I'm used to dancers not being great fighters, and I'm often reluctant to let my Azura get attacked if I can avoid it. It looks like I should try letting her flex her muscle more, though! @riccochet Cool idea with the themed clear! Seeing Micaiah and Sothe get taken down effortlessly by the Greil Mercenaries is certainly true to the source material! I love Radiant Dawn, despite all of it's balance issues. For my clear, I finally made use of all of the supports I've been building (Julia and Morgan haven't reached S yet, but they will eventually). Spur and Drive skills could have achieved the same effect, to be fair, but I liked how everything fell into place here. Morgan doesn't get to do much besides give Julia the speed she needed to double the Green Cavalier, but let's just pretend that she's doing tactician things and telling everyone where to go from atop her pegasus.
  6. This one ended up not being too bad once I took a more aggressive approach. Tiki tanked while Klein and Morgan cleaned up.
  7. Takumi's Grand Hero Battle was the first one I ever beat on Infernal (thanks to the combined might of Fjorm and Legendary Ike), so I've been looking forward to recording it with my current team. The recent updates to the music settings make recording this map even more sweet now, since hearing 'End of All' interrupted every five seconds by the generic battle/enemy phase themes was incredibly jarring when this map was first released. All of my units put in some work here, but Tiki does most of the heavy lifting. Klein had to start in the last slot in the deployment order for this strategy to work so he could manipulate the Lance Cavalier to go north towards him instead of east towards Tiki on turn one. Apparently the AI tends to prioritize targeting the character in the right-most slot when all other factors are equal.
  8. Someone had to sit out to make room for Tiki, and I decided on Julia to have full weapon triangle coverage. Just in case I needed it, since I didn't know what to expect or what the reinforcements would be. I figured I'd go in, see what worked and what didn't, and go from there, but I managed to beat the map on my trial run so I just went with it. I'm actually considering recording another run, this time including Julia and Siegbert, so hopefully I'll have time to do so before the map goes away.
  9. I hope I didn't add to your frustration with my comments. I had less trouble with this map simply because I managed to stumble upon something that worked really quickly. Tiki is my best tank, and Klein is one of my best offensive units (although my recently acquired Siegbert is giving him a run for his money), so I certainly didn't go in pulling any punches.
  10. @Xenomata I hope that the AI is just as incompetent with Future Vision in the Arena as it was with it in your clear. I worry it's going to be a difficult skill to play around. @mampfoid @LordFrigid I wonder if IS put Guard on so many of the melee enemies to try and discourage people from clearing this map in one turn? Nevertheless, your teams are clearly too strong to be stopped by such measures! Great clears! Normally, Legendary Hero Battles give me quite a bit of trouble, but I was able to beat Lucina on my first try. After that, all that was left to do was stack enough speed on Morgan so she could ORKO the Manakete so I didn't have to spend an extra turn killing her. Tiki gets to take advantage of her merges, and Klein gets to show off his S-rank Summoner Support.
  11. @mcsilas Impressive Awakening themed clears! They feel especially appropriate for this map, considering the reinforcement triggers appear to reference Cervantes and Excellus from Awakening's Chapter 20. Lon'qu defies the infantry sword power-creep by going one-on-one with Walhart himself! Here's my clear of this battle! I'm glad to see another GHB, it feels like it's been so long since the last new one. All of my fighters needed Death Blow to kill all of the enemies quickly enough, and Siegbert's Galeforce was incredibly helpful. I'm very happy to have invested as much into him as I have.
  12. I use Xander, Camus and Groom!Marth (all B+, according to Gamepedia) on my Horse teams in Arena when one or more of them are bonus units. And, of course, I use Klein (B tier, Gamepedia's second lowest) all of the time, and none of them have any problem handling the enemies I see in Tiers 17-19, which is where I bounce around, depending on if I have the time to do a full arena run that week.
  13. @SatsumaFSoysoy Master of tactics, indeed, haha! I actually considered trying to use that corridor to split the enemies for my own clear, but it ended up not being necessary. @Ginko If Escape Route was intended to be used as a defensive skill, you wouldn't know it after watching your clear. Congrats! @kirauza343 I'm going to have to find a use for the Guidance seal on my Morgan someday, your clear was awesome! Also, that Lance Dragon must have gone through a complete spectrum of emotions when she took 42 damage immediately after taking 0. For my clear, I baited Elise and the Bow Fighter with Lyon, and then used Fjorm and a tree to separate the Cavaliers from the fliers. Everyone except Klein had at least a little bit of Enemy Phase combat.
  14. This is another Hero Battle I didn't clear on Infernal when it was first released, but now it was easy. I'm happy to see how far my units have come. Siegbert is a very recent pull of mine, and he's already proving his worth! Also, apparently Miracle doesn't activate at all if your attack would bring the unit to 1HP anyway. I decided to give Klein my Summoner Support, as a kind of apology for foddering off the rest of my copies of him. As much as I would like to give him a couple merges, I'm not able to justify it when he comes with such good skills. Still, he really only uses the Attack, so maybe it's better on someone else?
  15. I saw Rezzy's Titania and Zelgius's Camilla exclusively in the last round, and they were both super helpful! I did see a lot of Venmi's Oscar in the first rounds, however, and he was also awesome!
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