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  1. Finally, it was on 15 pulls. 7 5* (9.3%) and 28 4* (37.3%).
  2. Another shitty pull... What was I expecting after 2 5* Seliphs in the same pull ? Did they change the odds, fixed the RNG or something ? My latest pulls have been mostly 3*, even before the Seliphs.
  3. That's what I usually do with these sort of skills. But she can work very well in a cavalry team, with Camus.
  4. I'm not sure of the number of pulls I made, but I'll check later. I consider myself pretty lucky overall. That being said, my friends also have a similar ratio.
  5. I don't have access to my file, but I got 7 5* units on something like 13 complete pulls.
  6. Just Abel I think. "Allies" rather mean the other units, not herself.
  7. Oh, I see. Too bad it isn't special, but at least I can get it. Thanks for the info.
  8. Well, she's rather good in Atk and bad in speed, so -Atk/+Spd is clearly not optimal. If you really need a green tome right now, and you're sure you want her to 5*, I'd recommend waiting until another Cecilia with better IVs shows up.
  9. I'm wondering, is the horse we saw in the trailers special ? Is there a way to get it ? It's clearly not Epona since she's in Link Amiibo and has lighter colors, but Link's always been shown riding him in the trailers, and I did not find a regular horse with the same colors. For example, we can see it when the old woman starts to speak in the story trailer, it's a dark brown horse with a dark mane.
  10. Hmm, this isn't incredible. I'd continue rerolling. Your Camilla is -Atk + Spd.
  11. Thinks so too. Usually with his sort of games, people that search "real" games will sell it if it was a gift.
  12. Do you have any other units ? 'Cause even 3* may be worth upgrading if you're severly lacking a specific type of units and if they have good Boon/Bane, if you're not against some efforts. Between the units you showed, considering your 5* units, I'd rather say Hawkeye, since you lack of green and physical units. That, or Sharena. The problem is that he's rather meh but fills a weakness in your team. Usually I prefer to have a green Magical unit, but you already have too much of them.
  13. Before Fates I would have said no, but it was well-included mechanics-wise (it was well-placed with Axes I have to say, with WTA against Pegasi and neutral against Wyverns Riders, good against hidden weapons, etc) and felt natural very quickly, so it's yes for me.
  14. Maybe I'll buy it used later. I'd like to give it a shot, it must be great to milk a virtual cow in front of a friend. These games where you must look at each other in the eyes must be so ridiculous. And it will be a good way to discover the new techs in the Joy-Cons. You're lucky I have no games with my Switch since yesterday, I did not get my copy of Zelda. And won't get it before Monday or Tuesday.
  15. TBH, I think this game must be so much fun to play with friends. But the price kinda hurts. If it was 20-30€, OK, but 50 seems too much for me. It should have been included with the Switch like Wii Sports.
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