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  1. I would only take chance with RNG in the first few turns. 30% chance to reset your 30min-1hr progress is not worth taking.
  2. couple comments: don't bother with kana or dwyer, they're not worth one of the 16 slots. dwyer's paralogue is much easier than it looks, especially on CQ as they don't have conquest AI. felicia x leo is very good, and sniper mozu is just as good in hard mode as she is in normal, good luck with rest of the run.
  3. short answer: no. long answer: bringing awakening characters to fates was a risky move as is. fates children are nowhere as near as popular as most of the awakening ones so I don't want them in the next game at all.
  4. pairing opinions Also keep in mind if you have a female MU and marry 1st gen non-corrinsexual, you will have 1 unmarried female at the end. I usually leave selena as the bachelorette because she has poor modifiers in general. Edit: actually, is your standard of pairing mainly based on children or how well they perform together on the maps?
  5. I can make a +5 sunrise katana. I get one every day and literally every one of the birthday characters gave me a sunrise katana.
  6. I don't consider children canon, at least with the deeprealm bullshit. though admittedly this is nothing more than a headcanon on my part... I just think deeprealm is such a god awful concept it's making me ignore the canon.
  7. you mean 8. also add kaze vs saizo in CQ 12. oddly enough they don't have one later in CQ 25.
  8. difficulty drops off a lot after that chapter. you should be fine.
  9. camilla is one of the few units that can make effective use of the bolt axe from the get-go so I always just leave her as malig knight. beruka makes a great wyvern lord anyways.
  10. Leo is above average as a unit but arguably worst of the royals even with a personal weapon.
  11. imagine if we had to start with subaki and hana instead of effie in conquest chapter 7. that would be a nightmare on hard or higher. conquest characters just feel underwhelming at first because it's a much harder route than birthright. this problem sort of extends to revelation, as most birthright units are available earlier than conquest units, and most conquest units start with pathetic bases.
  12. in revelation postgame I made subaki a ballistician (had decent strength and skill but ended up with pathetic speed) and slapped wary fighter on him. he's actually pretty decent but needs that bow rank.
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