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  1. Counterpoint - while Alm doesn't get Falchion until lategame, he gets the powerful Royal Sword in the middle of Act III. While not quite legendary, it is an exclusive weapon to him. And with how combat arts work in this game, it can be thought of as an "evolving" weapon, granting Alm Double Lion and Sendscale as he uses it more. I'd go so far as saying that, outside of the express purpose of slaying Duma, the Royal Sword is a better weapon than the Valentian Falchion. Same with Sol Katti - why are these legendary weapons so heavy? Also, why is Durandal called "the Blazing Blade", when there's literally another sword that shoots fire? Anyway, that's its own tangent. But yeah, not a fan of how FE7 does its legendary weapons. You don't get them until the final chapter, and they're not even that good. Plus, most of them are quite expensive, so if you're playing for a Funds ranking, the optimal play is to preserve them. I think in Awakening, the mere fact that the Falchion is infinitely durable is a sign of its "legendary" status. It conveys the feeling of an ancient weapon whose power has yet to be awakened. Anyway, I think there can be a mix of weapons that become more powerful as the game progresses, and those that are strong right out of the gate. The important part, I'd say, is giving the player a reason to use these weapons, without feeling free to spam them endlessly. A tough balancing act, to be sure, though I think 3H's "repairing" system gets it about right.
  2. I was certainly on board with Fates adding the "Beastrune" as a defensive option. Ooh, I like this. Gonna steal it. Here's what I'm thinking: the Gauge runs from -10 to +10. Each Beast unit starts the map at 0, in their human form. They gain 4 points every turn-start while untransformed. They can freely shift into their Beast form on player phase with a positive (at least +1) gauge value. In Beast form, they lose 1 point for every combat scenario, and 2 points when the turn starts. If their gauge is negative (-1 or less) after this, then they're forced to revert. So, say a Lion with 2 gauge faces 6 attackers. They lose 1 point per combat, then 2 when the next turn starts, dropping them down to -6. Thus, they revert right after the next turn starts. While untransformed, they can fight with their hands or feet (depending on species). These have 0 Might, but as their Brawl rank increases (E through S), they start to gain more Hit and Crit. They can initiate combat while untransformed, but their attack won't have a "brave effect". If attacked at range (unable to counter), they gain 2 gauge points. While transformed, they receive a 50% boost (rounded down) to Strength, Skill, Speed, Defense, and Resistance. They can also use their "Beast weapon", such as a Fang or Talon. This one increases in Might as Strike rank goes up (E through S). Increasing Strike rank does one more thing - it gives the unit access to "Savage Arts". Basically, think Combat Arts, but at the cost of gauge points. These vary with race - at B-rank Strike, for instance, a Cat gains a "Throat Strike" attack - for 2 gauge points, it grants +20 Hit and inflicts Silence upon the target. Meanwhile, a Raven with B-rank Strike learns "Fierce Flight", striking at 1-3 range with +30 Crit, for 3 gauge points. These can be defensive, too - a Bear with D-rank Strike can use "Hibernate", restoring all HP, for 2 gauge points. Basically, I want beastformers to be interesting to use, in a series that's largely limited them to one or two attacking options. I think Savage Arts are a way to do that.
  3. Politics? In MY anime chess dating simulator? It's more common than you think! Thinking back on it, though, this series kicked off with a prince who wore a tiara, and eschewed pants for a skirt. In that light, a "Femboy Lord" would be nothing new. Yeah, Ike needs to land the finishing blow on Ashera. One potential rationale is it's because he wields Ragnell, which was blessed by both Ashera and Yune. But in that case, you'd also expect a wielder of a blessed Alondite to finish Ashera off, and that's not the case. So maybe it is just because Ike is uniquely stronk.
  4. FEMBOY LORD FEMBOY LORD ...Ahem. I'd be into something like this. I remember theorycrafting a game like Gaiden/Echoes mechanically, with two Lords - a Sister with Swords and Black Magic, and a Brother with Swords and White Magic. At some point in the game, each one consults the Fire Emblem (an ancient tome) to promote... but in a twist, the brash and bellicose Sister gets a legendary support spell, while the sensitive and soft Brother learns an overwhelming attack spell. Each one needs to step outside their comfort zone, and take a cue from their sibling, to become a true hero. That said, some of my other "theorycrafts" involve full gender-role-reversal worlds, since that's a genre of interest to me.
  5. Would've been nice if the thread stated the topic of the petition. Anyway, this isn't something I'm personally interested in, and as others have pointed out, Three Houses is as finished as it'll ever be (at least, on the Switch). If you want more signers, you could try the Fire Emblem subreddit. There's also an FE3H-specific one, as well. Can't promise they'll receive it any more warmly, though.
  6. For the record, you do have to reach A+ Professor Rank before forging it is even an option, yes? I think the earliest this can happen in an NG playthrough is by abusing the second "Fistfuls of Fish" event in month 12 pre-skip (Chapter 9, White Clouds). But I could be wrong. Thinking of Parthia, I could see it having some use on enemy-phase bow builds, given its high might, hit, and relatively low Weight. On player phase, I'd usually prefer the Inexhaustible or a Brave Bow - barring, perhaps, those cases where those are too heavy to quad with, but I can double with Parthia. Otherwise, I just want something to spam Hunter's Volley or Point-Blank Volley with. Don't think I ever really used Parthia in 3H. Anyway, while I'd broadly agree with those who say that Gradivus is the best of the Regalia (having comparable stats to the others, but with the addition of 1~2 range, admittedly at the cost of 10 durability), I'd like to shill Hauteclere for a minute. 80 Hit matches the Training Axe and Iron Axe+, and is only behind the Mace+ as Axuraccy goes. 40 durability goes far if you're not spamming combat arts, and 19 Might sits it only behind much less accurate weapons (Amyr, Freikugel, Devil+, Zoltan+). It's probably not "worth" the 10 Mythril, granted, but it's still a solid weapon for an Axe-specialist build.
  7. As @Shadow Mir said, "Rare Monster Sightings" will either drop one of the Regalia, the Dragon Claws, or a Silver weapon. I generally agree that the Regalia aren't worth the 10 Mythril it takes to get them going. Not only that, but the mere ability to repair them is locked behind A+ Professor ranking. That said, playing the game with a rusted legendary weapon, perpetually in one's convoy, is a real "feels bad man" territory. It's satisfying to repair them and use them, even if it's not "worth it". Huh, I didn't know pulsing could actually affect this. I'll have to keep an eye out and experiment with this the next time I play. Could help when it comes to Agarthium, too.
  8. Yeah, same. Most of my proposed changes: Were more about annoying the player and creating tedium, rather than making more enjoyable difficulty. Like, who outside of the Radiant Dawn design team could think that removing the ability to see enemy ranges is good difficulty? Easy change: Invoke now summons enemy units, rather than ally units. They only give 1 exp each per kill, too. Fir: "My time has come." Ooh, I actually kinda like this one. Although I'm assuming stuff like the Golden Apple and EXP fountains would still work?
  9. Rusted Mercurius, Gradivus, Hauteclere, and Parthia: "Allow us to introduce ourselves." This is kind of anecdotal, but I've found it frustratingly common that breaking a bird's shields gives... 1 Mythril. Just 1. I don't know what determines this, honestly. As for the Sothis paralogue in general, it's pretty tricky dealing with the reinforcement birds when all the monsters are aggroing you. No doubt it's possible on Maddening, but it's a bit of a chore.
  10. "Build-Your-Own-Target-Test". I like it. The kind of mode I'd have a lot of fun with. So, combine the scale of the Subspace Emissary, with the style of Melee's Adventure Mode? For instance, we'd have a "Hyrule" area to navigate, populated with classic Legend of Zelda enemies, perhaps with "Beast Ganon" as a world boss? And other worlds, like "Mushroom Kingdom" and "Kanto", too. I think that'd be a great direction for the series to take. As far as unlocking the roster goes, here's a thought - what if there were unlockable skins instead? That way, you start out with a ton of character choices, but there are still aesthetic unlockables to work on. They could have fun ways to unlock, too - like, Shulk has to get hit by a fire-themed attack to unlock "shirtless Shulk", or Kirby has to win a match in Flat Zone to unlock his grayscale skin.
  11. I'd like to see a main Lord who starts out very full of himself. Arrogant, elitist, and careless about his own subjects. Of course, this brashness lands him right into a trap, where his Jeigan (the one person he really trusted) dies and he gets captured by enemy forces. This capture humbles him, serving as a reality check. The Lord even starts to sympathize with his captors, as he learns they have legitimate grievances against the crown. "How much do you hate the Romans?" "A lot." "...Alright, you're in."
  12. That is fair. Still, a shame we never got a "What happened to Nolan?" TV commercial for the game. ...Okay, I see the rationale now. That it would be played on "Normal (Hard)", rather than "Easy (Normal)", making for a more difficult experience, and thereby harsher reviews. I'm not sure how it would pan out with consistently translated difficulty levels, but I can see the argument. They're not "tests" so much as "studies". And the correlation is there, but in both observed cases, it's a relatively weak one. I never argued against such a correlation existing - my point was, it's not strong enough to definitively link "better reviews" with "better sales". All else equal, would a version of Radiant Dawn that got better reviews sell better? Yeah, probably a bit. But the "All Else" (i.e. being a sequel, receiving next-to-no advertising) is a much bigger deal here. Moving a few thousand more units isn't enough to turn a "bust" into a "boom".
  13. My idea is a simple one, albeit very boring: - No new characters. - No new stages. - No new items. - No new Spirits. Basically, Smash Ultimate DX would be the base game, plus all DLC (Piranha Plant, Fighter's Passes 1 and 2, Mii Costumes, etc.). This way, it remains cross-compatible with Smash Ultimate - whether players have the original game or DX version, they can face one another online, join a lobby, etc. Don't market it to fans who already have the game - instead, use it to draw in new players, thus widening the Ultimate player base. That said, there is one new component I would add: Smash Run. Take the minigame as originally implemented on the 3DS version, add a few variant dungeons to pick from, expand it to as many as 8 at a time, and make it so the fighters can interact within the dungeon. This wouldn't be exclusive to the DX version - instead, it would be a free digital update to all versions of the game, shortly after the DX version releases. Thereby promoting the new version release, while also reigniting interest in Smash Ultimate as a whole.
  14. That's implying that Radiant Dawn was "billed" as anything. That's the biggest issue IMO - the game received next-to-no advertisement in Western markets. How is this game supposed to sell to anyone who isn't already invested in the series? You're asking two different questions here. As @Yexin said, a well-reviewed game may yet sell poorly, while an ill-reviewed one can still bust sales records. Anyway, the notion that listing the difficulty levels as "Normal, Hard, Maniac" rather than "Easy, Normal, Hard" would produce better sales and/or reviews is... a mystifying one. What reviewer is docking points for something as arbitrary as a difficulty name? Which potential consumer says "Nuh uh, I'm not gonna buy a game with a difficulty labeled 'Easy'." If said people are out there, I can't imagine that they constitute a bloc of any influential size.
  15. Genealogy of the Holy War: Unholy Mode When you die in the Arena, you die in real life. The Dance command only affects a single target. Sigurd joins as an infantry "Junior Lord", rather than a promoted "Knight Lord". You can't view enemy movement/attacking ranges. You can't save between turns, only between chapters. I can imagine more than a few players messing up their tea times intentionally.
  16. Comparing caps between Light Sage and Bishop (F), we get +5 Magic, +1 Skill, +2 Speed, -2 Defense, and -2 Resistance. Comparing caps between Light Priestess and Saint (F), we get +5 HP, -1 Strength, +2 Magic, +5 Skill, +2 Speed, and +2 Defense. So Bishop is more defensive than Light Sage, but otherwise, Micaiah's class line has the roundly better stat caps. Also the Saint class shares the ability to reach SS in both Light and Staves. Hero/Vanguard Titania is something I never knew I wanted until just now.
  17. Urvan Ike? Urvan Ike. Micaiah also has a dark affinity, and she plays host to a being called "the Dark God". This definitely works. Damn, this would be cool. Queen will be better, but infantry sword lady Elincia is a mood. From a flavor perspective, I would give Mist Light Sage and Light Priestess. She bears certain similarities to Micaiah, from her amulet abilities to their portraits basically being recolors of each other. The Dawn Brigade already stands out, because "silver hair" is somehow notable in a world with technicolor hair possibilities.
  18. Hello, dwellers of the Forest! Around the start of last year, I posted a "Gaming Resolutions" thread. The idea was to talk about what you wanted to accomplish in the year ahead, within the world of gaming. Something more fun than resolving to jog more and eat less, right? Well, a new year marks a new year, and a new chance to make resolutions you might not live up to! Without further Dedue, here are some of mine: 1. Complete Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. I just got this one for Christmas, but I've already dived right in. In fact, I just made it to what I believe to be the final world. I'd like to get all the Stamps and Green Stars, too - it certainly seems within reason. Of course, this is a two-part resolution - some time after finishing the main campaign, I'll take on Bowser's Fury as well. I've been having a lot of fun with the main game, so I don't anticipate either side of this resolution being a problem. 2. Play every stage in Pokemon Snap. I don't necessarily expect to 100% the game, or even get to see every Pokemon. But I'd like to at least play through each stage once. I've dipped my toes into the game thus far, but there's a whole lot more I could be experiencing in it. 3. Finish my Three Houses playthrough on Golden Deer Maddening NG. I got distracted from this one late last year, but I'd like to see it through. There are only a few chapters left to go, but in 3H, each one can take a while. I love to "theorycraft" builds in 3H, but putting it into practice is another story. Still, I'd like to beat Maddening NG, if for nothing else than bragging rights. 4. Play, and complete, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. I finished Spirit of Justice in the last few hours of 2021, thus completing the main series of Ace Attorney games. But now the pair of pre-prequels have made the jump from Japanese 3DSs to consoles worldwide. This one's another two-parter, and I'll probably take a break between the first and second half, if not between each case. But I've heard good things about it, and definitely want to get up-to-date on the series after nearly a decade of lagging. 5. Finish my Genealogy of the Holy War playthrough. This was another one I started last year. I'd beaten Genealogy twice before, both times in English, but this has been my first time playing the game on-console, in Japanese. I know enough Katakana to at least recognize the proper nouns. Anyway, I only made it as far as the start of chapter 5, but I'd like to bring it to its proper conclusion. 6. Play, and beat, Thracia 776. This game is one I've started, but never finished. The original playthrough is long gone by now, but I'm willing to start from scratch. I'm watched Mekkah play the "Li'l Manster" patch, derived from the Project Exile translation, so that's probably the one I'll use. I want to finish this, to have a more complete view of the series. 7. Purchase, and play through (at least once), Triangle Strategy. This is probably my most anticipated release of the year right now, and something I've been looking forward to ever since I played the demo. Come to think of it, I should probably wrap up Three Houses before this makes its way onto shelves. Given the "your choices really matter" model, I know a single playthrough won't be enough to experience all that's there, but I don't necessarily need all the content right away. 8. Purchase, and play through, AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES: nirvanA Initiative. I played the first game in this series, and was really impressed by it. I'd appreciated Kotaro Uchikoshi's "Zero Escape" trilogy, and this game combined his writing with Yusuke Kozaki's (see: Fateswakening) character design. The release is still only loosely scheduled for "Spring 2022", so fulfilling this resolution will be contingent on the game... actually coming out. 9. Beat Deltarune: Chapters 1 & 2. It's out, it's on my Switch, I just haven't finished it. I started Chapter 1 back in the day, but never finished it, and then Chapter 2 came out on top of it. No idea whether I'll pay for the complete experience when it comes out, but I'm not gonna look the gift horse in the bush for two in the mouth. Anyway, I want to understand all the jokes and memes surrounding it, so there. 10. Purchase, and play, a totally novel gaming experience. Something in a series that's totally new to me. I had this one up last year, and vague as it was, it encouraged me to "branch out" into games I might not have tried otherwise, like Jenny LeClue and Not Tonight. So, there! How do these sound - too ambitious, or eminently achievable? And what are your own gaming resolutions for the year ahead? Leave a comment below!
  19. I wouldn't lock higher evolutions from the start, since I think there should be a way to play Ultra-tier right out the gate. That said, I wouldn't make all the Starter lines available right away, either. Hm... how about a starting pool like: Poke: Pikachu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Pichu, Ralts, Duskull, Riolu, Venipede, Fletchling, Jangmo-o, Impidimp Great: Onix, Bayleef, Quilava, Croconaw, Kirlia, Dusclops, Audino, Whirlipede, Cryogonal, Fletchinder, Hakamo-o, Morgrem Ultra: Raichu, Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Steelix, Gardevoir, Dusknoir, Gallade, Lucario, Scolipede, Talonflame, Raichu-A, Grimmsnarl Master: M-Steelix, Suicune, Raikou, Entei, M-Gardevoir, M-Gallade, M-Lucario, M-Audino, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Kommo-o Honestly, the starting pool would probably be wider than this. Just trying to create a "starting pool" that runs through all the types and generations. That could work. Maybe "Return to Pokemon Stadium"?
  20. "Not knowing what to expect?" I dunno, sounds like artificial difficulty to me. If I can just look it up beforehand, then isn't the challenge illusory? ...Okay, this isn't a serious argument, but I don't agree with the notion that "limited resources" is a form of "artificial difficulty". Why? Poliwrath is a Water-type. Of course it has Fighting as its secondary type, but it comes from a Water-type line. Chuck could've had Machoke or a Hitmon, but instead he has this weird frog thing that my Typhlosion can't one-shot! ...Mind you, I think it's good design on his team, but that's because it's not what you'd expect. As for Dark-types, I generally agree that Dark-types (and "new to GSC" Mons in general) should have been made available earlier in the game. But it's moreso from a worldbuilding perspective. Putting Houndour in Kanto makes no sense - I was in Kanto three years back, and it wasn't there! Swapping its place with Growlithe and Vulpix would've been better design, IMO. I don't agree with the argument that "not letting you get a Dark-type before Morty is fake difficulty", but I'm not inherently opposed to the player getting a Dark-type before Morty, either.
  21. Alas, what a shame that the Dawn Brigade can't recruit Shinon in Part 3. "Get in loser, we're going Laguz hunting." Ah, but Meg is from Crimea, a country where the Queen herself rides a Pegasus into battle!
  22. Well, this is quite the wish list! I'd love to see this kind of game happen, but I honestly have my doubts about whether any developer is up to the challenge. Maybe playing more could provide money, which you use to buy more clothing, accessory, hairstyle, hair color, and makeup otions? It'd be neat to see outfit sets based on prior classes, like a "Bug Catcher" set, or a "Hex Maniac" outfit. Rather than adjusting levels, I'd introduce a "tiering" system: Poké Tier includes most first-stage Mons (i.e. Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle), and a handful of evolutions (i.e. Metapod, Kakuna); Great Tier has most middle evolutions (i.e. Nidorino, Haunter), plus some first-stages (i.e. Ponyta, Tangela) or non-evolvers (i.e. Farfetch'd). Ultra Tier has most fully-evolved Mons (i.e. Arcanine, Gyarados, Exeggcutor), and remaining first-stages (i.e. Scyther) and non-evolvers (i.e. Kangaskhan, Aerodactyl). Master Tier includes pseudo-legendaries (i.e. Dragonite), proper legendaries (i.e. Mewtwo), Mythicals (i.e. Mew), and Megas (i.e. Mega Alakazam). You can use Mons in a "weaker tier" in a battle, but not vice-versa. So, I could bring (Ultra-tier) Snorlax to a Master-tier battle, but I couldn't bring (Master-tier) Mega Gengar to an Ultra-Tier battle. I'd do a couple things - first, limit the pool of Pokemon available to the player at the start, but then widen it as they progress. For instance, beating Brock in a "Gym Leader's challenge" could unlock Onix. And after facing a foe online, you can choose any one of their Mons that you don't have yet, and "unlock" it. There could even be different variants of the same Mon (i.e. Choice Band Flash Fire Flareon, Toxic Orb Guts Flareon). Now, when you're building a team on your spare time, you can browse through all the Mons at your disposal. You can save as many as, let's say, 50 teams constructed this way. But let's say you're building a team from scratch, and you're in a hurry to do battle. In that case, I'd limit the selection to a box of 30 randomly-selected appropriate-tier Mons, to save the player from "analysis paralysis". Going one step further, an "autofill" button could populate the not-yet-filled team slots with randomly selected Mons. Perhaps such a game could include a "workshop", where you construct custom versions of rental Pokemon, choosing components like Ability, Nature, Moveset, and Held Item? Then you could assign them to the homemade team of your choosing. Oh, and I forgot the most important reform: getting rid of the 20-minute running battle timer. Kill it with Fire Blast. Random online matchups could use a chess timer, like VGC or Battle Spot Singles. And for play between friends, the host player should be able to set the clock however they wish (or not even have a clock altogether). Not a fan of that either. Maybe "Pokemon Emporium"? Or how about "Pokemon Championship"?
  23. Okay, but like... let's look at Gen II. Who expects Chuck to have a Poliwrath? What blind player even knows Steelix exists before facing Jasmine? And can the player who brings an Ice-type attacker to face Clair work around her Kingdra? Even a predictable trainer, like Morty, is packing a Gengar. Try to use a Psychic-type or Ghost-type against him, it dies to Shadow Ball. And there are essentially no Dark-types available at that point in the game. The best you can hope for is Girafarig (not in Crystal LOL), or a Normal-type with Bite. Anyway, maybe a Gym leader in one of the new games surprises you with an oddly-typed Mon, or one with great coverage. It doesn't matter. Your own Mons will "tough it out", surviving on 1 and getting bonus crits, because "they don't want to let you down". The affection mechanic undermines any attempt at balanced difficulty.
  24. Maybe the next mainline game, or remake, could be a collaboration between Game Freak and Genius Sonority? With GF focusing on the mechanical side, and GS worried about the presentation. That could give us the "best of both worlds". As for why Battle Revolution failed, I'd chalk it up to offering little as a stand-alone experience. The Stadium games featured a full Rental mode, plus party-style minigames. Meanwhile, Colosseum and XD each feature a full RPG-style campaign. As for PBR, there's no campaign, no minigames, and very limited rental options. You can only fully appreciate it in connection to a Gen IV Pokemon game. That said, the presentation is top-notch. Pokemon actually move across the field for physical attacks. Stealth Rocks get put up, and they stay up. The backgrounds are the best we've seen in the series. Not only that, it was the first game to feature player customization. It was an incomplete game that did a lot of impressive stuff.
  25. I wouldn't be a fan. Suddenly, the question of "can my team survive?" is one of "well, do they have any self-recovery moves?" Plus, it would make the game's setting feel implausibly hollow - what are the odds that nobody's invented a way to restore HP, outside of Pokemon Centers? As far as battles go, I see that point, and know that some hack games do as much. Personally, thpugh, I wouldn't like to see the X Stat items totally disappear as an option. How about raising difficulty the other way - by making opposing trainers use items more often? Also giving opposing Pokemon held items. Interesting idea. One thing I've thought of is "trainer powers" - say, each trainer has an ability that affects the battle. One such as "Raise Attack of all Fighting-types by one stage" could inspire team synergy. But so could those that set a "stage condition", like you suggest. Ooh, maybe the "Trick Room" gym could make it so that running is slower than walking?
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