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  1. I'm not using all the units in this run. It's a hard classic run. Here are my pairings. Corrin (+Str/ -Def) x Soliel Laslow x Peri Xander x Charlotte Arthur x Effie Leo x Felicia Odin x Elise Silas x Mozu Keaton x Camilla Niles x Nyx
  2. Can I flip Vaike to Cherche and put Henry with Nowi? Or I can flip Gregor to Cherche and put Henry with Miriel?
  3. How's this for pairings: Robin (+Str/-Luck) x Lucina Chrom x Sumia Stahl x Cordelia Lon'qu x Olivia Gaius x Tharja Sully x Donnel Libra x Lissa Gregor x Cherche Ricken x Maribelle Virion x Panne Henry x Miriel Vaike x Nowi
  4. I just hate pairing Chrom with Sumia because I've done it so many times. It gets boring fast. If you really want to why I put Olivia with Chrom is because I took a bet with a guy at work. Plus I'm only playing the game to beat the final boss. The main reason why I try to get all the kids is because of the extra experience you get when you get those paralogues. The only kids that I really care about are Lucina, Morgan, Kjelle, Severa, Owain, Inigo, and Noire. The others Cynthia, Brady, Yarne, Nah, Laurent, and Gerome I don't really care about. I mean if you think of better pairings, please let me know. EDIT: I redid the list while mainly the main kids that will be using on this run. Just need to figure out who to put with Owain and Inigo and yes I decided to put Chrom with Sumia, so that is why Inigo still needs a dad.
  5. I am marrying Olivia to Chrom because I'm tired of marrying Chrom to Sumia. Plus an Olivia! Lucina can make a devastating Morgan. I'm not really focused on Galeforce on them but f it happens, then it happens. We all know that Severa's and Inigo's paralogues can be down right hard on hard/ classic.
  6. Even though I may not use all the kids, I still try to get all kids. The main kids I use are Lucina (Robin's wife), Morgan (Robin and Lucina's kid), Severa, Inigo (Chrom's son), Owain, Kjelle, Noire, and Gerome. The other kids won't be used that much. I currently don't have all of the DLC, so no one can go Bride or Dread Fighter right. Plus I never grind my character's level out because that totally takes the challenge out of the game. But I will try to get Galeforce for Inigo and Owain before I get them. Plus Severa, Lucina, Morgan, Kjelle, Noire, and Cynthia can all gain Galeforce.
  7. I married Kaze on Brthright before. The boon and bane was +Str/-Def. Midori and Kana turn into nightmares. I also married my Kagero!Shiro. That was fun.
  8. Robin (+Str/-Luck) x Lucina Chrom x Sumia Stahl x Cordelia Donnel x Sully Gaius x Tharja Libra x Lissa Lon'qu x Olivia Virion x Panne Vaike x Nowi Henry x Cherche Ricken x Maribelle Gregor x Miriel Not sure who to put with the rest. But those are the main kids that I will be using in the game except for Inigo and Owain for I still need to figure out the dads for them.
  9. I'll be getting her to go with Elise.
  10. Birthright as Male Avatar: Hinoka & Oboro Birthright as Female Avatar: Kaze & Ryoma (Current run) Conquest as Male Avatar: Selena & Beruka Conquest as Female Avatar: Laslow & Odin
  11. I usually never put those 2 together. I usually save Kagero or Azura for Takumi. Oboro goes with Hinata or Subaki most of the time.
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