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  1. Tomefaire is set up, working now on the other two. should be ready tomorrow.
  2. The thing here is that you can't get enougth before the second badge, the first usable single stages you can get are after the second badge (like Gen 1 Snorlax or Gen 3 Roselia)
  3. Sure, I should be home in around 3-4 hours. Do you want other skills for her to? I currently have: Heartseeker, Countermagic, Rend Heaven, Death Blow for her, also i can get Counter, Quicktoxic, Lifetaker, Vengeance and Kinshi/Falcon skills for her, but that will take some time.
  4. I have Tomefaire for her and can set it up later (I am not at home rigth now). I will send you a PM onve it is set up. Rhajat can also learn Tomefaire herself, since it is a skill from her base class promotion.
  5. "Urgh..., you can't be serious." E: Also funny reading older posts to avatars which are no longer used^^
  6. I don't think this is possible, since there is Maid!Mitama, which requires Azama to marry Felica. E: Forget it, I forgot Dwyer... (agian...)
  7. -Gunter + Felicia/Flora: Come on, they worked together for years and after Corrin joins the war they don't speak a single word with each other... -Jacob + Flora: See above -Shura + Yukimura: they worked previosly together (Yukimura devised the plan to kidnap Azura) -Anna + Charlotte: They both like collecting money (for different reasons) -Reina + Peri: Bloody Dou
  8. So.... Benny: I really like him and use him more than Effi. His Supports are good (I really like his C-Support with the Avatar for example). He is like a huge, armor wearing teddybear. Arthur: Rarely used him, some funny supports but nothing gameplaywise other characters can't do. Iago: Interesting vermin, pardon villian without much backstory (sadly...)
  9. Have you clicked on the link ? :P I said page (like this:http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/), not subforum^^ I simple page with a few pre-release informations. This Forum is after all only a part of SF, while pages like the one I linked are another part which provides raw informations.
  10. In past times things were different than today https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seppuku I like the fact that there is no path, where you can recruit everybody. The Plot kills every path a few units/make them needed elsewhere.
  11. I hope it will be a normal Fire Emblem. I am curios, how deep it will be... At least it will be a strategy-RPG. @Tragonigth: What do you mean? How he knows that FE will come for Smartphone? http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-mobile/ We already have a page for it on SF ^^
  12. No, it's not THAT hard, it is rather easy, even if you bring more units with you. Some skills(movement+1, Shelter, Warp, etc) make this far to easy. I managed to get all treasure chests by full deployment and reaching the boss unnoticed. I had to use shelter only once when I messed up and one of my units stood at the edge of the enemies range. Just take one turn to see how the enemie moves. They have low movement so as long as you don't bring units like knigths or generals with you, you can get out of the enemies range. And for emergencies you can also take a rescue staves with you, this is not conquest lunatic where you have to one-turn the endgame ;) The extra reward a boot, a bit of money and a seal (forget which one, at least it wasn't the eternal one)^^
  13. I can give you Aegis for Kaeden once I am home. I will send you a PM then. E: and Miracle for female Kana
  14. I have mine as a Lance Master with Draconic Hex, Lancefaire, Dragon Fang, Death Blow and Renewal. He kills most of his enemies with a Killer Lance and the ones who survives will get debuffed by Hex.
  15. iAh, sry, updated accidently after changing his skills back. Anyway, he has it now equiped again.
  16. Have him set up with both and a few other nice skills (Astra, Vantage and Counter) I have also Seal Strength/Magic/Resistence, Vengence, Shove, Rally Magic, Duelist/Death Blow, Heart Seeker and Lifetaker if you want one of these^^ E: Set up now
  17. It does not work. Unity only increases the activation chance of skills for the character who has it equiped.
  18. The big Problem is that Hana can still die, if more than one enemy attacks her, since miracle dies not if Hana has one HP left and sol does not always proc. Then the issue that both weapons drop Hanas avoid, Waki by 10 and Venge by 20 witch makes dodging unreliable, espacially with Fates RNG. And then are there the Stonies, which attack from far away and freeze which drops your avoid further.
  19. Ignis works with Nohrian Trust, I Can confirm it.
  20. If miracle is activate only the damage dealt down to 1HP is refelctes. If you have 5 HP left on Nyx with Counter and Countermagic and Attack her with a magical weapon while standing besides her you will get 10 damage. 5HP down to 1 HP = 4 damage Counter 4 damage+Countermagic 4 Damage+Countercourse 2 damage. I have tested this in myTestingGrounds (myCastle testing defenses)
  21. You don't have a unit with Nohrian Trust? I can set up my Avatar later so you can grab it from him. (Or in nearly any skill Castle is at least one NT Unit.) As for Vantage: you have a lot of samurais in Birthrigth and Odin in Conquest. There you have all requirements met^^
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