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  1. Not Fire Emblem, but Zidane from Final Fantasy IX fits that mold, actually. Not a musician, but an actor and flirting with basically every attractive girl he comes across. However, it comes across as charming instead of creepy because it generally doesn't actually go anywhere, which makes it look more like banter and less like Zidane constantly trying to get laid. At least that's how I remember him, it's been some time since I've played FF9. In any case - a flirtatious lord? Sure, that might work, as long as it's written well. I generally like the "lovable rogue" archetype, and this is often part of the package. An actual harem fantasy? Yeah, no, fuck that.
  2. Radiant Dawn, but the gauge starts at 100%. Done. Never made any sense that Laguz would start a battle "exhausted". No need to make things more complicated. Keep It Simple, Stupid. Getting rid of Cat Gauge would be good too - I don't hate that Laguz have to spend some of their player phase actions grassing up if they want to stay transformed through multiple rounds of combat for an extended period of time, but it's a bit silly that three fights on enemy phase cost more gauge than a charge of Olivi Grass restores. Honestly, I think I would even say say that -4/turn and -2/battle (which is between Lion and Tiger/Wolf/...) would be a good spot for the worst gauge. Oh, and faster weapon rank progression would be appreciated. I like the "alternative leveling-up" for Volug, but it's really annoying for all the other Laguz since they aren't around as much.
  3. You can say with unusual precision that the Dalmatian language, spoken along the eastern Adriatic coast, died on June 10, 1898, alongside Tuone Udaina. His parents used it when they wanted to speak in private, but Udaina picked up the language that way without them knowing, which eventually made him the last living person to speak the language. In recent discourse, the two known variants of Dalmatian (Ragusan and Vegliote) are sometimes seen as sufficiently distinct to classify them as separate languages, in which case Udaina would've been the last speaker of the Vegliote language.
  4. If the Øresund strait freezes over and a Swede walks to Denmark over the ice, any Dane has the legal right to hit that Swede with a stick.
  5. I'm not familiar with any MtG lore, so I can't take an informed position on any of those examples. If those "planes" are just three villages in a magic bubble, then sure, it would be strange if there were a total of three human of a different ethnicity in an entire world, although I'd imagine that that extreme would have other issues with "realism", as well. However, it seems that you're basing your argument on a very, very specific type of fantasy setting. As soon as you generalise it, I still heavily disagree with the idea that any deviation from an ethnically uniform setting is "for the sake of "wokeness"" (ughhh). Unless there's some impregnable magical barrier at every country's border, the image of isolated nations is complete poppycock. Different communities will trade. There will be migration between them. There's records of Swiss monks using cloves (you know, from the Moluccas) to season their fish in the 9th century. Isolation is not the default, so "breaches" in isolation don't have to be meticulously explained. And maybe the black trader in the Medieval Fantasy city is just meant to indicate that this city is a big trade hub? My apologies, but the tendency in gaming discourse to attribute any non-default characters as fucking ""wokeness"" and "pandering" (ughhhh) really ticks me off. ...look, I don't want to make this about 3DS FE, but I don't believe that Basilius and Flavia are the most "stereotypical" characters in Awakening's cast.
  6. I think PoR weapon ranks are even less important than in the GBA games. Forged Steel Axes are a fine weapon throughout the game, Javelins and Hand Axes are E rank, a forged Thunder tome is practically equal to the A rank tomes (which can't be forged themselves). Haven't played RD in a long time, so I won't make a comment on that, though. Killer weapons and effective weapons are very underwhelming, too, so reaching C rank is not a big deal at all. Contrast that to BinBla, where Killers become the default weapon type to use one they're buyable - and in general, low weapon ranks are a detriment for a handful of recruits: Treck (no Steel Swd on the Axe Islands), Tate and Zeiss (no Killer Lances before promoting), Bartre (not as impactful, but he'd be much better with C bows), promoted Bishops (lol Aureola), promoted Mages (Lilina with Physic would've been neat...), or Igrene (mostly in comparison with Klein, whose only advantage over her is Silver Bow access). BlaBla and SacSto are much more generous with WEXP, so it's not as noticable, although there's still some specific cases like Rath (Brave Bow Y/N) where it makes a difference.
  7. Patricia Quinn was apparently very salty that Richard O'Brien stole the song from her for the movie version, almost refusing to play Magenta in it as a result.
  8. I wonder how Renning and Burger King would've worked as posthumous characters in Radiant Dawn. For the former, the game wouldn't have had to be changed too much, I guess - instead of succeeding in his rescue, Bastian would have found out that they had been tricked/forced to kill Renning in the previous war, which could've been another dramatic moment for Elincia. BK is obviously more involved in the plot, and with PoR leaving too many questions open (Why did BK listen to Sephiran? What was his connection to Greil?), Ike/the player would have to find answers somehow. I personally don't find the BK's role in Radiant Dawn very satisfying to begin with, so revealing Zelgius's character and motivation through people who knew him could maybe have worked better than what we have. Scratch that, removing BK would mean one less dude obsessing over protecting Micky, which would be a definite improvement. Can we somehow get rid of Sothe in the process of rewriting, too?
  9. A bunch of genes (or their acronyms) have been renamed because Microsoft Excel would auto-correct their original names into dates, wasting a lot of time for the researchers. For example, DEC1 is now named DELEC1, SEPT1 -> SEPTIN1, and MARCH1 -> MARCHF1. There's also a gene that can potentially cause cancer that's named Zbtb7 - because Nintendo was very unhappy that the POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic gene had been abbreviated to "Pokemon" and threatened to sue the cancer researchers who came up with that name.
  10. I'm certainly curious to see how Victoria III will end up being. "VICKY 3 CONFIRMED" has been a meme in the PDX fanbase for a loooooong time, so the hype when it was announced earlier this year was real. However, Paradox has had mixed success with their recent publications, so it's not going to be a day 1 purchase for me.
  11. TIME is the most successful Chinese StarCraft 2 player of all... time, measured by tournament winnings. Also the bane of all commentators, especially if he goes up against ShoWTimE. I'm not a native speaker, but it's a bit rude to ask about a person using "what" instead of "who", isn't it?
  12. I heavily disagree with the notion that every character with a different ethnicity than the majority needs a justification to exist, even if the setting is your standard British Medieval Fantasy. If the entire planet is elaborately mapped out, then sure, it would be strange to have, what, exactly three black people in the whole world. But if there's a "most faraway country" that Not-Britain has trading relations with, it's not too far-fetched that, say, a trader from the other side of Most Faraway Country ends up in Most Faraway Country, and from there they (or one of their children) travels to not-Britain. If that person is a main character, it would be nice to learn about that kind of background, of course, but a random potion seller most definitely doesn't need a "Why aren't you white?!" dialogue option. In the real world, trade between western Africa and the Maghreb has been established well before the age of discovery, so that kind of story (Timbuktuan trader ends up in Morocco, later he or his child travels from there to Europe) would not be too outlandish. I know that there have been Africans or children of Africans in Medieval / Early Modern Europe, even outside of Iberia, although Maghrebians would most likely have been far more common than sub-saharan Africans. Random examples: Alessandro de' Medici, first duke of Florence, Adrian of Canterbury.
  13. An old tradition in the city of Bremen is the "Bremer Eiswette", or 'ice bet': Since 1829, almost every year on the 6th of January, burghers in Bremen would have a bet whether the river Weser "steiht or geiht" ('stands or goes') - the criterium being if a tailor carrying a hot flat iron can walk across the river with dry feet. The last time the Weser 'stood' was in 1947 during a particularly icy winter. It was also frozen in 1987, but apparently not thick enough for a man to walk the entire way across. The society organising the ice bet has had a troubled political past - before WW1, it was apparently a fairly non-militaristic group of people, but during the 1920, it grew a heavy national-conservative spirit, and during the Nazi regime, the society was quite eager to please them. In fact, after 1945, the group had trouble finding a chairman without a... problematic history. The first post-WW2 ice bet was held in 1949, and the organising seems to have (re-)grown into some sort of Old Boys Club since. The criteria for new members to be accepted have been obscure at best, with one big exception: No women allowed. This has been a point of growing criticism since the 2000s, escalating in 2019: The current mayor of Bremen, who by custom was invited to a meeting of the society. However, he could not attend due to the memorial ceremony for Paweł Adamowicz and asked for his deputy mayor to be invited instead, who is - gasp! - a woman. The ice bet society refused, which made a fairly big stir in all of Germany, and prompted the Bremener parliament to decide that government officials would not attend any events that exclude women. The ice bet society did give in and very graciously invited a whole 30 women to the 2020 ice bet - out of around 800 total attendees. They also did not invite any Bremener government officials, explicity as a response to the parliament's earlier decision. This has been the latest chapter in this riveting drama thus far - the ice bet was cancelled in 2021 due to the pandemic and will be held in April next year (which doesn't quite capture the spirit of the whole event, in my personal opinion) for the same reason.
  14. Funny, I never registered how kind the BEXP curve is for promoted units. I always automatically focus it on whatever growth unit(s) I'm planning to use and Titania only really gets some rigged level-ups when she's close-ish to 100 XP at the end of a map. Good point in favour of Titania, I agree. I will say that BEXP also makes it easier, not just cheaper, to level up your Oscar, Kieran, or Marcia, compared to Franz, Vanessa, or Cormag. In SacSto, you do have to actively look for kills, especially for your flyers, while Kieran and Marcia can be heavy carries basically one or two maps after their respective joining map. And I'll say again that I find that Seth compares better to promoted growth units than Titania: I don't think there's much of a difference between Oscar and Titania despite her having the lead in most areas - but Oscar still doubles everything, even has slightly better physical bulk, and can use forged Steel Axes and Hand Axes, so Titania's better Axe rank isn't that important. Compared to that, Seth still has a notable lead in Str and Def over Franz (and like the PoR comparison, I don't think there's a ton of enemies that Franz doubles and Seth does not), as well as more impactful weapon ranks with his access to Silver Lances and Swords. 20/1 Franz isn't a "optimal" character unless you're playing for post game, of course, so feel free to read those as his 16/5 stats or whatever Fair, difficulty has always a degree of subjectiveness. It's been a couple months since I did the Titania-less run, but iirc, Gatrie pivoting and Shinon absorbing some attacks when needed makes ch.4 fairly safe, although I think it was the one map where my weaponless Titania got attacked once because I did use her for bodyblocking . Very slow and annoying because you don't have Titania killing multiple enemies on EP, but fairly safe. I'm a stubborn late-promoter in the GBA games (not Lv.20, but still), which certainly makes Seth more important in the first couple chapters after the route split, but I think he's always pretty important in Eirika's first map, in order to save the house to the west. Other characters have trouble charging ahead fast enough without dying, in my experience. Seth still gets 40+ XP per boss, so two levels per map is quire realistic for him, too. The Entombed even gives him a full 100 XP, I believe. I don't want to make too confident a statement about Seth's XP lead compared to Titania's, since I simply never dumped my BEXP on Titania, but Seth still gains a lot from taking boss kills, as well.
  15. I don't think Titania is even the best character in PoR, honestly. BEXP diminishes her level advantage fairly quickly once it's available, and once other units promote, they've caught up with Titania stat-wise, as well (20/1 Oscar is roughly on par with */10 Titania, even without an Ike A support). In comparison, SacSto doesn't let its growth units catch up with Seth nearly as quickly, and to make a similar comparison, 20/1 Pala!Franz has +1 Spd, but -3 Str, -2 Def and -5 Res compared to */10 Seth. Ranking Marcia, Jill, and Titania probably comes down to how you weigh things personally, since Titania really does wreck the earlygame to a hilarious degree, but I think Seth's advantage over Titania is pretty substantial. And yeah, Seth is my pick out of the games I'm confident enough to make a call about (BinBla through NMotE). I've played PoR without Titania and it's more slow and annoying than really tough, while not using Seth makes SacSto actually quite tough.
  16. A follow-up to this previous post: Bach used the tune of Oh Haupt... ('Oh head full of blood and wounds') once in his Christmas Oratory, as well, for the hymn Wie soll ich dich empfangen? ('Ah! Lord, how shall I meet Thee'). My theological knowledge isn't advanced enough to fully interpret his intention with that, although I'd speculate that he saw Jesus's birth and death as two parts of one whole, or something to that effect. More mundane is that Bach reused parts of earlier compositions (his own, that is) for the Christmas Oratory, something that was common practice at the time. For example, the opening choir is taken from some birthday music for the Princess-electress consort (??? My apolgies, I do not know the best translation for "Kurfürstin") with very little changes outside of the lyrics. The instrumental parts even reflect some of the original text: It opened with "Tönet, ihr Pauken! Erschallet, Trompeten!" ('Sound, you timbals! Sound, trumpets!') and the piece does in fact open with the timpals, while the trumpets have their first appearance a couple scores in.
  17. The FF7 primo grinding spot is the surroundings of Mideel, don't @ me. Well, that or the sunken plane if you feel the urge to grind stat boosters in the lategame. In either case, it's not really worth the time to grind XP/AP anywhere else unless there's some really specific skill you want for an upcoming part of the game. -- I'm proud to say that I haven't spent a single euro on games this winter. I did pick up two free games on Epic, which brings me to one purchased game (an exclusive...) and I think 6 or 7 free game pick-ups: Loop Hero, which is actually quite new. Has been on my Steam wishlist for a few months, so that was a nice surprise. Pathfinder: Kingmaker - still free to keep for another 17-18 hours, I think, in case you're interested. Unfortunately, this also reminds me that I started a Pillars of Eternity playthrough some time ago which kinda fizzled out. :/ I do like the genre, but I've been a bit lazy about learning new games lately.
  18. The late John Bain took his online nickname "TotalBiscuit" from the Discworld novel Carpe Jugulum, in which the main character Agnes Nitt muses over some men from her home country named Syphilidae Wilson, Yodel Lightley, and Total Bisuit. The context: The first child of the king and queen of Lancre (a very small mountain kingdom, insignificant if it wasn't for its witches) was to be named Esmeralda Margaret. But because the queen was named "Magrat" thanks to a communicative mishap between her mother and the priest doing her naming ceremony, she added "note spelling" in her little paper for the naming priest. Naturally, that results in the girl being named Esmeralda Margaret Note Spelling, and because there's not takesie-backsies with names in Lancre culture, she is stuck with that name. Sources: James What The Hell's That Cow Doing In Here "Moocow" Poorchick, and King My God He's Heavy the first. Agnes muses over those three names from the first paragraph with the implication that the king's loyal subjects might not even notice anything weird about the name.
  19. They still have big issues, to be honest. Their fangs are, roughly, equivalent to non-forged Steel weapons. No scaling whatsoever, which means that they're outclassed in this department very quickly. Lethe at max level has 34-35 Atk, which is the same ball park as Mia with a fully forged Steel sword, or a base Silver (also at max level). That's just not very impressive, considering that Mia can ungrade to the Vague Katti or a forged Silver if she needs the extra oomph. Plus, no 1-2 range, which is a pretty big deal in PoR with its wimpy enemies. Honestly, the only laguz that I regularly use as a combat unit is Lethe, and that's just as a decent filler unit when she first joins. She does have great mobility and hits pretty hard for that point of the game, can shove or take-drop if there's no combat - but she goes down on my prioritisation as the Beorc characters approach promotion. Mordecai is great as a Smite bot. He stays on my roster for longer than Lethe because of that, since he's very good at it even while untransformed. Once you get the Demi band, it's even better. But as a combat unit, his low Spd makes his damage output really bad. The others, I honestly just never use at all. Well, Janaff to talk to Naesala that one map (and maybe bait him in beforehand, while carrying the Full Guard). But I'm not sure if I've ever even just fielded Ulki.
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