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  1. Hi LFM, could you remove my id from your post "Serenes Friend List"? I'm currently full.



    Harima Kenji


    Thank you.


  2. In Fates forging Iron weapons was the way to go and that is a bad game design: the debuffs of the "stronger" weapons was a mess. Resource management is a skill so I want weapon durability back.
  3. Would love to play a traditional turn-based Zelda RPG. Zelda has certainly the lore for it to make it work (allies, enemies, locations etc). An even better idea would be an FE-like Zelda game.
  4. I'm in the mixed camp: on one side I like limited resources. Makes it more challenging and having to think what to do with your resources. But on the other side I like grinding as an option for the post-game (Echoes and Awakening).
  5. I'm in an FE4/5 mood because of the last banner and the let's play of Mekkah so my team will be: Ares, Finn, WT!Olwen and Lachesis. Was sniping for blue but got pity broken by Ares (no blue orbs). So I'll be using him.
  6. Iron and Steel throughout the game and the last couple of chapters I use the Silver weapons (and forges) to make it super easy. Feels good to smash the endgame with powerful weapons.
  7. @Poimagic Sorry! I will fix it in my next update. I can't edit my post anymore.
  8. Friends list (updated 23rd april 2018): No valid ID: If I made a typing error please correct me. One IGN I wrote "on purpose" wrong and that is: Rosetta. I couldn't find the characters... Does someone else know? @Zeratul Your ID is already on it (20171027) if you're wondering why I didn't put you this time on the list.
  9. Excellus from Fire Emblem Awakening. Really thought he was a woman.
  10. It's a series where you have to think (ahead). Coming up with a solution for the different obstacles you're facing --> maps, RNG, how good are your units and the enemies. There is a lot of replayability and feels rewarding when your units grow stronger. And the mediaval setting, I'm a big fan of the Romans and Ancient Greece.
  11. Average to above average. I always play on the highest difficulty except for Awakening Lunatic+ (never tried, don't want to face OP skill combinations and reinforcements attacking on the same turn) and the two DS games. If we are talking about Heroes, average at best. I need f2p guides to beat GHB on Infernal and CC on Lunatic.
  12. Slowly approaching the magic number "5,000" with a score of 4,982. Back to tier 20?
  13. Blue: Olwen (already got 2) Red: Saber (don't like his art and not a great unit) Green: Sonya (already got 2) Colorless: Mist (got one and why is she a 5* exclusive?)
  14. Friends list (updated 14th april 2018): No valid ID:
  15. Units who I don't have: Micaiah Mia Dorcas Alm Nanna Lute Linde Katarina Brave Lucina Brave Lyn Hector (Soleil) (Sothe) (Tailtiu) For merges: Ayra Leif Ike Ephraim Nephenee Azura Elincia Tana Lyn
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