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  1. I suppose no one will see this so I'll say I like satanic rituals c:

  2. FE Shadow Dragon: Ogma. FE Mystery of the Emblem: Sheena. FE Shadows of Valentia: Saber, Sonya and Genny. FE Sword of Seals: Gwendolyn, Percival and Roronoa Zoro Dieck FE Blazing Sword: Hector and Erk. FE Sacred Stones: Syrene and Selena. FE Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn: Shinon and Volke. FE Awakening: Henry. Fates Birthright: Takumi and Hana. Fates Conquest: Leo and Nyx.
  3. Well... Alive REDS: Ike (+Atk -Def), Black Knight, Marthcina, Hana, Elincia (+Spd -Atk), Tharja (+Spd -HP). BLUES: Gwendolyn (+Atk -Def), Tana (+Def -Atk), Nephenee (+Atk -Vel), Lucina (+Atk -Def), Clive, Azura (+Def -Atk), Ninian, Reinhardt (+Def -Res), Mae+1 (+Atk -Spd), Robin (+Def -Spd). GREENS: Sheena+1 (+Atk -Res)(summoner support, love her <3), Azura PA+1 (+Res -Atk), Hawkeye (+Def -Spd), Sonya (+Atk -Def), Boey (+HP -Atk), Camilla (+HP -Spd), Ike (+Spd -HP). COLORLESS: Faye, Genny (+HP -Res), Leon (+Spd -HP), Olivia PA (+Atk -HP). Dead REDS: Henry, Ogma. BLUES: Effie, Subaki. GREENS: Fae, Ike. Characters I want to promote Gwendolyn neutral stats, Raigh (+Atk -Def), Corrin Male, Clarisse
  4. I sent home a 5* Henry some weeks ago. Then a friend told me that he was a great counter for B!Lyn.
  5. RED: Leo and Saber (max priority) BLUE: More Gwendolyns, Maes, Reinhardts... to merge :D GREEN: Hector (max priority for armor emblem), more Sheenas to merge, and Amelia for skill inheritance (Slaying Axe for Sheena). COLORLESS: Takumi and Jaffar (max priority) and Klein for skill inheritance.
  6. Sheena, Mae, Hana, Reinhardt and Sonya: Very close: Gwendolyn, Ike Ragnell and Genny.
  7. I usually use feathers to promote units to 5* I have just promoted my -HP +Spd 4* Leon and he's already lvl 40. The next character will be a Gwendolyn because mine is -Def, so I'll merge her.
  8. I love Generals. They wear a huge armors and weapons, they're slow but are almost invincible, and many of my favourite characters are generals.
  9. How does Brigands promote? Vanessa is lvl.10 but the hero crest and the master seal don't work
  10. Can I use my save of the old patch or I have to restart again? New patch is very interesting =)
  11. The boss of chapter 5x has a Spear in his inventory, but he has only a C in Lances so he cannot attack. He also uses Swords, but it says that halberdiers only use Lances. Is it a bug?
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