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  1. Yeah, she joins in the Devisian Knights chapter alongside Tekun. (I didn't know either until recently! I only knew about Stephanie and Aqua, since they weren't even in the base game.) I've not actually played TLP hard mode, only read about it, so I'm not sure if it's automatic or you need to do something special in her chapter like with Liquid.
  2. I admittedly can't say if it was all machine-translated, but the FEUniverse page for the translation credits DeepL and Google Translate, which suggests that at least some of it was machine-translated. The lack of proofreading is my own conjecture based on the types of mistakes we've seen so far. Again, I apologize to the translator if I'm wrong about any of this, it just seems like the most obvious conclusion based on the evidence. At least the Druid promotion is pretty great with its effective +4 AS, which is why Ruben is right and Shaky should use the female Shaman. But yeah, a lot of the promotion gains look like they're designed to patch up the weaknesses of their unpromoted variants, and then you have +0 speed on Warrior when Fighters are known for being slow (at least in the GBA games). I can only assume that someone on the design team had it out for them. You know, I never noticed that. There are four characters who promote to Bishop, three of which are clerics/curates and therefore suffer from the painfully slow experience gain from GBA staves and the last of which is Simon, but no prepromotes. Meanwhile, the two Shamans is already a lot considering that they're supposed to be rare. In short, this because it makes the pretense of just wanting to put Canas in the game (deservedly so!) even more obvious.
  3. I mean, that's my point? It's unreasonable to expect too much from her in that area considering what a weak legacy she's inheriting. As of this writing I'm about to go binge-read your Berwick LP (actually already read the Sun God's Wrath one before I started posting again, but that one was a lot shorter), so I expect to become very familiar with you shilling it. (Not actually in a bad way! To the contrary, I'm hoping that it'll finally give me the motivation to play it myself, since I've only ever seen it referenced in glowing terms and if descriptions of the mechanics I've read bear out, I can easily see why)
  4. ok I finished reading the last update after playing a few chapters myself. just gonna respond to it and not the older chapters so there isn't too much to read
  5. After what we've seen this makes an uncomfortable amount of sense. Thanks for clearing that up, I've been curious about it ever since you introduced your Lyria. I thought about bringing it up, but I didn't because I figured it's bad form to discuss future recruitables in someone else's Let's Play thread where most of the audience hasn't played the game (including me, as I've mentioned; I actually knew about Lyria from Void's Blitzarre Adventure of all things) A shame, indeed. The scrapped scene would have been a lot cleverer than whatever I would have had in mind here, for sure. Looks like we found something that Kaga failed to do first (unless Berwick Saga did it). In Radiant Dawn there are certain characters whom you can't have certain other characters fight; the Attack option won't even appear if you try. Not here, though, even if the result is letting you make a fifteen-year-old girl butcher another fifteen-year-old girl. Of course, that's the norm for FE as you say, but that mechanic in RD is a small detail that nonetheless prevents you from completely breaking the story over its head, and something I'm a bit surprised Kaga didn't think of. My first assumption was that there's a statbooster shop somewhere in this game and you want money for that, but based on what you said about the availability of move potions, probably not. (Besides, that would probably be a bit too game-breaky, especially since most of the statboosters in this game are stronger than in later games.) Does this change anything down the line or are you just giving him money because he's footballman? Not that I can blame you if it's the latter, mind. Of course, in real life it would just be a good thing to do (assuming the charity is trustworthy), but it's not real life we're talking about. This is better. I like how absurdly skewed its stat distribution is. 10 magic and speed but 15 HP, 0 skill, 2 defense...
  6. Ah. Kaga has outpredicted me again. At least it was a scripted fight, so nobody could have died anyway. In fairness, I think Lee would still be better than promoted Maruj because he gets staves and Maruj doesn't. I know you just mean statistically, but still. Yikes. 10 levels in and Julia is equal or worse to base Vega in everything except for Luck and Mastery (and personality). Why did she even get deployed this map? Wouldn't Mel have been a better use of the last slot? Consider me impressed. Now she can do more somethings! Really though, if there's a consistent source of Levin Swords her terrible strength shouldn't even matter now. I'm going with the charitable interpretation that Holmes is only saying this as an excuse to get Plum out of there without a fight. On the other hand, I'd argue that with this guy there's a strong case for shooting first, asking questions later... And after all that, he didn't even kill the guy. Damn it, Holmes. So much for that "charitable interpretation"... That wasn't worth it in the slightest. why, Kaga
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