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    I like a few games and shows, play a bit of dnd, and do some fanart here and there, and usually when I get into things I Really Get Into™ things. I'm going to play every single Fire Emblem game before I die.

    (New Mystery of the Emblem is 100% my favourite game in the series and the English patch for it is a goddamn gift).
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  1. It's a bit of a joke question, like. I think Rahpael is MAJOR himbo vibes even though he isn't necessarily attractive, and my best friend argues that it's Ferdinand, even though he isn't necessarily dumb. That being said, thank you for taking the time to go through it!
  2. Thank you!! 😄 I will likely share results once the panel is over and done with
  3. https://forms.gle/zMozhj7jhDY3b9Lt6 Hey guys! Been a while since I've been around, but last time I ran a panel for a convention y'all were a great help giving me questions to use for a gameshow-style panel. And I need your help again! We're running a family feud type game this time around, and I'm looking to have fans fill a survey to give us a pool of answers to questions we can pull from during our panel. For the most part they're just questions like 'which character is your favourite from this house' or 'which character got the best timeskip glow-up' and so on and so forth. Also has simple questions for the lightning round, like 'name a character with green hair.' literally just... name a character with green hair. first one that comes to mind. that's it. Thanks so much for helping out!!!
  4. These are all fantastic questions! And thanks for the offer to pm, but I think I'm going to have some fun doing the research to answer these myself ;)
  5. ooh, thanks! that makes me wonder... who DOES have the highest growth rate in FE6?
  6. Hey all! I'm running a panel at Otafest and Animethon this year called, you guessed it, Fire Emblem: Jeopardy! Thing is, I need some help coming up with the questions. Think you can help me out? The five categories cover all installments of the game released in English; it goes Archanea + Valentia, Elibe + Magvel, Tellius, Ylisse, Hoshido + Nohr. Questions range from easy to answer to hard af; here's some of the ones I've come up with to give you an idea of what I'm looking for: Who are the three Dragon Generals of Bern? Name the original red/green cavalier pair. Which characters are recruitable in all paths (in Fates)? Any ideas you have are appreciated, so don't hesitate to throw them at me!
  7. Thanks so much!! I'll definitely give it a try.
  8. I've been looking for a good english patch for gaiden, but the ones on the website I get my roms from is.... lacking. Only half of it is properly translated, with the other half being a mish-mash of symbols and gibberish. Does anyone know where I can get a good translation? (I have the japanese rom good to go, I'm just pleading to heaven above I can find a decent translation. If I can't, then oh boy am I ready to suffer). (While we're at it, anyone know a good fe1 rom/translation? I haven't looked for that one yet, but if y'all know a good one hit me up.)
  9. @nintendo you said fire emblem heroes but where are my heroes????
  10. i'm finally living my dream of playing every fe game before i die. i'm more than halfway there. fire emblem god tier will soon be achieved.

    1. maybe


      play gaiden next it's the best

  11. https://youtu.be/POsTR5iy_TI Hoo boy, let me tell you I am super pumped. While the game will probably be very separate from the series and have different game play altogether (much like Hyrule Warriors was to the Zelda franchise), I think it's going to be awesome. Not just because I want to consume as much Fire Emblem content as much as possible, but because it'll be super cool to see both old and new fans of the series - who I've learned are very different audiences - have content they're interested in in a single game. Of course, there are some questions that I've got about this whole thing, especially regarding what kind of audience Nintendo is wanting to feed the Fire Emblem franchise to; it seems to be diverting more and more with each new games that's released in the series. What do you guys think??
  12. carpal tunnel is killing me and boi lemme tell you am too young to die

    1. maybe


      hey, you're never too young for death!

    2. ragnelll


      my dude i am ALWAYS too young for death

  13. alright y'all i did it, i changed my username. there's no going back.

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