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  1. If I can get this blasted talk written then I'll finish up my thing and throw it on here, but it might be close.
  2. Apologies to the mods if this should really go in FFtF, it's technically a FEH question so I put it here but if it's really more FFtF could you just move it over there for me thanks. Anyhow, the serious half-rhetorical question behind the silly poll: Why the frick can't I give these super old Units anything good from their newer selves? I'd contend that the Blazing Durandal Eliwood argument doesn't apply as much, since you have to use Skill Inheritance to do it, meaning you still had to go through the effort of getting the new powerhouse Unit and then had to sack it for your older one. The obvious exception if they ever decided to do this being Gray Waves of course, since they've made it abundantly clear that Gen 1 Dancers get nothing.
  3. Thanks! I did get Flow N Trace and Escape Route 4 during Seer's Snare so I've seen how helpful those ones are. I got ATK/DEF Clash as well and that seemed to work but her PRF was unrefined at the time so I suppose it's better to check other options now. Unfortunately I think I've merged up all my sources of ATK/SPD Catch at the moment, but I'll keep that in mind for now. I think right now my only source of fodderable Rein is the Farina manual we got last Limited Codes, which is ATK/DEF that I'd been planning to use elsewhere, but I'll see how things shape up. Ruptured Sky is such a pain to get but I'll keep it in mind, I finally got a Female Byleth so I have it on hand, but she's my only one and I was also considering using her to finish up my Roy(he's been running Aether for a long time and I've been waiting for a higher quality option like RS).
  4. Alright so this is probably going to be my last character build for a while. Cynthia ultra carried me through all of Seer's Snare on her unrefined PRF and three lucky Rein rolls, so I want to make her my first official tricked-out maxxed-out Grail Unit. I've already got her PRF Effect Refine.
  5. Ah, I see the advanced spammer got you with the sneak attack.
  6. Much obliged, I'm so close already, she just needs the C Skill now. Can I ask if you would consider CC/Repel 4 to be better than Escape Route? The game has offered me both options but I'm uncertain if one is better than the other.
  7. With exception of the swordies(OG Olivia, Sylvia, Lene), who can run Florid Cane if you don't have the T4 Dance. Is that worth it given that those Units are probably not getting prfs down the line considering how long they've left Olivia(and Azura but there isn't a Lance that grants Canto as far as I know) behind with the prfs? Other question, it's HoF time again, and Fallen Celica seems to like me for some reason(evidence being that mine is like +3), so I may trick out a Forma for her. Can I ask for recommendations? So far the game has already thrown Distant Stance and Frenzy at me but I assume she's not actually good at using either Skill based on the statline of mine. I assume it looks something like this? Beloved Zofia(Effect Refine) Insert premium nonsense here Ruptured Sky because there isn't a single Unit in the game that wouldn't appreciate it from what I gather(Staffs shed a tear but will take their new combat Specials) ATK/SPD Ideal(?)/Surge Sparrow(?)/Sturdy Surge(?) Lull(?)/SPD DR(?) Menace because when in doubt(and when Reins/Saves aren't possible) slap a Menace on there
  8. Even if we don't give a legitimate explanation beyond "Oh hey this is a thing now," somebody is going to have to answer the question of "ok but why" eventually. Heroes has always made at least a token effort at explaining every Banner concept(except Fallens if I remember right, that just kind of happened), generally using the same "uhhhhhhh they have a festival for that here" option, but there is no way anyone is going to believe Askr has a "Rule 63" festival, that's going to be a laughably bad explanation. Loki in Norse mythology has a history of swapping genders and this Loki would absolutely think up the idea of popping open a dimensional hole to a Rule 63 world, so you start your R63 seasonals with a Tempest event since that really works with the original function of the Tempest, have it be Loki's fault because she's literally said to Merth in a prior Tempest that she does these things because why the frick not, and there you go, you've fulfilled your basic FEH quota of pretending to explain why this is happening and only started happening now, even people who are like this is stupid have to acknowledge that at least they used the one source in the game that it could feasibly be explained by to attempt to explain it.
  9. This would be an extremely divisive Banner, to say the least. That said, they do have Loki as a character, so it's not like they couldn't do something like that in the future.
  10. How dumb of an idea is it to run Trace Skills on Dancers? Are there any Dancers who want or don't have a better option than those(besides the obvious OG Olivia since she doesn't have any reason not to use Florid Cane)?
  11. This is calling me out and I don't like it, haha. Anyways, here we go: Title: In Medias Res (Yes this is a reference to Anon's prompt of the same name, this feels kind of like it fits that one) Notes:
  12. If you decide to join harass Chloey just a tad and watch her children lose their crap. I would have continued riling Morgan up but I couldn't find the clip I wanted. Anyways I got held up yesterday, I'll finish and post my thing by tonight.
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