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  1. I just want 8-Bit as a download option for the game - forget HQ and Lite, give me 8-Bit FEH and I may literally never put it down. I did feel bad for Fjorm, I really wanted to see her in 8-Bit, and the 8-Bit Alfonse/Sharena/Anna being accessories instead of working like free Resplendent costumes frustrates me because that would have been way cooler, but overall I liked this.
  2. Hm...an interesting piece, though once more I feel like personally I'd appreciate more background - the bit about Mutahylians could probably have been a pre-read note so I know it's not from canon Zelda, it threw me for a second and I was trying to remember if that was in the stuff I found back when I last did a super lore binge on Zelda. You also reminded me to share this with you, there's a lot more I've written offline, I should be able to get it updated by like the end of tomorrow. It just had a Zelda concept, so you were the one I specifically thought to share with.
  3. An excellent opening hand, Toki thought, folding his arms. This will be exceptionally interesting. "I appreciate the opportunity to start this off with you all. My apologies for needing the assistance so badly there." He bowed slightly to Noelle. "Now then, should we get started towards that artifact we need to find?"
  4. Ah yes, why we never open the Archer unless it's SoV. Not a bad piece, I like it.
  5. I mean, the game itself doesn’t show how exactly Samus learns the info the game expodumps on us in the opening clip(which I’m linking to here for everyone’s benefit since I forgot to earlier), so that part was mainly my own creation. I also took the liberty of referencing Other M itself near the end, since it hadn’t come out yet back then and so couldn’t be properly referenced within the game. As for more creativity, I have been considering doing a piece based on Prime Hunters if I get the chance, since the game is probably one of the more obscure Metroid games, and it has minimal story so I’d probably take more liberties there. I was actually super torn between Fusion’s more fitting opening and Prime’s complete WTF loss of your power ups. Literally I trip into a wall, hit some electrical wiring and suddenly my everything is gone. Someone explain this to me. What I did realize I missed was the explanation that she lost her abilities - anyone not used to Metroid is probably going to be confused. EDIT: Since we haven't hit voting time, I did add a small thing about the missing powers. Not a very good one, though.
  6. Hm...I don't know that I like this one. It's interesting, but not really to my liking, though I can't quite place why. In the meantime... Notes:
  7. I have both cartridges, I'm pretty sure I had to buy Revelations twice. Have you tried sending a support ticket to Nintendo?
  8. Vaike was the one whose weakened form the entry was talking about. Shoblongoo took it in a unique direction by having the POV be not the individual actually affected. You can also look at it as the lack of one's spouse being the weakened state, or even a dragon's life compared to a human's.
  9. Off-Topic, apparently I'm having my life shaken up quite a bit lately - I pulled Legendary Julia last time she came around and only today got around to leveling her. When she attacks there's like a wind effect blowing her clothes, but if you look it looks like she's shaking her hips for you. ...Julia now makes me very uncomfortable.
  10. I know that, that's why I'm surprised it never occurred to me you'd have an accent. You've mentioned being in AUS enough times I should know this.
  11. My ultimate luckiest set was the Blazing Sword one that implemented Infinite Skills for Supports - I picked up three boxes because Elibe is my jam(super looking forward to S21, getting at least 3 boxes there maybe 4), and two of my signed cards were Lyn's SR, the beast one that free deploys a Unit when an Orb breaks and has Support 10x Facedown Bonds. I also pulled two regular Lyn SRs at the same time, meaning I got one full playset of Lyn, which was nice because I got to put her directly into my Roy deck day one instead of waiting until I could afford them like I normally have to do. At the time the Signed Lyns were I wanna say roughly $75 each, so I basically got my money's worth off just the three signed cards(other one was...some kid from Genealogy, it was just an R+).
  12. I don't know why, but your voice sounds altogether different than I expected. Also it somehow never connected you'd have an accent.
  13. The picture is meant as a reference for the desired pose. Not always necessary, but sometimes people are after specific poses. As for the liveliness of the thread, part of that is because @peevthesheev, who was like our one really active spriter, had a job change or something of the sort and so hasn't had time to do any serious spriting in a while. Since he was the only spriter on here with any degree of consistency, the thread's basically taken a break until someone gets time to try requests again.
  14. Ooh, new face, welcome! Glad to have you along for the ride! I mean, if you can, do both.
  15. Good heavens, where do I begin? Currently I've decided to begin working on something that may turn into a book if I can keep at it enough, but I also have like six games to go through including two paths on KHBBS, a PMU run on SoV, two Fates runs, Pokemon Y, Ultra Sun, Metroid Fusion and Prime Hunters, plus deckbuilding and playtesting for Cipher, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, and MTG, not to mention breaking out the good old BIONICLE for a contest entry as well as general creativity...yeah.
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