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  1. So would you say Bold Fighter Kjelle with say Sol could make use of it? So far she just has Bold Fighter equipped, since her A Slot is useless for 90% of the game.
  2. My alt runs Cordelia with three Dancers(Ishtar, Eldigan, Lachesis). So far I haven’t had any problems running her with a SPD focus, but this may be because I hard focus on her so she gets galeforce every turn thanks to a Dancer making sure she gets another round of combat. Her refine gives her that stat boost, which generally gets her to that threshold where she kills things reliably. I don’t have Dive Bomb so I have to make do with Desperation, but it works since Darting Blow 4 usually ensures the follow-up and she gets four hits in the moment her HP drops out of the stat buff threshold. Don’t know if that helps you, or what to do with other team types, but that’s been my experience. My turn for questions again, am I better to get Armored Stride or the Ideal off FEdelgard? Got her yesterday during my run for Selena/Duessel and she’s definitely getting sacked. I do have a Ladle Guard so this isn’t my only access to Stride, the Unit in question I’m thinking of giving Stride to is Kjelle since almost every other Armor I have has either March or one of the buff C Skills(Goad, Ward, Hone, Fortify).
  3. So I managed to only get Lugh from the CYl5 Banner, and picked up Eirika as my spark Unit. I still have my freebie pull though, so I’m trying to decide what to do here. I am still very much not a 3H fan, so I will not be using any Marianne I pull like ever. Gatekeeper has forced my respect through his interaction with Thorr in Forging Bonds, so I will probably keep my first Gatekeeper but I don’t really need him. Marth is difficult for me because I am very much attached to my OG Roy - pretty much no non-Roy Red Unit will swap him out on my main team, and like most other people I’m kind of swamped in Red units to use for other modes. Arena isn’t big for me, I’m content to bounce between Tier 17-18, and my AR setup more or less consists of Hel, Peony, LAzura, Brave Vero, and Nifl at all times so that’s not something he would help with either. I also still have my Legendary Marth and would rather use him if I’m using Marths because I really didn’t make the most of him when I got him. This leaves Eirika, who I already picked up for my spark Summon. If I grab another one I will most likely sack the second copy for Swift Surge, probably to my Palla because I like Palla. Basically, in your opinions am I better off using my freebie on Eirika for fodder, or on Marth or maaaaaybe Gatekeeper for the sake of having them in case I need them later?
  4. I think you should go find @peevthesheev. He's not active on here any more, but you can find him on DeviantArt under the same name. He mostly dabbles in such chibis, he puts them together himself and could probably give you some tips to do it yourself too. He put together a couple for me in the past and they're pretty good.
  5. I mean I was mostly there for Catherine's Sparrow 3/Lull SPD-DEF so I think I'll just take Flayn, I forgot about that drive reduction and that'll be huge for clearing GHBs and BHBs. Honestly I'm not that into game-breakers, I just want the Units that I think are cool or else have solid fodder I can sack for a Unit I'll actually use(I have so many 5S Units just sitting around anyways), so Sigurd's not that big a deal to miss. Ah, excellent, thank you. The new one is definitely not Anri which means I don't care who it is, and the rest of the reveals look meh so that's good, I can just freebie a Blue in hopes for Dimitri or Seiros then skip and save. Thanks!
  6. Two questions. So I finally got my iPod issues resolved and rejoined the game. Decided I wanted some fodder from the rerun Banner and did the 40 Summons. I pulled Catherine, Shamir, a second Fallen Celica, a second Brave Micaiah, base Ike, merges for Rhajat and Idunn(swapped +SPD for +RES, that was nice), and two Seteth. I wasn’t expecting to actually pull any Focus units, so my plan was to grab either Catherine or Shamir for fodder purposes, but I forgot about Flayn. Keeping in mind that I haven’t played since the Ninja Banner last year(though I did luck out and pick up Summer Freyja already), could I get some advice on what to use that freebie on? I’m currently on the fence between Shamir for her fodder(which was better than I remembered it being) and Flayn so I can rage about not being able to put her staff on Sakura I MEAN so I can use her as another standby healer. Any advice on what to do with the other units mentioned above would also be appreciated. Seteth in particular looks useless on his face and doesn’t seem to have good fodder. Second question, do we know any of the units for sure coming up in the next Mythic Banner? I haven’t been paying attention to FEH stuff and have missed the last few updates to the Legendary/Mythic calendar.
  7. Definitely gotta disagree here, Melee's ledge is a giant pain to get off of if your opponent knows anything. You have more freedom than other games due to Melee's better technical options, but it doesn't help when your opponent knows how to answer all the options and plays to do so. This is of course assuming you aren't discussing Samus using fair from ledge, in which case yes, your Samus is 100% safe fairing from ledge no matter how your opponent tries to stop it. I speak from experience on BOTH sides of that equation. Personally, I prefer 64. It's ancient as all get out, you can't spot-dodge, roll, air-dodge, Link's recovery is absolutely nonexistent, Grabs can't be mashed out of...mm, beautiful. Also helps that it's the one game I can consistently do well against my brother in, my Samus is fairly evenly matched with him and it's the only Smash we're so even in, he edges out ahead of me in all the non-Melee games and utterly destroys me in Melee. ...For real though, I like all of them in their own way. I recently realized 64 is the closest Smash ever was to a traditional fighter, so that's cool, Melee does have a lot of freedom you can use to your advantage(even if I'm way down the ladder there), Brawl had Subspace which was glorious(and literally nothing else lol), Sm4sh had Smash Run, also glorious, I wish Ultimate had kept that, plus it had some of the most hype character reveals for me(I freaked out for no fewer than four separate reveals - Megaman, Little Mac, Roy, and Ryu), and Ultimate has been incredibly fun for me, I've particularly enjoyed learning to adapt Ken and Terry to Smash's different physics engine, looking forward to learning Kazuya. The way my brother explained his issue with Ultimate to me was that the ground movement is too 'long-form' if that makes sense - you think your dash startup will go this -- long because that's how all the other games went but instead it goes this ------ long. This means you end up either doing a lot of jumping so you can take advantage of the shorter options available through aerial movement or rolling because you're going to be moving that far anyways, might as well get a little invincibility to go with it.
  8. You would focus on that one, wouldn't you. Fallen Edelgard got Cipher cancelled, spams on r/greentext regularly, and bought all the Samus/Metroid Amiibo combo packs so nobody else could have them.
  9. Ew you degenerate, keep such lewdness to yourself.
  10. I'm down for more Metroid, though I'll always feel bad for the poor SA-X for being so utterly abandoned(seriously, there's ONE reference to it in Smash and it's a WIN POSE, this upsets me). Also if they're hunting Samus for her DNA, as has been suggested here, easy answer make a crossover with A Robot Named Fight, can't hunt DNA from something with no DNA
  11. Hypothetically(speaking as someone with 0 modding XP) you should be able to do this by simply changing Anna's Skills and Class, right? I think all the Skills exist in the base game through Lunatic+(correct me if I'm wrong), and the Merchant Class is there as well on NPC Anna. Would that be feasible or is that just literally what you said you can't do?
  12. We've got loads of books at my house, I just finished rereading The Virginian and The Lonesome Gods this week. I haven't touched digital for anything besides No Game No Life. I switch on and off for reading, a lot of the time I'm busy playing games instead.
  13. Mainly because I liked the coin-toss round. Having multiple options but not being able to select exactly which option sounded like it could be interesting. In this case, I wanted it to have more flexibility and a little more control than just a coin toss, and any of us could alter our character chosen by selecting a different person - as mentioned earlier I intentionally chose Ana to pick my character for this reason, to reduce my chances of getting some random out there character like I was seriously considering doing had anyone chosen me. Ana being a huge Tellius and Zelda fangirl meant that I had a really high chance of getting someone from Tellius or Zelda. This being a Fire Emblem forum probably meant she was more likely to pick Tellius. She's a giant Ike fangirl, meaning my probabilities leaned heavily towards him. I'd also had Elincia, the red cav from that game, I forgot his name, and even Sylvain from 3H as backup potentials(since she's also a big Sylvain fan), and she ended up going with Elincia, though this was apparently because she didn't realize the prompt meant waking up as that character, which was funny. Basically, it meant you didn't have total control over what you could write about, but with a little digging on the other participants you could learn how to skew the odds so you were more likely to get one you'd want, which in theory incentivized learning more about each other. Chalk it up as an attempt to create more friendship among us if you like. ...This was 100% intentional and definitely not just something I bullcrapped out right now.
  14. You more or less have to just let Fandom go. Basically the one thing you could get away with editing without fear of an idiot 'refixing' is the Cipher section since it's now possible to have every character's card list completely up to date without fear of having to update for future releases(/sobs). If FE were as obscure as say Conception II or GoddessKiss you could get away with coming up with stuff and not having to worry about someone else screwing your edit over, but it's not.
  15. I mean at this point especially there's nothing prohibiting you from choosing your own character there, I just figured I'd hold onto that part of the rule myself, since I was happy to stick all of you with it at the time. Even considering I had someone else pick for my non-participation entry, I specifically chose Ana because I knew she was a Tellius girl and this brought the uncertainty down quite a bit. I was expecting her to pick Ike, but Elincia was high on my list of alternatives I'd planned for so it wasn't that big of a surprise. Honestly I expected Chloey to pick Robin/Grima, perhaps Chrom. Lissa's definitely left-field, I'm glad I have some time before I get to that one so I can let my brain work on it.
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