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  1. Hm, let’s see...Idunn...check. Nagi...check. Palla...-looks at last Easter banner- BIG check. Limstella...Huh. Nothing. Welp, that settles that, unless the Cipher OCs are options or someone convinced me to throw their favorite a vote.
  2. So mine is a funny story, because it's Roy, but not for the reason most would expect - at least, probably, because I can't remember exactly why half-baked Red Marth was my favorite Melee character as a kid. I still make a point of keeping up in practice with him in every Smash he's in, actually, and he's been my Team Lead in Heroes since day 1, currently at +10 and 9 Dragonflower uses. I even still play him in Melee, trash though he is. If you want to get into characters I first interacted with in actual Fire Emblem games, I like to talk about liking Cordy a lot, but I think it was actually Lissa I was first like 'hey, she's alright' about - she's such a real little sister character, I could totally see her getting along with my own little sister and the both of them pulling pranks on me and Chrom, plus she ended up being really fun in Warriors and then it turned out she was voiced by Fuuko so that was a huge double plus.
  3. So you...want us all to write about Severa, then. Alright, we'll see what I can come up with. In all seriousness, I've the beginning of an idea. Definitely not who anyone here would suspect. We'll see if I can find time to scribble out something slightly better than the barely-1k-words stuff I've been putting out. ...Actually, I have two ideas that might work for this. Maybe I'll actually commit to devoting time to this for once. Also @AnonymousSpeed I forgot about your last reply to me about God having a physical body. It's a doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it can be found in the Doctrine and Covenants, Section 130, Verse 22. Hopefully that gives you the insight you were after as to my thought process involving the journey to perfection in mortality.
  4. I would probably replace both with more unexpected Units, though it might take me a while to come up with movesets for them that I found satisfactory. Chrom is a character I find not bad at all, in part because of the 'FOR CHROM AND COUNTRY' memes me and two of my cousins started up specifically to annoy their brother. I really don't know that I would swap him out, but I would for sure change his moveset up a bit - I'm still remembering Viridi calling him out on being more similar to Ike, so I'd probably make him a little slower and more between Roy and Ike than just lazy Roy with Ike's Up-B. Having never played 3H, I have no real connection to Byleth. Honestly, I would prefer a Heroes or Cipher rep, though I'd be ok with a Warriors one too. My personal choice would actually be Fjorm, but I could be persuaded to go Nieve.
  5. Dude, I’m just tired of Armors in general, especially Dragon Armors. Idunn and Nagi are two of my favorite characters, but I can’t have Armored Boots on both of them, and I’ve only pulled Armor March in my other account. The one movement gets really annoying, even with Pivot and Reposition.
  6. Everyone talking about more Fighter skills for Armors as I continue to patiently wait for Darting Breath so I can have all four Ikes with different Breath A Skills. Can I get Steady Blade and Warding Blade A Skills while I’m at it? Armors are nice and all but I’m not particularly fond of more exclusive support for them.
  7. I'm going to be honest, this is actually a problem I have with FEH. All Units react to Kiran exactly the same way - as though Kiran is an incredibly empathetic kind individual. This would be all well and good, except Kiran is supposed to be me, and I absolutely am not just that - I highly doubt I would be working myself to the bone nearly as often as everyone's everything quotes seem to suggest Kiran is, I'm very much more like what I hear Hilda's personality is when it comes to actual fighting and the like, I'd probably sit around all day playing chess with everyone I could get to play with me - all the excellent strategists to learn from! Anyways, the only place I've seen the relationship between Summoner and Hero explored by anyone other than Chloey is on DeviantArt, where in typical DA fashion the general consensus seems to be to depict the Heroes as doing literally anything the Summoner asks without question, usually in complete opposition of their actual personality. No one really makes an effort to explore the idea behind a Summoner who doesn't fit Kiran's uber-generic anime protagonist personality and the interactions between such an individual and the Heroes under them. I kind of explored the concept a little with The Darkest Deed back in Round 11(incidentally I just noticed it's not registered as a non-entry piece on the homepage so it may be tricky to find), where the Summoner is(to the Heroes) a dangerous psychopath willing to go so far as to sacrifice members of the Order of Heroes in order to grant his personal favorites the power to lay waste on the battlefield, but even that barely dips into the concept.
  8. ...So when do I get the all-Carnage Side Unit Banner so I can get Mirage Palla and Mirage Pheros? That's...I think they're the only two characters I know about in #FE I'd be interested in. I guess I'd be down for BlacephalonGharnef too. Really I'm mostly just bugged because this is just more of a slap to Cipher fans because the Banner is scheduled alongside the release of the game, and ain't no way are we getting Cipher released to have the OCs in FEH alongside.
  9. The trick that I ran into, Chloey, was the fact that there were two Chroms involved. You make a point of having Grimmy emphasize the difference between himself and other Robins, or even himself and Gimurei, another Grima, but from what we see both Chroms seem exactly the same except one's on a horse and somehow is Grimmy's Chrom...maybe? Not certain if you were simply showcasing Robin's unique position as an Avatar character - different Robins would of course reflect different players, something I've considered writing about given how all the Robins are somehow exactly the same in FEH despite Robin being a character who should appear very different from one to the next - or if Grimmy actually is Cavalrom's Robin. The two Morgans also felt a little off - only someone who's read your previous work would know about your Summoner-Grima pairing, so Morgan being the Summoner's son is a small wait-what moment. It also throws me personally because I would think the Morgan who goes with Grima and the Summoner would be female to keep with the Robin-Morgan lineup within Awakening's canon. This being said, I did enjoy your piece, though I didn't quite catch the point you were going for - I assumed it was solely about Grima and Chrom's relationship as they seemed to know each other.
  10. Need? I must say I'm a touch confused. I made a single remark in passing about believing her music quality dropped markedly after her transition from country-ish to straight pop. Wherein lies the callout-worthiness? I happen to feel her music was way better when she stuck to country, just like I feel Anna's writing quality dropped after she put more of a focus on the CYOA Dating aspect of her work, clearly at a cost if Fates is anything to look at - dang this story has so many holes and deus ex machinas, but hey, at least I can do gay marriage.
  11. The problem I ran into is that the next part of the sequence is super spoiler territory for GV1 - a character the player thought was dead suddenly reappears and is super important to the plot - so the gamer in me made me call it there. If everyone here had played both GV games I would have absolutely continued it a little further, but my inner gamer really doesn’t like spoiling stuff.
  12. She’s actually like Taylor Swift - she did alright in her initial genre, then decided to switch things up and promptly became...less alright, to put my feelings towards Taylor Swift’s music nicely.
  13. Space Noodle. Space Cat. Space Noodle with Space Cat. I'm sure I have more, but I ain't got time to think through them right now.
  14. It's also been theorized that Anna is actually a writer, and all of Fire Emblem is her stories. She and her sisters exist within-universe as a little writer self-insert in typical fanfiction fashion. She's even dipped into CYOA style virtual novels, hence the marriage options throughout the series.
  15. Oh, snap, that was way harsher than anything I expected. Who the flip has time for a full eight hours of sleep?!
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