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  1. Oof, sorry @Shrimperor - I had a thing, but I haven't had access to a computer since I came up with it so that kind of fell apart. I'll try to finish it up and post it for your enjoyment anyways. I would suggest allowing the last prompter to come up with another try - the voting system or Back To Round One is nice, but it kind of backstabs anyone who comes up with a prompt that people happen to not like - all I have to do is convince everyone else to not expend any effort for two weeks and then do whatever I happen to feel like any time I didn't like someone's idea.
  2. Didn't see this until now, sorry. I don't know if anyone really kept track of those, but I'll dig mine out sometime this week and share the lists with you.
  3. Oh, it's glorious. Thank you sir, you do the Lord's work here.
  4. The other two Flugel whose names we know up to this point are named Azril and Rafil, so...yes, it is. Kamiya claims this does not mean all Flugel are named after biblical angels, but I find it telling we only know three Flugel names that are all references.
  5. Ah, another person come to realize the truth. Welcome to enlightenment, friend. Might as well read NGNL at this point, then you can realize other worlds are just more of the same.
  6. While I get that you're mostly memeing, I'm going to refer you to No Game No Life as a backup claim - in Book 2(or Episode...6, I believe, for those who watched the short anime), Jibril states that she wants to examine Sora's erogenous zones, unironically for science because Jibril. Sora responds by demanding he be allowed to 'examine' hers in return, to which she agrees without question because Jibril. However, the area she allows him to touch is her wing. Given that Flugel as a race are generally supposed to be the equivalent of killing machines in the shape of angels, there's virtually no reason for Flugel to have erogenous zones at all, thus, Jibril's wing shouldn't be erogenous unless wings are sexy, QED. ...Yuu Kamiya is secretly a genius, no one can convince me otherwise.
  7. Do you mean the card database? I collect those decklist cards, actually, I just tell which card is which based on the Set Numbers, which are printed on the decklist card.
  8. I'm not one to pick fights about religion. I like hearing from other people on their thoughts regarding my beliefs, but I also believe someone's position with God is just between them and God, so I try to make a point not to engage on the subject. ...I'm intrigued by this video. I almost want to see this built into a real game...
  9. Well...honestly, it's the Big Bang and Newton's First Law of Motion. The Big Bang theory is of course that all physical matter was once compressed into a single point, which at some time exploded and created our universe. Based on my admittedly limited knowledge of physics, the First Law of Motion(an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force) essentially dictates that it was impossible for that point to spontaneously explode(exploding being an outward motion) without an outside force coming into play. As all matter in the physical universe was compressed into this point, the only way for there to be an outside force to cause this motion is for there to be a metaphysical entity or force involved. I'm aware this belief takes some things for granted, such as the Big Bang theory being true and my personal opinion that this metaphysical entity is God, but it's what I have and it's what I stick by.
  10. Posting on behalf of the fallen Ana. Anyways, guess I should read some things. Would have done it sooner, but I'm currently in the process of hypergrinding Beruka for Skills for...shoot what was her name...uh...someone on here who was looking for people with certain Skills on Niles and Kaze and Beruka, so that's been taking some time.
  11. ...Alright, I'll give you that, that's a fair issue to have, hadn't thought of it that way.
  12. This answers nothing you troll. Apparently a bunch of you shouldn't be talking to me, I don't care about 'slurs' or if anyone else does profanity or...pretty much just about anything mentioned here.
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