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  1. Coming in late, but Staves are the only thing I use the Refining Stones on - most other Units are going to get a refinable Prf at some point, so I usually just let them wait for it, and I doubt I’m the only one like that. It wouldn’t cause too much damage to have an extra level of refine for Units that don’t generally lack for SP and are the only real non-Dew-using refines probably a fair number of players use.
  2. Alright, now that Octoberween is upon us and Dance Ishtar provides a good frame to work with, time to get serious. This is gonna be a three-part request, but it's past 1AM so I only have time to put Part One up. If someone is feeling bored enough for a challenge, I'm after best Halloween girl in FEH style. Link is mostly to a better size version of the image already in my sig. Dance Ishtar is my current best idea for a base, but if you guys have a better one by all means use it. I also haven't seen bat headwings since GenericHero did a Halloween Olivia back on the old thread so that might make this tricky for you guys as well. Also don't bother fixing the open boob front thing on her dress, it's pretty much the one mistake they made with her design so I don't mind it not being there. If finding hair that short is tricky, feel free to make it a little longer too.
  3. I mean, I don't give a crap, write whatever, it's more anyone else who'll vote you'd need to be worried about making sure you can convince them yours is the best piece. Also, what'd you mean by 'why are we all so wholesome'? I'm curious as to your meaning.
  4. As I said, you can also use the Harvest Scramble DLC from Awakening as an idea, since it's basically the closest thing FE gets to actual Halloween. FEH is another place you could go for ideas, or Fates' Harvest Festival/Halloween DLC everyone outside of Japan never got, if you feel like looking stuff up.
  5. ...And now I've lost all those prompts I had floating around in my head all week. Go figure. Let's see...I think we'll have to take the obvious one...
  6. You're guaranteed 5 SRs, one of which might be a Plus. I think that's better than before, I think it used to be 4 SRs and maybe your Plus was an SR+, but more often than not it was just R+/R+X.
  7. Hey guys, apparently my family had a bunch of stuff planned this weekend. Can I get a 24-hour extension? I think I may need to use some of Sunday to finish up.
  8. -sees poll results- -is only individual out of 41 voters who wants Cipher- I accept my lone status and wear it proudly. On Topic, I'm thinking we're getting 3H here, but Fates is runner-up, possibly a 3H-Fates mixed Banner in the same vein as last time, where we got Fates-SS mixed together.
  9. The plus cards seem to work a little differently this set than they have in the past. It used to be every box would have one plus card in it, either R+ or SR+ rarity. Last set and apparently this set as well, there are no R+ cards, meaning there are only SR+ cards, but you're not guaranteed to get one. I think if you're only trying to get the plus rare card, and don't need anything else from the set, you're probably better off just trying to find the card by itself. You can also check the trading/selling thread here on SF to see if anyone is selling. If you like all or even most of the cards in the set, you can try for the boxes, just know that it looks like you're not guaranteed a plus card. I'm afraid I don't know how they choose which cards get plus variants, though.
  10. Did she just open void portals to prevent weapons from hitting her? ...She's no Nieve, but I'm down.
  11. Oh frick, that’s what I was supposed to do this week. Amazing what having a bunch of character ideas and being excited about building HEROs again for the first time in forever can do to you. Guess I’m burning up a bunch of time tomorrow.
  12. Someone who's actually read the script for the game, but can't spoil how bad it is for the rest of the Fates crew and so has to pretend she only knows what the script says she knows.
  13. I mean, it could be worse, at least the first four got into SoV, I'm still waiting to hear if Alice, Valjean, Nieve, and the mysterious unrevealed eighth character are going to be in any future games, plus I have to hold off on 3H until I know if Shade, Yuzu, Emma, and RandalLando are going to be DLC, I'm pretty much not interested in the game otherwise.
  14. After reviewing my options, pretty much it's gonna have to be Zelgius-focused, though how I do so might differ from what's expected. We'll see.
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