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  1. Sorry, sorry, haven't had access to a comp for a couple days and my iPod's wigging out and won't charge. Judging duly partaken o - shoot I made things worse. YES Context for your convenience as I'm not sure you saw any of the rest of the continuity. This was a hard call, but I think ultimately Jotari snagged my vote because his premise and formatting were the most interesting, despite my nitpicks with it and my bias for the great Basilio Jones(never trust a Frederick btw).
  2. Question why do I still not have a "Sire" option?
  3. I actually had an alternate idea where Azura tries to help Anankos find peace in his death, and he uses the water at his command to drown her on dry land and basically puppet her body out, leading to Azura as the final boss using the Waterwheel given it's basically the best defensive weapon in the game. The goal of the map would be to beat Azura before she can well up enough power to trigger one last Dragon Vein and flood the area, drowning your army, and so it would be a 'defeat the Boss in X Turns' map, which I would have loved to have as the finisher for a game. I'm actually one of the few players I know who remember the crystal exists in both paths. I'd argue that it's one of the few plot points that was executed well - the player sees Azura does have a way to convince one sibling that we're doing the right thing(and I really like that they chose the very logical Leo to go about this with), however, we are already fully in on the whole Garon is Bad spiel and thus don't need the plot device powers of the crystal. It's only in Conquest, where Corrin starts doubting the chosen path, that Azura needs to give Corrin the crystal - she knows that Corrin has the ability to convince the other Nohrian Royals to stay to the path, if only Corrin truly believes in what they're doing for the sake of Nohr. It's not as necessary a plot device in BR as it is in CQ, and so it doesn't put too much focus on it in BR because it's not a big deal for Corrin there. The crystal is also actually one of the most damning pieces of evidence to Revelations being badly executed because if it exists in both BR and CQ, then it exists in RV as well, meaning Azura absolutely could have given it to Xander or Leo early on and shown them Garon was psycho long before Garon tells the brothers to 'destroy Hoshido...destroy Nohr!' which is apparently the catalyst to the Nohrian princes joining you, or she could have given it to, you know, literally anyone who demanded answers all through the early game instead of Corrin just going 'can't say but trust me plz' which really should only have worked on Camilla, Elise, and Sakura.
  4. 'Spoony' huh, that's a new one, never heard that before. I'mma just hop in and remind us all that Birthright was intended to be played first, then Conquest, then Revelations. It's less a difficulty with bad exposition than it is a serious design flaw in Fates' execution - the story is designed so that you play all three paths in a specific order to make the most sense, but the game was marketed more or less as 'do you like the big tiddy purple hair sister, play this one, do you like the smol tiddy redhead sister, play this one, also play this other one if you want both of them'(note this is a slight dumbing down of the presentation but hopefully you get my point) so pretty much there shouldn't have been any significant plot points shared between BR/CQ that only appeared in one of them, especially where Azura was involved as she was supposed to be the one common thread between all three games barring you, the player. To be fair, the RPG Marios actually did world build pretty solidly, and Sunshine wasn't awful.
  5. DC Ashnard, L-Chrom, Hel, and Brave Camilla is my 'throw this at highest difficulty first' team.
  6. Peppy happy lil sis vibes. Also her 'woah thanks' voice line plus Xander Chapter of Birthright. That said, definitely inferior to Sakura. This looks...interesting. We'll see if I can't find another option to suggest for future polls.
  7. Oh, I know, I just loathe her with a burning hatred due to her role in helping FEH along to its ruin, plus her Cipher cards are stupid to play against.
  8. You misdid the title, it's supposed to say 'who would it be and why is it Narcian' smh. Slight disagreements with a couple suggestions: Juri would be a better villain character than Bison, hot take is we should have got her instead of Bayo. Dr. Wily is too clunky to use as a Fighter, use Bass instead, he can function as a semi-clone by reusing Mega Man's Custom Special options from Sm4sh, like Skull Barrier, and he has Treble for an alternate Rush Coil.
  9. Um...it's Street Fighter, but ok. See, this is why I can never play that game.
  10. Which is funny because I never use Leo, Xander, or Ryoma, rarely use Hinoka or Azura, and usually skip Elise. Pretty much it boils down to Camilla, Sakura, and sometimes Takumi. Uh...who uses her as a Healer? She's a beatstick, easy, my latest favorite thing to do with her is marry Kaze/Saizo then go Master Ninja. Surprisingly solid assassin for someone who doesn't like fighting.
  11. I'd question the logic of this idea, but then I'd get warned for 'flaming' so... Ken's wife.
  12. So Narcian's technically playable if I beat the game a bunch of times, but I don't see him here. Shame on you all. Wait, I only get to pick one?! Shoot, that makes this harder.
  13. Not sure if you mean Cipher or the old TCG, but we have a buy/sell/trade thread on here, you can usually talk to people on there and probably work something out.
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