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  1. Ok, brief unexpected difficulty with aligning timestreams now resolved, I present- -Curtain rises to show Nah tied to a chair a few feet away from what appears to be an interdimensional portal- Smol Dragn! Nah: For the last time, I have a name! Shut up, you're ruining the effect. Anyways, who here has played Kid Icarus Uprising and knows about the Rewind Spring? Nobody? Huh, ok. Nah: Hey! Don't ignore me! Look kid, nothing you can say or do will save you - the people have spoken. You're toast, finished, done for. The least you can do is die with a closed mouth and some dignity. Anyways, Nah: W-wait, it can do what? Kid. Again. Dignity. Nah: D-dignity doesn't do me any good if I'm about to die anyways! Ah. Hm. Well. That's debatable but we don't have time today. For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, the portal behind our victim for today leads to the Rewind Spring. Smol Dragn's bout to go for a dip. Nah: W-w-wait, are-are you sure we can't talk about this?! Nope! Here we go. Nah(now thrashing in chair): H-HEY WAIT NO- -Suplexes chair into portal, which closes- Considering the age of manaketes, it shouldn't take any time at all for the Spring to do its thing. Heck, the chair will probably take longer to unexist than she will. With that, we finish another successful execution! Now, does anyone know where I can find large quantities of teabags?
  2. How was I supposed to know $19.53 wasn't enough money to allow me to screw the rules?
  3. Interesting, a quick search of the Gatherer site pulled this as the closest thing. Eldritch Moon was such an interesting set for someone fascinated by the concept of the horror genre. Both Innistrad blocks were intruiging, but the Shadows Over Innistrad block pulled Lovecraft into it all. As somebody who hates horror I can't help but be fascinated by it. At this point it might be too late to escape. Better pick a relatively cheap card game like Exceed. In other news folks, we got the issue regarding the extradimensional portals resolved, meaning the next execution will proceed as planned tomorrow. With luck we'll get two done. Thank you for your patience!
  4. Third idea hit me here at work today, clearly the rest of you need to play more Mechaman because Anon and I are the only ones going off here. In that case, I look forward to seeing where this goes.
  5. Yeah, Chloey voted Gerome too, so she probably would have elected to wipe him in event of a tie. I hate that I have to stop and wonder if that is actually one of the 10k+ YGO cards out there. It feasibly sounds like a super old Normal Monster still trapped in OCG hell waiting for Speed Duel to let it out. No but as someone who has played GOAT and trashfiremodern I probably know the most important parts /s I got almost nothing better to do, shoot me the link. Chloey might appreciate it too, she plays but I don't know for sure if she's into that.
  6. Anyone here familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! at all? If so, I suppose I need you lot to pick me five Spell/Trap cards that could feasibly function as execution material. We lost Sev, 4-3 between her and Gerome. You...didn't vote, actually.
  7. Lol I'm at two ideas and counting. Robotsrobotsrobots ...Out of curiosity, did you miss the part where I jumped in and broke the tie in favor of the mecha prompt? If so, uh, that happened. If not, I'm interested in seeing where this goes.
  8. Ok, yeesh, this took longer than it needed to. We're still finishing the touches on one of our executions, but in the meantime, now that we have time... -Curtain rises to reveal Laurent suspended from the ceiling, upside down, with a contraption keeping his mouth open- The Curious Caster! Now, for those of you who don't know, Laurent here happens to have a hobby of collecting unique Tomes. He considers many if not all of these 'interesting but useless' but today we'll be proving him incorrect! -Pulls out a Tome- Take this one, for example - it creates a tiny rainbow. Certainly seems useless, BUT! -Multiple copies of said Tome appear- WHAT, may I ask, is a rainbow? According to the interwebs(don't worry about what that is, Laurent, you won't be able to check): Bit of a loose definition, but we take those. It would appear that what this spell is effectively doing is creating a light source that reflects off of nearby water to create the rainbow. There's only a small rainbow, meaning that the light source is fairly tiny. However, have you noticed the trick here? Where's the water coming from? You'll notice that this is quite a dry area, yet when we cast the spell the rainbow still appears quite normally. This means the spell is not just creating the light source, it's also creating the water droplets to shine the light on! What does this mean, you ask? Well, not much if you only have one Tome, but with this many? -Proceeds to cast all the Tomes at once- -Laurent's face disappears behind a storm of rainbow, and he begins thrashing about- Each cast of the spell proceeds to create a new haze of water droplets on top of the others. With enough casts, as you can see, the resulting blob of water can cause an individual to drown on dry land! Not so useless now, eh Laurent? ...Oh, right. He's busy drowning. Well! I found today's execution quite an excellent chance for academic and practical learning, hopefully all of you did as well! Now to get that voting system figured back out while my assistant finishes setting up the portal runes...
  9. Ok, I've been having some difficulty finding time on the interwebs to get these together, so I'm only updating the poll at the moment. Rest assured, though, that the executions will recommence by hopefully the end of this round.
  10. >drops in after two weeks of silence >randomly tiebreaks at the last second UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN
  11. (Walks out in front of the curtain) ...Well, this is awkward. In the interest of keeping these ironic, the selected individual was going to be sawed/pulled in half to represent her multiple personality problems - had a whole Nidavellir construct rigged up and everything. However, we had some technical difficulties, which caused us to delay this week's execution by a couple days. These difficulties also resulted in a malfunction regarding the containment procedure used for this individual. As such, we regret to inform you all that the victim perished due to complications arising from her curse-byproduct anemia and has consequently been rendered inexecutable. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and intend to resume our usual schedule this upcoming Monday. Yes I'm aware this is a copout shut up
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