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  1. Thanks, I appreciate it. One of the reasons I've found Severa to be such a compelling character(and I'm sure Otts agrees) is how incredibly human she feels. Even considering how easy it is to relate to various other FE characters, Severa stands out, at least to me, and that's part of why she's so intriguing - and in some ways actually easy - to write, since so much of what she says in her Support Conversations, mostly as Severa in Awakening but to a lesser extent also as Selena in Fates, can resonate with so many people. It's kind of no wonder she was the most popular female Gen 2 character in Awakening after Lucina once you get down to it. That being said, for some reason I take an incredibly sadistic pleasure in watching her suffer, so I've always paired Selena with Subaki in every Revelations playthrough - for some reason it brings me satisfaction to watch her break down and cry in her unique Caeldori A Support, possibly because of the continuation of her cycle of growth as a character, since Caeldori resembles Cordelia. This would also be the reasoning behind my own unique pairing of Subaki and Cordelia, with Caeldori as Severa's younger sister - Severa being surrounded by all these inherently perfect individuals in her family makes her struggle to achieve her own personal perfection all the more endearing, and the fact that Subaki only sort of counts actually benefits the situation, as proof that her ideal goal is in fact attainable because someone else has done it the hard way before her.
  2. Can you provide a link to your earlier request, or restate the wording of the request? It helps the spriters to not have to go digging through pages of stuff to try and find it. Separate note, after four summer Orbs I also would add a request to the Open Requests pool. I would like a gentleman Summoner with...I think Berkut's hair would do best, and glasses...and I think, if possible, I would like the white changed to black on the robe, though as always I'd be happy enough to have someone do this and won't care if you can't do the trickier bits like this. Said Summoner gentleman would be ideally looking unamused, though simply neutral would be fine if unamused is too difficult to convey, and would have all three Laegjarns clinging to him, I don't care where, as he thinks about the fact that what he actually wants to pull is Innocent Twintail Tsun, aka Laevatainn. Facial expressions of the three Laegjarns is up to the spriter's interpretation - neutral expressions, heart eyes/notice-me-senpais, don't-touch-my-precious-sister glares, whatever you feel like doing. Background doesn't matter. Also Peev, where'd you get the skeleton from the Naga Banner setups you did? I feel like I've seen it somewhere before but can't put my finger on it.
  3. Ah, ok. Mostly I was busy adding bonus references to World's End Dancehall, Ura-Omote Lovers, and Unknown Mother Goose, so Unhappy Refrain and Rolling Girl didn't get quite as much as they could have. Kudos to anyone who gets them all!
  4. ...That Lucina is actually gorgeous. I approve.
  5. Woah, hey, I read the cutoff was Monday, meaning tomorrow, the frick happened? Well, regardless, here's what I came up with, mostly for Otts' reading pleasure. Title(for lack of a better one): Two-faced Unknown Rolling Refrain Wordcount: 1075-ish Optional Epilogue that'll only really make sense to Chloey: Notes:
  6. She mentions a knight in black armor takes her out without her being able to do anything. Y’all know how many of THOSE are wandering around in FE...I almost feel bad for finding it so funny that Sharena didn’t just explain who it was right there.
  7. Less than half a page in and I already know Otts at least is gonna love this. Also, I have discovered the worst sin of the internet: It took me three google searches to find even this: WHY IS THIS NOT MORE OF A THING INTERNET EXPLAIN YOURSELF
  8. Dude, you could totally use the new Nah with your old one for a repeat of the Black Knight/Zelgius ‘trust no one, not even yourself’ meme. Also someone please tell me I’m not the only one who laughed upon realizing who beat Kjelle in the C convo for the Forging Bonds.
  9. Um, no. This is good. It makes me feel frustrated for being offline for weeks because I have a total of like three days to try and scribble something out, though. If I do, though, expect waaay more than just one Wowaka reference.
  10. KJELLE FINALLY Ahem. Random request, can I get Brave Roy off his horse? I need to compare him and Legend Roy for ideas for Aer’s promote.
  11. I approve of this. ...After watching it loop five or six times, this needs to be a thing.
  12. Dunno if she's still checking this thread ever but @Nankaina, out of curiosity, do you mind if I repost those AQW FEH sprites to DA with proper credit?
  14. Literally the only ship I’ve ever considered subscribing to is Rokushi. ...I’m not writing this prompt with that pair. Consider me a pass for this round, folks, but still looking forward to seeing all your stuff!
  15. The fact that you consistently manage to slip Wowaka references into your stuff without me realizing until you specifically mention them bothers me a lot more than it should. At least you didn't say the words 'Just Try Harder' were lined up in rows, unhappy, that would have probably made me want to go sit in a corner and cry. My other prompt idea was to tell you guys to write a piece based in some way on one of the songs I would post links to, and offer up The Megas' Make Your Choice, Owl City's Silhouette, and curiously enough Unhappy Refrain. Frankly, I almost wish I had just to see where you took it, though I suspect it would have been similar to what you put up in the end. Overall, nice work mah bois, you guys actually managed to take the prompt in a different direction than I expected, so way to go following the prompt in following the prompt. Chloey actually ended up being the closest to my initial idea, which I've added below, but I appreciated all your stuff too. So yeah, Chloey got the world and Otts got the fact that this was initially a rather dark prompt, but thanks to all for pleasantly surprising me. Linearity tends to bug the hacking community in particular because it can limit them for their fangames. Metroid Fusion is an excellent example - most Metroid games have no set order in which anything needs to be done, meaning half the fun in the game is finding creative ways to sequence break the games, getting a specific powerup early or even doing all the game's bosses in reverse order. Fusion, however, has a standard linear game script, where specific event flags within the game's code need to be tripped before the next event can be accessed. There's like one sequence break that can be done in Fusion, IF you're either using a TAS or are REALLY precise, and the game immediately makes you go back and get the item you skipped so that the event flag can be properly tripped. Because the code is set up in that specific way, it's incredibly difficult to make a unique Fusion hack compared to a hack of another Metroid, like say Super Metroid, Fusion's predecessor, because you're still locked into those event flags that need to be tripped in the exact order. To compare, it's like saying you can do whatever you want to tweak Twilight Princess and make it as unique as you want - your own game, basically - but you HAVE to visit all the places, see all the cutscenes, and get all the items in the exact order the base game has set out for you. It might not bother you specifically, but for a decent number of hackers - particularly in the Metroid community, which is used to very nonlinear games - it's utterly infuriating to be so locked down. As for Pokemon, the main thing Pokemon suffers from is lack of postgame content - sure, there's lots to do while there's a big bad Team (Insert) on the loose or an Elite Four yet undefeated, but once you get those out of the way, there's pretty much nothing but 'catch them all' to do, which takes WAAY too long.
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