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  1. You also gotta take into account the rest of the picture. Sure, Fjorm puking rainbows is either disgusting or some kind of negative commentary on gays on its own, but Surtr, Black Knight, and especially Gharnef(I love that hair btw) make it less so because now it’s an in-world commentary, albeit slightly exaggerated for Fjorm, who doesn’t seem like the type to be actually disgusted by much.
  2. ...I’m ashamed to admit I had to read this twice to figure out what ‘windex’ and ‘clorox’ were referring to. So Moonbow, Swift Sparrow, and Desperation were good options, though? Hm...now I need a Shanna... Chloey, I don’t know if you realize this, but you have a tendency to come off as hostile, especially here, since I just asked that same question two posts before you. I assume you just didn’t see it? Is Gunnthra even a tank, though? Everyone I’ve talked to says all three versions of her are meant to be run as nukes
  3. Hey, um, X-ray, I just noticed you answered Chloey’s question about Summer Gunnthra by talking about New Years Gunnthra. Was that intentional? Starting to train my Summer Gunnthra and I realized her base kit is hot(or cold?) garbage as my AR team is hardlocked to Líf, Peony, Legendary Azura, Brave Camilla, and a Bonus Unit. Gamepedia recommends: Lethal Carrot Moonbow Swift Sparrow Desperation Odd ATK Wave Heavy Blade Seal ...thoughts?
  4. I actually don't use Blade Ishtar, I run base kit but with Vantage swapped for Desperation - with S Support with my Roy she has just enough bulk to live on most things that could counter her, then she just Desperations with surprising effectiveness. Yeah, it's not optimal, but she kills things and looks sexy doing it(dat Mjolnir animation tho) so I'll take her. As said before, TakuMeme Squad is four different versions of Takumi, all with Vantage and CC to harken back to ye olde days when that was the worst thing you had to fear in the Arena. I already have Base and Fallen Takumi built, and Fallen Takumi is surprisingly fun with that build, though I know there's some better Bow I could use instead of the Skadi for it. Gharnef...I think I'm going to wait on building him until I get Close Foil, he's got decent enough DEF that I decided I was going to one day build a CC-variant of him as soon as I saw his Lv40 stat spread but Close Foil grants him those extra stats and he'll only fail to counter against Dragons, which I don't usually run into ever.
  5. Fjorm puking in the corner is probably the best part of all of this. I say the same things she does for 90% of Banners, I just have different targets for my ire and you guys don't see it. As for the critique, that's a different issue that doesn't need to be brought up here. FEH Pass is honestly way lazier than it could have been - literally they could have just posted 'hey, we're going to make a paid subscription deal, here's what we think would be good ideas for it, but we're not the ones paying money, what would you be willing to pay $10 a month for?' on Twitter and the fanbase would have dumped a crapton of ideas on them free of charge, they could have straight up ignored all of them and we at least would be left with the knowledge that they cared enough to ask what we'd pay for. As it stands I refuse to pay in for any Hero not Roy or Cordy(though Muspell Minerva tempts me sorely with that smexy design), and I actually missed Roy so...yeah, not buying in again until Brave Roy gets a Resplendent, so it may be a while.
  6. I mean, she does have a right to be annoyed by something, same as the rest of us, I think it's just her wording that could be done better.
  7. I actually don't usually, I'm trying to save Orbs more in the desperate hope that we get the Cipher OCs in the future, but few things hold a more powerful grasp on the will of mere mortal men than the Fluorspar in a swimsuit. As for Gunnthra, she actually backstabbed me, I've been trying to get some version of Laevatein ever since she was first summonable, but she avoids me at all costs on both my accounts(while her sister has thrown herself on me multiple times), picked a Grey Orb on a no-Green ring and surprise, Gunnthra. I also ask questions on here about both accounts without really specifying which one I'm talking about, so it may sound like I'm spending a bunch of Orbs but it's actually split between two accounts, albeit not always evenly. I generally just go until I get my first 5-Star when I summon on Legendary/Mythic Banners. This time around I didn't even bother sniping since the only Unit I would have been annoyed to get would have been Yune, maybe Lyn, and it landed me Chrom and Duma. I don't summon on the Revival Foci in general, just take my freebie and leave, and while it's netted me two Hectors, a Young Tiki, an Ephraim, and a Celica, Takumi has yet to show his face. I already have OG Takumi and Fallen Takumi built for CC-Vantage, I just need to pull Summer and New Years on my main account, my second actually already has New Years but doesn't have spare CC. I'm also very attached to my Ishtar, very few Blue Units might be able to oust her as my main Blue, and powerful though Chrom may be(having wrecked my Arena runs multiple times the scrub), I prefer Mjolnir or even Geirskogul to Randgridr, so Chrom's probably not switching in on my team any time soon.
  8. Hm, don’t really have any Green Tomes built so I guess he’ll do then. In the meantime, I pulled a second L-Chrom, which is unavoidably getting sacked for CC, either to prepare for my meme Takumi team or else to set up a meme Gharnef. Is +ATK -DEF or -ATK +DEF better? The gamepedia says + either -SPD is best, but I don’t have that so which is the better stat for him?
  9. Harsh Command does not count as a Rally, I checked that after pulling another SummUrsula. Speaking of, are there any Dagger Units that can use Scallop Blade better than their normal weapons? Mostly asking for the future, only Dagger Unit I plan on using for now is Jaffar, who’s just built to Player Phase the crud out of Mages, and Ursula’s kit looks meh outside of the knife(?) and double Rally+. Also, is Lugh good for anything? He kicked my Selena run in the Orbs and my wounded wallet demands restitution, does he have any niche use or is it the chopping block for the boy?
  10. Except, uh... Gotta agree with this - Resplendent outfits would have been way cooler if they’d been themed around past games as well as FEH-exclusive kingdoms - you realize how fast Ana would hit that subscribe button if she could get a butler costume to attach to Freddy?(I actually don’t know if she’d be down for that, I picked it because he literally does wear a suit under the armor so it’s not too far off) I might kill for the chance to dress Ishtar in FE6/7-themed clothes or get Roy in his Einherjar Ylissean Merc outfit. IS actually missing out big time here, Kiran for once slammed a good one home.
  11. I actually found Otts’ piece more interesting without the full fleshing out into romance. Ylisse isn’t Fodlan and it isn’t Fateslandia, it doesn’t appear to hold any precedent for same-sex couples - Tharja is generally seen as more weird in a Female Robin playthrough for her attachment, and the two can’t canonically marry. Complain about it being the game not being progressive enough all you like, but given Chrom’s literally never heard of a bikini I think it safer to say that Ylisse as a world simply doesn’t do that kind of thing, and the way Otts ended his piece shows this - Severa would already be shaken up by what sounds like a profession of love about to happen, make it come from a woman? She’d definitely panic at first if her conversation with Kjelle in Harvest Scramble is anything to go by. Make it from Lucina - Chrom’s daughter and the future Exalt - and I find it no surprise that she’d flee the scene, at least to gather her thoughts. Severa would also absolutely be worried about the appearance of the future Exalt commencing a romantic relationship with one of her personal Pegasus Knight guards, to say nothing of the potential comparisons to her mother that would inevitably ensue given everyone knows about Cordelia’s attachment to Chrom. Still need to read the other two, but so far Otts’ entry seems pretty solid. My only question is how she ended up with ‘Aunt Lissa’ if Cordelia never hooked up with Chrom.
  12. I mean, I could have told you Sakura Wars was worth looking into on these alone. They're no .hack// super moves, but the music still slams it home for both pairs.
  13. Make Resplendants available for the general populace, probably as rewards for clearing Abyssals with specific teams(like the quests they put out with each new story chapter). That new Minerva looks amazing but I won't be able, let alone willing, to drop cash on the FEH pass for a long time yet.
  14. Taking a break so we can all remember there are 3H characters from not-Black-Eagles that actually matter.
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