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  1. @TheSilentChloey Nice, glad to see things are working out! So far it's been mostly boring 3-4S crap with one Chrom for Aether fodder for me. The closest things to a highlight so far have been Echidna 4 Orbs in, who won't see use because Nagi recently replaced Brave Ike as my Green Unit, and Free Altina, who also won't see use because I put way too much effort into my Roy to let pretty much anything switch him out. Maybe I'll use her for like Chain Challenge or something, but in all honesty I really would rather have had OG Ike. My alt account managed to miss getting any 5S Units for Altina's Banner the first day, and I wasn't able to log in the second day, and that was the last day for the Banner so RIP, I could have used more Fjorm because I'm currently at +3 for some reason. Not very helpful when I already have DC Berkut's Lance +7 Cordy but whatever I guess. Also I'd like to point out we still haven't got Darting Breath on a Unit yet, who the heck could they be saving it for?
  2. It's a mock council meeting in Forum Games and there's nothing preventing them from colluding behind the scenes to determine the 'sentence' beforehand, I can't see any reason they wouldn't be fine with it. Mostly I'm waiting to see if they actually try and make a statement about why you should select them, and if so what they say. Also yeah, I intentionally selected these two because of how difficult the question actually was for me myself as they're both pretty chill...and also because those are the only two members on this site I could remember with absolute certainty were moderators. You actually don't, Anon was making a comment on how democracy is about everyone choosing based on their own opinions and ideas, but in the real world we all have this need to justify our choices to everyone else so we all think we need to have a reason for everything. You could select eclipse because her username has two 'e's but Integrity has only one and it'd be fine, the concept of a straightforward voting systems allows for that kind of reasoning. Also, my apologies everyone, as per the text within the official examples of the concept of Will of the Council, I should have voted before anyone else, which I did not do, mostly because I was having difficulty with the decision myself. Incidentally, this thread was specifically inspired by the example 'Magister of Worth' which has the Council select between Grace and Condemnation. I will let you all figure out which mod is Grace and which is Condemnation.
  3. This poll will continue until the end of the month(assuming I did it right), at which point the winner will judge and sentence the loser. All who open this thread MUST select either @eclipse or @Integrity - abstaining is NOT allowed. The accused are allowed to attempt to convince this council of Serenes of their superiority to sway the vote in their favor. Rules may be updated for future council votes, should there be any.
  4. As someone who had to consider that question for one of my characters, Void. You welcome. Yeah, I missed the solo part of the heads flip too so I just assumed that was what you were doing.
  5. ...So am I the only one who thought Anon was writing about a hypothetical Volke-Bastian paired ending? It was getting a little bromance-y there at the end.
  6. Not the VOCALOID mug!!! I'm gonna be honest, I thought you were going to tell me your best friend's mother died or something. This is pretty much worse.
  7. Kinda jammed this out when I was supposed to be listening to something important. Oh well. Why I quit playing Shadow Dragon Word count 838(way smaller than it should have been but it's 12:30 leave me alone) Notes(Post-Read Please): Kind of wish I'd flipped heads, I would have thrown out something nice and janky and probably lighthearted. I might also throw an additional non-entry piece up if I can get it put together well enough in time.
  8. Wow, took them long enough. Let's hope they don't add some third type of hero this next year alongside Legendary and Mythic, waiting another three years for Anri to finally cycle around would be too much for me. As for Altina, I'm glad we got her, but I'm honestly also still salty that this wasn't our first or second Mythic Hero - I still don't use my Eir for anything because she just pisses me off for not being literally anyone actually deserving of the title - so that taints this a little for me. Also can't afford to go more than full rings until one 5S, so I'll probably just take the free pull. Also yes, I am aware I am being something of a killjoy, let me rage in peace.
  9. That, my friend, is quite possibly the greatest (censored)up ATLUS and Spike Chunsoft ever had, Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, available on the 3DS and PSVita. I highly recommend the free Demo. The actual game...maybe you’re better off watching a playthrough. Incredibly fanservicey, ridiculously easy right up until the second-to-last dungeon when everything randomly jacks up to 11...you will, however, come away from the game with at least one of the seven Heroines on your waifu list, I 75% guarantee, and only at the cost of hating all non-Heroine characters with actual names because they are in fact complete garbage almost entirely across the board. And somehow I still like it enough that I have a changelog written up for what I’m going to do to fix it when I one day buy the rights to it because I’m going to do that one day. The Heroine in question is Ellie Troit, and oh boy, her backstory gets interesting, I may do a piece here on her if the right prompt offers itself. Dig around on the Wikia the link goes to if you’re interested. EDIT! Fun fact I forgot to add, Ellie is also voiced by Sumia. Lissa voices one of the other girls, too, so yeah, that’s cool.
  10. Guys, I really wish I'd flipped heads. My tails option still twists the knife sticking out of my soul and it's utterly ridiculous of me to feel that way about a fictional character. Also Otts random question, in your expert opinion does this seem to say 'Magical Girl' to you? ...Yes, you are allowed to be disgusted by the utter disregard Japan has for the necessity of pants on 16-year-olds. And yes, those of you who didn't want to click that but had to for curiosity's sake after reading my note, you are allowed to hate me even though it wasn't my idea to dress her like that.
  11. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/comedy There’s actually like four different definitions of comedy in literature in addition to the style you’re talking about. For example, the first definition this site gives references Dante’s Divine Comedy, which is about a journey through the seven circles of hell, which I doubt was written with humorous intent judging solely by the Yu-Gi-Oh! archetype based on the book, Burning Abyss. While I assume it was the definition you were thinking of that Benice was also talking about, it’s also quite feasible to write a comedy about death using one of the other definitions, so sometimes it might be best to double-check first. Also consider that your learned-something-new-today moment, those of you who weren’t already aware of this stuff!
  12. Alright, addressing feedback here we go. We'll see if I can find time to scribble something out for this round, I'm intrigued by the coin toss.
  13. I only remember one episode, but it was about a new batch of Troopers, where one of the vets calls them 'shinies' because their armor hasn't been tarnished by battle yet. Dang good episode that was incredibly moving.
  14. NEVER FEAR, I IS HERE ...I was sorely tempted to vote for ‘time for a non-entry’ for the double LOLs - five way tie plus a vote for the self-proclaimed non-entry? I’ll address feedback sometime I’m not on mobile, quoting stuff on mobile drives me up the wall.
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