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  1. Heroes Analysis makes me a little sad, because it was such a great idea that ultimately suffered from the fact that the game receives ongoing updates, meaning that all threads are technically forever WIP because they can just keep releasing powercreep that will keep updating the optimal sets. This would be great if everyone who ever created an analysis was consistent about updating their threads, but as the creator of the OG Roy thread I can definitely attest to the problems of this. I do greatly appreciate the GHB/BHB clear threads, though - @Zeo alone has really inspired me to put effort into some of the weirdest Units for creative build ideas, and I have to admire @mampfoid's dedication to beauty. Definitely keep those and not just because I finally had a clear I could take a good video of and be relatively proud of my achievement SUCK IT PETRINE.
  2. ...Yeah, Shoblongoo’s kind of got everyone beat in the weirdness department this round, not like yours would have been weirder. We’re not gonna see mine though, we had to move a bunch of stuff on Saturday so I spent from noon-thirty to like three minutes before eleven doing that instead of working on literally anything else. I then promptly wasted the last hour post-shower playing LEGO Star Wars to unwind and get my stress back to the normal level soo...yeah. I also learned that day you can move the Droidekas without dropping the energy shield if you’re willing to move at a crawl the whole level so that’s cool. ...dang I miss buying LEGOs. Broke adulting problems.
  3. Not bad, Otts, though I think it would have made more sense to go with Soleil’s pink default as opposed to the Robin white. Incidentally, I don’t think I’ll be making it this round. I’ll see if I can finish it up during the voting period for a non-participation, but I doubt it.
  4. Eh, pretty meh overall. Would have been funnier if there was another panel showing Kiran wrong on all counts. Then again, it is meant to be the everyday life of Askr - some days will be bland, so props for the realism this time.
  5. Shoot, that’s an idea concept thingy right there, I’mma write that down. So question, has anyone here watched/read Yu-Gi-Oh! GX?
  6. “I’ll go either way, but if we’re going to keep searching I agree we should move quickly.” Intriguing - absolutely no trace of a trail, not so much as a footprint. Even Masked leave steps behind them, the kid showed me how to tell them from regular ones. Just what was she, hm? This is going to be very enjoyable.
  7. I’m horribly torn between doing literally anything else and an NGNL piece, so I feel you.
  8. I mean, Anon did give you honorable mention for having a 100% participation rate. Just looking at the number of rounds in Competition 2/2.5, it’s definitely an impressive number.
  9. I mean, there’s no time limit on critiques, you could technically go back and critique pieces from the original WYBO competition if you wanted. Also @Jotari, to address your critique, pretty much pronounce it like you were trying to say “prop a Canada” but with a G. As for how it was resolved, if you go back and look at Anon’s piece referenced here, “The Chromspiracy,” you’ll notice the post says it has been edited at some point. The concept of the piece is that originally Anon posted it in video format, with himself reading the script, including actually coming up with the thirty-some-odd different pronunciations of Anna that can be seen in the current post. Basically, Annanymous hacked the post(and the site the vid was posted to) and removed the video, leaving only the written work. They then dealt with Anon himself by sending him a convincingly-rendered trailer of an official Megaman Battle network 7 game, and his poor heart overloaded with joy, killing him on the spot. also nobody got the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen reference how do any of you call yourself refined smh
  10. Bruh. “Wait, where am I? Write a piece about a character(s) who suddenly find themselves in another world.” -from my future Prompts list. The real problem is I have so many ideas for this, with not lots of motivation.
  11. All good, it just made me laugh because you said ‘I’mma do a Fight Scene’ and I said ‘try this’ and Anon said ‘I was gonna suggest the exact same thing’ and you said ‘oh in that case, ah-nee-meh friendship speech.’ Ooh, now that I think about it, the one I should have suggested was Two Silver Candlesticks from the Sacrifice round. Again, not bashing on yours, I definitely liked it almost to first(death scene from opposite PoV won out in the end tho), but thinking about it TSC has the anime-opening style you could make something janky with and I set up enough world building for a potential fight scene, plus it was a throwaway one-shot so it’s not like you could mess the world up since I barely knew anything about it myself.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/gameluster.com/fire-emblem-heroes-ripoff-glory-emblem-goes-viral/amp/ Can’t find the exact pic I saw that on, you could probably find it through the Twitter group or by asking around the FEH subreddit. It’s absolutely the most hilarious spoof I’ve seen in a long time.
  13. Um, Jotari, Azure and Darth used different pieces as groundwork, they just both happened to be by Otts and were as a matter of course both about Severa. Dude I pretty much handed you a chance to use a fight scene to build the backstory for the entry itself. That said, I did like what you did put out, even if Jotari’s kind of right that it can basically be summarized using Ansem and Riku’s interaction in Just A Pancake’s Kingdom Hearts CoM In A Nutshell video.
  14. meanwhile I sit in the sad Metroid corner, it's our 35th next year too but you bet nobody will give a crap Eeeeenhhh, I feel like it would kind of kill the Zelda experience for me, I got turned off on BoTW for the same reason. I'm sure other people would like it, but...eh.
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