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    Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Xenoblade, history, geography, Christianity, philosophy, eating, breathing, not dying,
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  1. Lives in a cave the cavemen would envy.
  2. I, for one, welcome our new recycling overlords. There's no hope in stopping them; so I'll help them in rounding up people to recycle for their revenge against our crimes of throwing things away instead of recycling. WWYD if every wall, floor, and ceiling in your house suddenly became carpeted?
  3. Finds Emperor Siegfried humorous.
  4. Enjoyed Birthright the most and especially loved Hinoka as their favorite character.
  5. Running from a metropolis. How is this multiple words now?
  6. Was provided with a dancing video by Dragoncat.
  7. Favors the 8th one to be released.
  8. Much unlike Santa, does not watch me in my sleep.
  9. The first Europeans to set foot in America were the Vikings, making a settlement in Newfoundland in the 900s.
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