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  1. I hold no interest in the DLC simply for the sake of it being DLC, but I do appreciate the free update. Frankly, much like Awakening's Spotpass characters I didn't expect any new characters to have any/many supports, so the fact both Anna having no supports and Jeritza having support with someone other than Byleth is kinda a surprise. Regardless, I'm glad I've saved BE for last. It's cool that we can play with Jeritza too.
  2. Something that is flying. Where are you going?
  3. Is not known as Benice in the SF community.
  4. 25 is an hour more from now when Siegfried wakes this coming Saturday.
  5. Enjoys the newest Fire Emblem game.
  6. Quotes Poseidon and Bigger Poseidon from the game Tinydimension Poseidonia XIII
  7. Has seen a good movie or at least listened to its music.
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