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  1. My interpretation was that consent wasn't needed to become a witch, but the witches in the Rigelian army decided to become witches willingly to get more power.
  2. I don't know about that: If he didn't want to get hurt, he could just do an aileron roll
  3. It probably would not make too much of a difference if they didn't change Grima's defenses in Awakening as well, because as it stands, Grima gets one rounded pretty easily. Plot wise, perhaps Dragon breath becomes less powerful over the millenia, as we see other dragons in SoV also using defense-ignoring breath attacks.
  4. That wasn't the purpose of my post at all. In fact, it was nearly the opposite. The original reason I decided to make this is because I had seen people who had not played Gaiden thinking that Alm was like an edgy OC due to the spread of said interpretation. Gaiden Alm was just a bit more assertive and stubborn with lines like "That's impossible (to coexist with the Rigelians). Zofians will not tolerate Rigel's barbaric rule, we must retaliate!" Showing that he is too cynical of Rigel to negotiate prior to warring, while also showing that his actions are to save Zofians from the Rigelian empire. He also feels anger at first after hearing that with the line prior to feeling sadness. He may have also been more confident in battle with his lines giving orders, and when he says that he will definitely save Celica even after she says that it is impossible. But yes, these are not nearly as large changes as people make them out to be.
  5. To which conversations are you referring? Also keep in mind that this was in the NES days where you were lucky if a game had a story at all.
  6. Whoops, I kind of left out the most impactful part of Alm and Mycen's talk after Rudolf's death - fixed
  7. If you left, I would really miss seeing you around man. Hope you do what you feel is best for you personally in the end
  8. For those who want to see how the two lords have changed from 1992 to now, I will post the entirety of Alm and Celica's dialogue with context! Alm joining the Deliverance: Alm talking to Forsyth Alm and Mycen at Castle Zofia Celica leaving Novis Celica meeting Mycen at Zofia Castle Alm and Celica's reunion Alm giving orders Celica recruiting Jesse Celica learning about her mother and receiving the diadem Celica giving orders Celica recruiting Noma Alm recruiting Zeke Celica meeting Halcyon Alm and Mycen after Rudolf's death Alm meeting Celica in Duma's labyrinth Alm and Celica in the final map Also some Jedah to give context into Celica's decision in Gaiden:
  9. I now have 6 Lunas, 0 Astras, and 0 Sols using Thabes. Pretty crazy considering how many were just from breaking pots and not even from guardians.
  10. Is there a limit to how many items can drop from enemies per battle? I am in the creation fight grinding for astra, and I have gotten 4 Lunas and a Brave sword from Guardians and Vestas, but that was around turn 120, and nothing has dropped since then (on turn 693). I remember hearing something about a dropped item limit, but I cannot find it anywhere hence my question.
  11. I want a villain like metal face from Xenoblade Chronicles. He could be the tyrannical governor for an occupying force in the nation of the main character. He could kill someone close to the main character during their childhood (Similar to what happened to Lyn and Valbar) and the main character would instigate a rebellion against said occupying nation to get revenge for his family/village/tribe. This could eventually lead to the introduction of the main antagonist who leads the occupying nation. The governor would be a huge asshole and would seem nearly insurmountably powerful compared to the main character. The beginning of the game could have many escape and defend chapters (along with other objectives obviously) as the main character tries to rally support for the liberation army. After writing this post, I realized that I just want a Thracia 776 remake
  12. Thank you very much for the guide! what I had been doing so far is breaking all the pots of b9 and b10 once, and then exiting and restarting the dungeon. I got two Lunas from it, but your way seems far more efficient.
  13. If you save in the shrine of a dungeon such that every time you exit the shrine, there is a Balor for example, is what the Balor drops always the same when reloading the save? For example, I save in the secret shrine, move into the dungeon portion and kill a Balor which drops nothing. If I reload the save enough times, will the Balor eventually drop sol, or will it always drop nothing? In the same vein, if you save in the shrine of a dungeon, are the level ups in the dungeon always the same after reloading the game?
  14. Yeah, I used the fork on Kliff to make him have his mage model. I also gave him a Taurus shard and am grinding him to get max resistance.
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