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  1. +1 yunjaelove Excellent and fast responses and shipping. Came quick with everything pristine. Overall such a great experience. Thank you so much!!
  2. +1 to Kirie As always a very nice person to deal with, fast shipping, quick to respond, overall great experience
  3. Well, since the beginning I've always been more into the lighter and faster characters than heavier and slower, because the majority of my skills comes from dodging and out maneuvering. I think overall, while I have always mained Marth, Pichu has clicked with me in ultimate. I used to use before, but he was more a 'I want to mess around' type of character, but I had recently got to play the new game with friends and I found I did much much better with Pichu than I thought (which in turn made my friends not believe that they had lost to something that damages itself) I found Ice climbers also kind of clicked with me in the new release. I don't know why, but it felt a lot better to play than the previous appearances.
  4. So looking through my barracks, I noticed that I have a number of units that I was thinking of foddering off and never got around to it, though I have no clue what kinds of units I should fodder off to, if anyone had a few ideas. Leif- I was thinking maybe Steady Blow, since Drive attack is more common to get, though I was toying with merging him with my better iv one as well. Karel- I never was much of a Karel (or Karla) fan, and he's been sitting for a while untouched. Desperation can easily be gotten through Shanna, so would Wo Dao be better on a speedy person or more attack oriented person? Also, what specials tend to mix well with it? Quicker cooldowns like moonbow? Siegbert and Shiro- So, Attack and Defense Tactics are about the only thing I can see that might be useful in foddering since (Death Blow on the former can be gotten through klein). I never have really used tactics skills before, so honestly I have no clue what kind of unit they go well on Legendary Ryoma- Okay, so I am not a Ryoma fan xD and he's been kicking me since I got him. I feel like Kestral stance is pretty good, Is it pretty much Swift Sparrow except it's when foe initiates? in which case probably better used for EP teams? Also, is guidance worth it since we now have a SS for it? Libra- So not a Libra fan either, but he's got what's essentially an ax wo dao, so I guess same question as with Karel
  5. I'd say in total.. somwehere around 50 or 55 orbs? I had 20 saved up when the banner first dropped from TT and other quests/log in bonus in anticipation for the banner, did the full round and got Alphonse. about another 9-12 for Kagero and maybe 15-20 for Catria? Can't remember exactly but I have a bad habit of only waiting until I get 5 or 9 orbs instead of saving for a full circle (and I'm F2P so it's that much more of a bad habit)
  6. I think that I'm getting lucky this time around, after a string of bad luck with the recent banners. Managed to pull a +attack/-Hp Alphonse first (random summon after trying for catria and Kagero with a full wheel of 3 blues, 1 colourless and 1 green, was hoping maybe for Sharena) Then ended up getting +attack/-Hp bunny Kagero, and just now pulled with the orbs I got from TT today and pulled +spd/-hp bunny Catria. Apparently the HP stat doesn't like me though, but it could be worse. I'll be shooting for Sharena next, because I think she's downright adorable with her bunny outfit (plus she's my favourite from the Askr Trio) Kind of hoping that there's no one I want coming up on the legendary banner so I can rest safely to pull more bunnies.. and I do hope that you all can get what they want in the banner, best of luck to everyone!
  7. +1 to yunjaelove, such a lovely person to work with ^^
  8. Well, I've recently come into a small collection of Batres, thanks to trying (and failing) to get Hector during the mini tempest trial, and a few times trying for Inigo in the current PA banner. I'm thinking of just inheriting fury 2 onto some people, though what kinds of units like it compared to other slot a skills (like L&D, which I have no fodder for)?
  9. +1 oh.glory Thank you so much for your patience, arrived in pristine condition~
  10. Was hunting for blues in hopes of getting Tana (one of my favourites in SS, and I'm totally bias to peg knights =P ) But ended up getting my second Ephraim. I guess he didn't want me to get his girl .m.
  11. Thank you so much. I'm just training her up right now, and just thinking maybe she could work as a similar glass cannon to my Nino. I'll probably keep the hibiscus tome until I get another Nino, though she's not a major priority yet, though if I hapen to nab another nino I have the feathers (Nino and Julia are my only green mages and with all the 'chain' like challenges and such another glass cannon wouldn't be too bad of an idea)
  12. Would Summer Elise work similar to Nino? Having a little more attack and a little less speed to her? Just pulled one last night (+res -def) and was wondering since they seem to be similar if she's wrk with a kind of desperation build as well.
  13. Ah, thank you so much xray. I think I do have a +Spd Cecilia, so that might be a plan~ I've got a few units I'm working on and don't want to waste anything (been tryning for summer robin for that lance valor but I've gotten so many other 5*, just not the one I want xP ) but thank you for your help~ I'll try something else for Julia and work on Cecilia
  14. Haha I knew it depended on speed, and while Nino can run it I wasn't sure what speed was the lowest recommended for the skill. I don't see too many Julias out and about so I'm just kind of playing around with ideas. I think I can use the desperation on units like Ursula, or can Cecilia make good use of it for use on horse emblem? (might be my luck but I don't see horse emblems in arena to scout out xD )
  15. Quick question. I recently pulled a 5* Julia (+atk -res) and since I have a spare Shanna, I was wondering if desperation was good on her. I'd assume so, but I've ever used her before,so not sure if there's another skill like G tomebreaker that would do better.
  16. I would have to say the mvp for me this time around is Lukas. I have to watch out for mages (especially Celica on the last map, but Reinhardt deals with her no problem when I change to my second team.) Summer Freddy also helps kill Celica by sacrificing himself to lower most of her stats to allow others to kill her. Calrine also gets an honourable mention with healing, bringing Lukas back from the brink if he actually survives a magic attack, since nothing else can hurt him. She also helps tank the magic attacks where Summer Fred can't Standing next to lukas she also gets a boost to her defense as I've given him Fortify def. Rein on my second team is a beast as many people have said. I've only just completed him, so just comparing him and his sister
  17. Hmm.. I've been wondering I might be able to do with my Summer Freddy. I do quite like him being such a good debuffer, and has gotten me out of a few jams in the new TT. He's +Res -SPD which I don't really think is ideal, but he takes the magic hits on my team away from Lukas (who just falls to them) The extra res does help a little in that regard. I wouldn't mind eventually having him as an attacker with a poison dagger if I ever draw another Kagero, but for the time being I'm running seashell+. I've not really made a dagger user before so I'm not entirely sure what kind of skills work for them. I'd assume L&D would work if I go the poison dagger route, but for debuffer not sure. Right now he's on my TT team wth Celica Lukas and Clarine (Lukas and Clarine are the only ones I've SI'd) and I havent given him any other skills apart from the seal atk/spd B skill. Would other skills (like threaten skills) stack with the effects of the dagger and B skill or should I even bother with that? Was thinking of threaten attack or speed to make up for Freddys bane
  18. Thank you so much~ I'll definitely compare with who I have for fodder or who I might be able to try to pull. I'm so glad that I can use some of my favourite pulls half decently. I know I'll be having to pull for Jaegan and Gunter for the fortefy and hone cavalry, but that works out since I'm hunting for a better Florina anyway so I'll be pulling blues xD
  19. Ooh okay. Yeah, I was thinking that Lukas could be my main tank, since I'm more inclined to mages I'm lacking in the physically tanky guys. Eirika and/or klein can kill mages with ease, and my Nino can kill most if not all non red mages. Would swap or reposition be useful on him to get squishier units behind him. I think for the most part my team is speedier? I don't have anyone with a -spd bane that I use, and units like Nino I have run desperation (Like so many others) and she usualy kills things, is repositioned out of danger from someone else or is blocked by Eirika who usually lives with a few hp left. Would something like threaten atk work as a C skill to lower the attack of foes for my squishy units? Should I keep Hone Atk on Olivia? I think it would be a useful skill, as you can never have too much attack, and if I use her on the team with Lukas, it might negate the -attack from fortress attack a little. Haha I'd struggle with letting Rein eat Rody xD Rody was one of my favourites in New Mystery along with Luke (and man, I'm struggling to decide who I want to try to pull for, I love them both) Would his normal goad cavalry be good on a horse emblem? and shouls I stick with his vanilla special? if it's one thing I've struggled with it's which specials I should use given characters strengths.
  20. I was wondering what might be best for a few of my recent pulls. I have a couple of plans, but for the inside outs of skills that would go well with my teams, I'm not sure. +HP/-Def Lukas. I've been wanting Lukas since he was introduced, and while I was randomly pulling blues I pulled him. I was hoping that he might be a good wall fro my team which so far consists of Desperation Nino, buffing Eirika, Klein and either Olivia or Clarine depending on what I feel like. If I benched Klein and kept Olivia. Right now I'm in definite need of a tank on my team, as I'm lacking a lot, especially with Fury/desperation Nino as much as she's a powerhouse, once she gets down far one hit kills her (which is why I sometimes run Carine for heals) Was thinking I'd keep the Fortress defence, maybe try to make use of the +hp boon at least until I pull something else, I have rally def on Eirika as well as Rally res on Nino for right now. I'm not sure if I should go full sponge since he's -speed. +Atk/-Def Olivia. I might hunt for another of her, but I'd really like a green check on my team, so if I have her with the ruby sword, either Wings of Mercy or escape route, and maybe spd+3 to help prevent being doubled.. While she might be able to handle green mages, becasue of that -def I'd be worried about green physicals, even with triangle advantage+Ruby sword. and finally, +atk/-def Reinhardt. Aaand this is another guy I've been hunting (I have 2 olwens already from it) and pulled him on my first pull on the vantage banner since he was there. I know +atk is good on him, but with the -def I know I'd have to keep him out of melee range. Any specific things I should watch for skill wise for this guy? I'd probably be using him on a horse emblem, at the very least with Olwen, probably Clarine and a cavalry unit that I havent decided on yet (I don't have that many cavalry units xD though Cecilia is definitely on the list to replace Clarine as well. Olwen has Ward Cavalry in her kit, which would patch up his defense a little, but I'm not sure if I should go the usual deathblow attack oriented approach, make him a glass cannon type of thing, or something else.
  21. Hehe I'll add another +1 for Aquantis there ^^ They were lovely to deal with, and we were patient with each other as life happened, as well as when I was crunching the numbers and deciding what I could get~. The shipping was quick and arrived safely. Thank you so much!
  22. I'll have to definitely save up for some of those (and if they stop giving me Barsts @[email protected]) If we're using res, would a +res boon be best or should I stick with +Atk? (I'm hunting for another, actually, my current is +Atk, -Spd, and I'm not quite liking the bane there, if it wasn't for Darting blow I think she'd never survive xP) thank you so much for your help ^^ I guess she can help Subaki killing mages while he tanks the physical hits, eh?
  23. So, this might be a rather odd thing, but would anyone be able to recommend a build or so for Florina? I know she's really not good especially compared to other fliers like Caeda and Hinoka, and heck Subaki has some good defence on him, though Florina is my favourite character and hold a special place to me, so I was wanting to make something of her ^^ Not sure if she'd be better on a flier emblem team or not, given the bonuses from the skills, or if a stand alone build would be best for her. So far I gave her Moonbow as a special and it's been okay (plus had a few extra Odin), and Reposition as an assist which has been a godsend (plus, I have way too many Barsts.. I hardly get any other green unit..) Other than that I have her with her vanilla skills, since I'm not entirely sure what I might be able to give her. Was thinking Possibly a Brave Lance (+), Life and Death, Swordbreaker and depending on if she's part of an emblem team, Ward or Fortify Fliers (and yes I know I'd have to sacrifice good units for good skills, though I'm more interested playing with my favourites rather than the most powerful units xP) I'm still relatively new to inheritance and I'm really not sure about the weapon, if I should stick to Heavy spear, Killer or Sapphire lances or not. Same with Swordbreaker. As a Blue she already gets advantage, it would make her more of a sword killer.
  24. +1 LunartailSteffi Really pleasant to talk to and quick on responses, fast and safe shipping, arrived in perfect condition~
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