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  1. I finally got into this chapter on Maddening and oh my it was hard. There is no way I can survive without swordbreaker, so now I am back to replaying chapter 12.
  2. Oops I forgot. But I'm also one for the bff to lover archetype haha. Talking about that, I forgot Ignatz X Raphael.
  3. I'm all for bff endings, so here goes: Caspar/Linhardt Felix/Sylvain Shamir/Catherine For obvious reasons: Seteth/Flayn Annette/Gilbert And for hilarity: Manuela/Hannerman
  4. Dimitri - At first I thought he was boring but the guy turned out great. Ferdinand - a typical arrogant noble guy but his supports and dialogue post chapter 11 won me over. Dedue - see Dimitri.
  5. What a shame! That +3 speed really helps. I wonder if there is a recipe for Speed Carrot somewhere. I can only guess it's something with Root Vegetables, because it's a carrot lol
  6. - In early game it's worth focusing on only a few characters so their stats are high enough to take some hits and do some damage. By middle of part 1 you should try to level up the remaining properly though, for chapter 13. - I'm not sure if the sacred boosters (released alongside the Maddening update) are free for everyone. If they are, then those are your life saver in early chapters. - Tempest Lance is your friend. - If you play BL then Dedue and Annette are your early game saviours.
  7. I love how it makes magic users different. For example, Sylvain would have been useless in my BL only run had it not been for him being the second physic user besides Mercedes. This means it will be unfair to some units not to have the best spells, but I feel this is a worthy trade-off for variability, otherwise all units will become just stats sticks. Plus it's fun trying to make your favourite unit viable.
  8. So I recruited Shamir a few chapters after Cyril and she is 1 level lower than him but beated him in most stats with an A rank bow to boot. I'm so salty. I thought my Cyril was rgn blessed when he had 6 stats increased every level, but apparently that base is hard to salvage... Anyway, I've never used Cyril before this run so just wanted to ask if it's worth keeping him in the long run?
  9. Crap I'm stuck at chapter 5. Dimitri accidentally stood in the range of the archer in the inner room and now I have the whole enemy army chasing after me. And everyone gets rgn screwed. I may promote Mercedes to the front line now that she has better stats than Byleth.
  10. This is unpopular opinion but GD is my least favourite route - maybe Church as well, but I haven't played it yet. Claude is nowhere as emotionally invested in the war as Edelgard and Dimitri, and it is difficult to resonate with his ideals when we don't have much background on the land he keeps talking about. In the final chapters if you walk around the castle the NPCs literally say something like "Wait, is there still more? When is it going to end?" 🙁I think it's a bit of a wasted potential because GD is the most down-to-earth house, so I had hoped that it would focus more on the sufferings of the common folks for the "faith, hope and dreams" of the nobles, but it didn't unfortunately. So far my favourite is BL, mainly because I find Dimitri a more interesting character than Edelgard.
  11. Fantastic new. I can restart BL now 😁
  12. I prefer female, although I do feel male Byleth is more "canon" given how he shows up in every tutorial along with Edelgard. Male enlightened one's outfit looks really crap with that tiara.
  13. I think it is random. In my last one I got Hubert lol Shamir voted for him. Reasoning: "Can't say why".
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