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  1. The vocal minority alt hate back then seemed a lot more rabid than #FE distaste is(feels more like people just ignoring it than dislike bombing). It'll be more interesting to see how the banner performs, as the game itself kind of flopped so not sure what to expect. Even the dislike-bombed banners like Hot Springs and Legendary Lyn still seemed to perform well before, though.
  2. They were still released at same time and still both Byleth. I thought they were different, but even so, the Byleths had the same prf effect as well so it still shouldn't be an issue. And there's no reason they have to adhere strictly to their Warrior stats and effects either. Lord knows they don't stick with how every unit was in their original games. Give their prfs different extra abilities, slightly different statlines and skill sets and boom, not identical. They can easily make them distinct or if they wanted, even if they kept them all as sword units. I would take another Warriors game with the Feh lords in it for sure, it was a fun game. (what we need most from Warriors in Feh is axe Lissa anyway, a true miracle of the universe that shouldn't be contained to one game)
  3. I don't think C matters. Look what they did with male and female Byleth, and they really are just the same character. they made them different even with having the exact same prf. The Warriors OCs at least had different prf effects (different effective damages if I remember) and they could get the same kind of stat variance and different skills as the Byleths did. Real reason a Warriors banner wouldn't happen is we're just long past the time for it by now, and I guess they didn't want to try what they're doing with the TMS one at the time, and settled on those event maps instead.
  4. It's definitely a good marketing idea, that's for sure. I guess the only reason they didn't do a Warriors banner was because it was too early on in Feh's life for them to think a full-on banner for those characters was worth it or something. But yeah, I assume this is a one-off banner, even if it's not impossible they could do something in the future I guess. I think people jumping to how they should get X and Y from the game next and even seasonal alts in the future are getting ahead of themselves. And pretty obvious that the girls are probably the most appealing picks aside from the main guy if they had to narrow it down to 5 total units. I don't think the dissing of female-heavy banners here is reflective of majority sentiment.
  5. Sounds like some people will be real mad if this ends up just being a one-off banner to promote the port of the game. I guess it makes sense to prioritize the waifus + lead guy if that were the case.
  6. Lilithmon should have been the duo unit. 👏 These Digimon TMS designs look really weird against regular FE, but I'd be more interested in this banner if they were the unit instead of the TMS original characters being the lead, who I don't know. Kiria is blocking the view of Ladydevimo- I mean, Tharja.
  7. I realized what "Tharja" and "Caeda" remind me of. FEH has Digimon now.
  8. What's surprising is it appears like they'll go into the normal pool. So while it's special it's not technically a seasonal. Guess it's like the Adrift and Fallen banners then..
  9. I wonder if the new Session skills will get used much. They seem decent but it's not always going to be viable to have the unit move after 2-3 others to get the most out of. I'd probably stick with the basic stuff even if they were more available. I thought it was great, people can have different opinions bud.
  10. Hot Springs was one of my favorite banners from last year and a fun theme. I'd love more Fates alts, since it's been a lot of skipping new units with all these older character banners. Stuff from spinoff games and crossovers, I'll pass.
  11. Not interested in #FE, idols or any of that so probably a skip from me.. Really disappointed that this must be why they cut Hot Springs this year, which I was looking forward to, to replace it with this to go with the Switch port of the game. That makes it effectively a seasonal too. Even though I like Tharja.. that's not a Tharja to me. Not as a Persona-like familiar to another character. And Tsubasa/Caeda looks pretty busted geez. More powercreep.
  12. Loki's actual character is underrated. Aside from the sexy look she's been a fun on-off antagonist in the Feh story too. Her playful teasing attitude usually lights up whatever chapter/paralogue she's in and makes her entertaining. It's a shame she and anybody with an overtly sexy design gets categorized just for that. (not that I disagree on plenty of people probably voted for tits, though nothing wrong with that either)
  13. Same, that'd be cool to see. I guess Picnics might be as close as they get for now. I might be in danger of whaling if it happened.
  14. Hot Springs was one of the few seasonals I actually bothered to pull on in the past year. Both because of the fact it was Fates alts and it was a fun theme. Just hitting the check marks of the major holidays + brides and swimsuits was getting a bit stale, I liked something new and different being added to spice things up. Same with the picnic banner, which I also hope they do again. (it was great excuse to make casual clothes alts) Unless the new heroes has Charlotte or Severa I should be save to save, at least. I haven't had a regular new heroes banner I've been interested in for almost a year now.
  15. Don't think there's much need for debate about 3H sweeping the top spots due to recency and popularity. If Celica and later Alm could do it(though he was kind of a pity vote to go with Celica) with Echoes not even being that popular of a game, 3H characters definitely will. Dimitri and Edelgard have easy first place, and Claude's an easy 2nd unless Marth fans really get it together this time after being burned last year with complacency. I'm guessing Sothis for second on the female side. Otherwise Dorothea is popular enough to have a chance, with Eirika the only older one I think might get rallied for if her fans pull it together like Marth's need to. Edit: I forgot all about the Byleths since they have zero personality so of course I forget them. They have a high chance for second place on either side too, especially female since her design seems really popular. Personally, I'll probably vote for Loki or Cordelia. Too bad they might not even make top 10 again with the influx of 3H girls. I wouldn't be surprised to see Lysithea, Dorothea and Bernie all in the top 10. Not a 3H fan so I'm not planning on voting for any of those. I'm surprised by the high expectations of Plumeria, though I guess she could make top 10 too. Her lewd dream thing is fun but I find Triandra's design nicer out of the fairies. If I do vote for an OC it'll be Loki, though. Here's to hoping for the day I can make a full team of her.
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