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  1. I would say it's worth getting, just to play it once, maybe twice If you like it that much.
  2. You get paid minimum wage. AYAW having friends online but...
  3. They evolve back into existence the with the size, strength, and mass of a horse. AYAW being immune to sharp objects (meaning your skin cannot be penetrated), but...
  4. There are an equal amount of people who hate you so much that there is an all out war between your followers and haters on a daily basis, causing deaths every day. AYAW getting your dream car for free and without baggage, but...
  5. They are scattered all around the world and you have to travel to find them. No one else will take them, you do not need to pay for them, etc. They are just hidden all over the world, and can be in any nook or cranny. AYAW having to never pay a fee/fine/etc (meaning stuff that could've been avoided in the first place like parking tickets), but...
  6. I can't really recommend any myself, as I haven't really played any romhacks, but you can check out the feuniverse directory and see if any of them look interesting. Here's the link https://feuniverse.us/t/the-fire-emblem-hack-directory-please-add-your-own-hacks/3339
  7. your body, needing a way to get rid of its waste, forces you to vomit uncontrollably in the worst way possible for 30 minutes. It may not be all at once, and it may happen without warning (just like those times where you suddenly have to go and you have 5 seconds to find a bathroom). Are you ok with having the ability to look into the future, but...
  8. ...you have to rest for 8 hours in place of sleep. You may not have electronics of any kind during this time period. Are you alright with never running out of stamina but...
  9. I suppose I could give my two cents on this. As a disclaimer, I have not played TH, I have watched multiple LPs of all routes and have not brushed up on my knowledge of it. So do forgive me/keep it in mind if I miss something. I do agree Edelgard would be better if her current backstory wasn't mentioned, to some extent, if not all. If it was revealed that all of her siblings were tortured/experimented on, and that Edelgard blamed the church for it, and NOTHING ELSE was revealed about it, then it would "justify" her starting a war against the church. If we're talking about adding/changing/pointing out missing points in her backstory, I would say this:
  10. I don't see why you have to limit him? Isn't it HIS choice? That kinda takes the fun out of some stuff, don't you think? (Unless he self imposes it)
  11. A bit late, but if you use the universal randomizer, you can increase enemy growth rates without changing anything else. Perhaps try that in small increments until you are satisfied? (And of course be sure to make a copy of the rom so that you have a clean untouched rom)
  12. Bhoop is my IRL nickname. It kinda stuck after freshman year of high school because my real name was too long to pronounce easily. it used to be Boop, but I added the H as it doesn't change the sound of the name and people can't say "oH LOoK It'S PoOP".
  13. I'll take anything TBH, but if I were forced to chose, I'd say an FE8 remake because the possibility of that is the only thing keeping me going.
  14. Bhoop


    I believe FE universe or FE universe's discord would be a better place to ask. As for number 1, I would not know. For number 2, technically Vanessa and Moulder are recruited before chapter two. They are recruited on the world map. I am unsure how to change their classes and inventory, but it might involve chapter one's end event. You will have ask around in the previously mentioned places, as I am not an expert on this.
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