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  1. How about no effective weaponry? If that's too lax, how about that everyone you are using must be weighed down by an equipped weapon?
  2. Maybe a future punishment would be no 1-2 ranged weapons for physical units?
  3. Instead of Benching Seth forever, how about you make it so that he can only use vulneraries to heal himself, and he must be weighed down by weapons?
  4. Pretend you're immune to fire damage and waltz out the building. The proper way to do flip a pancake is...
  5. They actually did it. Brendan will soon yeet the rich people with the black plague.
  6. I approve. Also, Who's Jerme? (rhetorical question) Whenever I need someone assassinated I heard a man named Jaffar from the black fang was the guy I needed. Never heard anything about this Jerme fellow.
  7. Granted. Units in FEH have been updated to have new and old skills. It is even more possible now to use any unit and succeed to with a very nice degree of success. I wish Ninetendo/Intelligent Systems stopped fucking up their character's personalities and actually portray the characters the way they should be.
  8. So we have two weeks to make this? Interesting prompt... I have an idea.
  9. If you haven't completed the chapter yet, you could make the item droppable
  10. What annoyed me today? Writers fucking block. Am an English Major and am in the midst of writing a novel and have hit a wall. The part I want to write is so goddam simple but every time I write it down its so bad and I just walk away from it, come back after like an hour, rewrite it and the same thing happens. My goal is to have this in the publishing process when I graduate, but if this keeps happening...
  11. Ok... came here cuz I was mentioned, am interested, but am a bit confused, so I'd like to clarify. Basically, whenever a round starts, a prompt is given, we have 2-3 weeks to write for said prompt, we post it here, we get feeback based on certain judges. This is all just for fun, not a competition? Did I get the gist of it or am I missing something? Would love to join BTW. But IDK if I can make Competition III is I understand how this is working.
  12. @Azure in a Roundabout I pmed you the world's backstory. Does the main villain fit your "nations with esteemed military that may be corrupt"? IF not, I'll let you know later, currently finishing an essay. By the end of next week, I should have a lot of stuff solidified. ( I apologize this is taking a while, I want this to be a good campaign while trying to not fail college) Also, while we are on the topic of "when" Do weekends work best for everyone?
  13. Just thought of this. I know its probably a thing we've all realized, but I'd rather clarify right now. This is a party of all generally good characters right?
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