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  1. I'll throw in Janaff and Shinon part 2 since their support in PoR is nice, as well as one with Ike/Shinon.
  2. I would say to slow down, take a moment, and just read. Go through skills, battalions, unit descriptions, stat descriptions, etc. Just sit down, take a few hours and read what skills and other stuff does. I would also look at what classes increase what growths, as well as the skills that they give. (this latter part is up to you, since its not really in the game, meaning you don't know beforehand unless you've played it/watched it)
  3. Sounds like they use lances A mounted unit specializing in two handed, long weapons (IE: halberds, pikes, lances (not the weapon type), etc). They cannot equip accessories nor can they use ranged weapons such as handaxes or javelins. They are considered heavily armored as well, but use no shield.
  4. Swords/Dual Swords. They are very lightly armored, or not armored at all, as well as with some flashy garb. Something along the lines of Syrio Forel.
  5. Be married to them. The proper way to complete a marathon is...
  6. Speed and Strength, more speed than strength. Promotes into either a Highwayman (mounted raider) which does not gain any new weapons, or a Marauder (gain access to bows. Tankier than the Highwayman).
  7. There are no lolicons in existence, in any shape or form. AYAW having the ability to eat fire (and gaining the benefits of eating a nutritious meal or type of food) without getting hurt, but...
  8. Mmm, a nice thought mixer, to say the least. (I assume I have to abide by TH mechanics/rules/limitations when posting/making this?) -->The Cerulean Sheep The Cerulean Sheep is a house for crafters, carpenters, and artists alike. To be assigned/accepted/apply for this house, an applicant or student-to-be must create something using materials they have gathered themselves, or under the supervision of an expert (as some materials may be too dangerous or are unable to be procured by one person). Regardless of quality or quantity of said creation, the student is accepted based on: the amount of creativity, effort, and time put into the creation, as well as their personality. Students with a demeanor or who display characteristics of destruction (or other similar factors) are immediately denied acceptance. The Cerulean Sheep are here to create in peace, not destroy, nor create destructive items or weapons (that being said, it's not like they *cant*, it's just that they *don't*). The tuition fee is waived to some extent based on the creation and dedication of the student as well. For example, a wide eyed student carpenter might design a comfortable chair. In place of the fee, the student will sell the chair to the academy, as well as make other furniture or items as a part of their learning experience to pay for their tuition. If the student wishes to hold onto the chair, the chair will be either held as collateral until the student either pays in cash, or with another creation after acceptance. As such, students will mostly comprise of young aspiring artisans who wish to create rather than destroy. Some would rather not fight. Some would to defend themselves, etc. However, there are no evil-aligned people among the students. If you had not already surmised, crests give no bearing for this house. As long as one is an aspiring artisan with no evil in their heart, they may join.
  9. If we're talking three houses, Silver Snow should not have been a route spilt off from Crimson Flower. It should have been its own route where you try to decline being a professor, and instead become a Knight of Seiros. I wouldn't even know where to start when it comes to mechanics, monastery life, gameplay, or story, but I'd think that much at least.
  10. mmm. If it was a bad franchise, pretty sure we still wouldn't be getting games. Franchise would've died after awakening if the franchise wasn't at least decently good. But to each their own.
  11. --Sacred Stones is a decent game. --Just because someone is really good at a game doesn't make a game bad if they don't derive fun from its gameplay (or story, but then again, this is just my opinion).
  12. General Kenobi Welcome to the forums! We have hot pockets sometimes
  13. When I called my best friend at 3 am to complain to him about my life sucked and he answered. best moment ever.
  14. I think the fandom is *too* critical of some of the franchises games. Criticism is good and all that, but I feel as if the fandom is *too* critical.
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