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  1. 210 orbs for....one Nephenee, +Hp -Atk. On my last circle, last five orbs, no less. I’m reminded why I generally don’t purposefully go for merges higher than +1. Well, she’s +3 now.
  2. Odd bit of symmetry today. My main account’s seasonal banner had 4 blue orbs and 1 green. I chose the green, netting a +Atk -HP Soiree Reinhardt. My sub account got 4 blue orbs and 1 colorless, in the exact same positions. The colorless orb got me a +Atk -HP Bunny Bruno. No complaints, of course. Just a curious happening.
  3. The banner reveal didn’t do anything for me, so I decided to be irresponsible and try for NY! Anna instead of saving to fix my -Atk Yune later this month. I got Anna on my first pull!...with the mixed blessing of being +Spd -Atk. Being more irresponsible, I decided to fix that flaw. 90-ish orbs later, another +Spd -Atk!
  4. I decided to try for Nailah to build up my B!Ike. The first few circles were encouraging, with two or three blue orbs each. Then, 4 reds and 1 colorless. What the hell, Byleth is a decent compensation prize. Instead, I get a +Atk, - Spd Laevatein. I’ve never been so happy to be spooked in this game. I’ve been trying to fix my +Def, -Spd copy for a year since she’s come out. The +Atk copy seems almost like a nobrainer to be the base, but she already has so much attack that I’m tempted to make her more durable.
  5. I started an Athena merge project about a year ago, but I dropped it due to so many other fast swords coming out. She was always on the back of my mind though, so I was very excited to finally see her pop up on the new refines list. Desperation worked so well for her that I merged her up as soon as I could and fed her a -Atk F!Byleth for some fancier skills. I’m kind of debating giving her a -Atk Thrasir for Flashing Blade 4, but I’ve been happy with her as she is now.
  6. I managed to pull a +Def -Res Hector in about 50 orbs. I’m excited to be able to give Distant Counter to Myrrh, but it sucks that the new Hector is better than my built +Atk -Def Hector. I’m going to have to rebuild him, and I’m out of Ward Armor fodder too. First world problems.
  7. Thanks for the detailed response! I am tentatively planning on a midway build, with Steady Breath and a +Res refine to go with the +Res boon. She’ll also be glued to the hip of new BFF Ninian for another +8 to her defenses. I’ll probably sleep on it and decide for sure tomorrow. I think I’ll never be comfortable going full dragons, at least for the arena. Instead I’ll do something like Myrrh, Ninian, Tiki, and Swordbreaker Sanaki to cover Naga and Falchion. Many thanks again! You’ve definitely settled my mind on investing in her.
  8. Does your Tiki handle other opponents well? I just wonder if focusing so much on Julia might weaken her in general. Also, do you prefer Bonfire over Aether? I can give her either, but playing around simulators makes it seem like Aether is largely wasted most of the time, especially the healing portion. I have the resources to make a +5 Tiki right now, but it’d leave me with no feathers. I also don’t want to “waste” the wrong Breath skill, even if both seem to work well on her.
  9. Did anything ever become of this? I’ve got a +Res -Spd Tiki, as well as fodder for both Breath skills. I’m still agonizing over exactly how to build her. The idea of a mixed tank with +Res refine and Warding Breath sounds nice, but doubling down on pure defense is also appealing.
  10. It took over 10 stamina potions and various attempts, but in the end it was Fallen Robin(Aether, Distant Defense, Armored Boots), Reinhardt, Ninian, and a 4* +9 Olivia that cleared it. The boots were key to Robin running down the left side and counter-killing one Takumi on turn one. The other died the same way on turn 2, so Skadi wasn’t a factor. The issue was keeping Robin away from the reds and that last green mage spawn. In the end I had to put a +3 Speed seal on Olivia for her to kill that green mage.
  11. Thanks for the detailed answer. I ended up pulling an optimal +Atk -Def Caeda today, so I’ve got some thinking to do. My Arena Assault runs these days have been plagued by armors, so I think Caeda May be my next investment, even if she’d be my millionth sword unit.
  12. How worthwhile would a +Spd -Hp Caeda be? I assume it’d work quite well with her special refinement, but it’d leave her Attack quite low. Would Aether be enough to make up for it?
  13. Yeah...the Blarowl actually makes it look worse in this case!
  14. I don’t have a NY Camilla, as Elincia broke my pity rate. However, looking at your optimal build makes me think Desperation would work well. She has the defenses to tank a few hits, but Fury would drop her into range pretty quickly, and she’d have the speed to take advantage of it.
  15. I’m attempting to salvage a -Atk +Def Valentine’s Lyn. One obvious choice is to give her a Blade tome, since she’d have 47 speed after Hone Armor and Atk/Spd Bond kick in. I’d have rebuild an armor team around her though, since everyone currently has Ward Armor. I’m wondering though, if focusing on her decent mixed bulk with an Owl tome would be better. A triple stack of Ward would be +12 to her defenses, combined with +6 due to the Owl tome in optimal situations. Throw in an ally support, and she’s have 50 Def and 54 Res, though it may be a rare occurrence. I’ve never used an Owl tome seriously before, so I’d appreciate slant advice.
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