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  1. @Tybrosion A 50% match is better than a 70% vs 30% one.
  2. I keep forgetting about Donnell. I do have all of the ingredients for a Galeforce Peri. I am going to take a look at it.
  3. What is a better use of resources: to 5* an Abel so I can give his brave lance + to 40+1 Peri who already has a brave lance (36/46/29/19/26)? Or just keep Abel and have another 5* brave lance user? At the moment Peri takes care of anything that is red and getting some bruises while she is at it.
  4. I can't believe that xmas Tharja lost, specially when we keep giving Lissa multipliers. Time to jump to Azura Team. I am aware that people have been complaining about multipliers, but haven't we had like 3 of em without any new changes?
  5. I consolidate my self by remembering that 8% is still less than 57%... I find it interesting that all of Azuras' revisions have been axe users. Is hacking the enemy more fun than stabbing them?
  6. If I could pull Ryoma I would totally choose him. With one too many VG having having units from recent or seasonal banners, it puts the damper on the whole thing. It id less of 'whos your favorite out of this large pull of existing units' to more 'whos your favorite out of these recently released units' and you only have 5-10-30 days to pull them.
  7. I do have those skills in sufficient amounts. What I noticed on the 680-690 arena range, is that now people are putting water sweep on their units to counter dragons. I suppose that if the damage is zero, that should not be a problem.
  8. I am working on my dragon team with Young Tiki, Nowi, and Fae. Without access to Ninian and her fortify dragon skill, what is the next best C skill?
  9. I have a att+ / hp- Lyn. I might be able to use her more with weapon refinement.
  10. This week has been more generous on pulls 5* than most weeks. Out of 20 individual pulls I got a res+/att- Soleil, a hp+/att- Boey, a def+/att- Merric, a spd+/def- Peri, and a Rhajat with a spread that I can't remember. I suppose I need to start making some winter sacrifices to satisfy the att- units.
  11. Shanna won. Dorcas could pull it off against Sigurd.
  12. I would be happy with Murdock, Brunya, Galle, and Idun (more dragons please).
  13. I'm going to think about this. I don't like using mobile to respond. On a side note, the length of descriptions for abilities is free game right .
  14. What I'm me interested right now is an update to the damage calculator. At the moment it shows AOE+ att * n(number of attacks). It does not show what the final damage before battle, only afterwards. For example if Delthae hits Sigurd it shows what the damage would normally be and the results show the real damage (its 50% less for the first hit and then 80% less). I would hope that it would not be too much work.
  15. Here's the deal IS, for the low price of 1-5 orbs per transaction allow us to trade units. Everyone wins!
  16. It is I Seigbert, son of Xander and (checks list), prince to Norh, defender of the deeprealm, and heir to Siegfried?! Its me Rhajat, shape shifting master of darkness and stalking!
  17. @Ice Dragon I was hoping to save myself some time and resources. It would be quite generous from IS if that was the case.
  18. I'll trade you one for a Hector or Ike. For some reason I thought Julia could inherit her mothers tome, but it seems that is not the case.
  19. Since I only got 2 Dierdre out of the heroes fest, I decided to pull green out of spite. I got a 5 star Merric. What a mix omen to start the day.
  20. What would have put this quest over the top would have been a 2-5* Alphonso as a reward. I'm starting to wonder if he's adopted.
  21. After weeks of not getting any 5*, I finally made it back to the mean this week! Att+/Spd-. Strong and slow. A neutral pick. I hope I get something/anything on the hero fest. Last time I keep pulling for Nina and she refused to show up.
  22. Right before the short hair banner ended I keep sniping for Amelia and she did show up. She is speed+/attack-. 37 speed is blazing fast.
  23. I can't believe how a cape can make a character look so modest.
  24. It feels weird getting a 5* new main character when I haven't even upgraded the original cast.
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