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  1. That's....kind of amazing, really. Like long term a name for the continent doesn't REALLY matter but it's just been one of those things, you know? I really was expecting some Big Lore (& Big Retcons) so not even the name of the continent is shocking.
  2. So do they still not name the actual continent the game takes place in.
  3. Black Knight feels a level more "premium" than other units so even though Zelgius is him but better, I can see him be in the 5* exclusive pool. Probably helps he was also literally premium since you could effectively buy him during that one month he was in an orb pack. Joshua, while I feel he's not amazing, was a farfetched hero. And all his comrades got the 5* treatment.
  4. I'm sure it's been discussed to death and my sentiments are shared, but I really hope they decide to throw the non-seasonal, non-masked marth tempest units into the summoning pool as well. Several of them would be fine 3-4* units, though a few would probably be 5* exclusive (Black Knight, probably Joshua). At the very least throwing Gerome in would be nice, I'd probably throw a poleaxe or two around just for AA options.
  5. Summer Anna because dang it, she's gotta get those photos no matter what. If they stick with 2 themed summer banners isntead of like, changing things up and having one summer and one not maybe we can get Tellius summer with Ike, Mist, Sothe, Michaiah and...mmmm. Magvelian summer? Actually a jurgdal themed seasonal would be kind of nice, get those serious kids in some goofy clothes. And the excuse for more reinhardts with double weaponry
  6. I had a feeling it'd become falchion breath, but part of me thought it' could be a "light" version of Expiration and be refined to take away the special charge thing. Falchion with the weird bond is at least novel
  7. I presume they track (provided you allow it, you can disable it) user data showing who uses what. It doesn't take a genius to see Reinhardt was used all the time forever (thus adding in like what 6 skills and as many units designed to weather the thunder?) and Nino was the go-to blade unit on infantry buff teams.
  8. their artwork is copyrighted 2017 so possibly not. Rein & Nino had fairly obvious popularity before the CYL2 poll ran, so they were probably safe bets to give the go ahead on.
  9. Didn't notice the reply until now, but why would they need a reason for a refinement (which is what I'm talking about anyway, not an "evolution" ala the armads), though. It's not like their legendary weapons are ever referenced in-game to begin with, (Alfonse references his in one base quote and not even by name) since despite being in their artwork there is no guarantee they'll even have them since you have to upgrade to them
  10. the year is 2021 all GHBs, Tempest Units and Kaze can be merged to +10 The askr trio are still alone and without refinements
  11. I think 2 weeks is fine, but they're the ones with the data I suppose. But it's still weird to just discontinue the daily quests for them.
  12. Maybe they wanted to try a different way of teasing sets (lets reveal a code word now, then just focus on the upcoming set, then come back to it) and went against it? Maybe the fanbase working itself into a frenzy is why they went ahead and showed off set 15 here and now rather than just giving a code word. But regarldess of it not being normal at the same time they did not try to really hype the set up. Not mentioning it at all in the interim , to me, says they weren't trying to hype it up. They weren't trying to build a mystery. Unusual but nothing more.
  13. the way you people are going on and on about this set you'd think they spent months constantly hyping up the set And I will assume it is absolutely not this because card art alone, much less all the other nonsense that goes into these sets, would have to be commissioned well ahead of time
  14. i wonder why they made this a month long if they're removing the daily quests half way in and only had 3 extra stages. Personally I would have had daily quests take you through all the bosses then loop (instead of just looping through 2 forever), had more extra stages and probably had a second set of "Tap Battle" quests (the non daily ones) that replace the first set.
  15. I am more than fine with there being only one, just lower his appearence rate a bit. Giant bosses were kind of th worst part of HW, honestly, and I'm glad the FEW had only one and had him very managable thanks to dual strikes and such.
  16. I'm glad we're finally getting double stat skills because maybe we'll be free from the blight of a million stat +3 skills from squad assault
  17. Map and default layout datamined https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/8kyl2w/generic_map_unit_layout_for_lokis_flame_tt_final/
  18. I am a bit surprised they've never tried another weapon, even just a personal one, with in-built breaker properties. AT least, I'm pretty sure Assassin's Bow is the only one. I don't think the other gates, beyond mention of Elibe's Dragon Gate, have been mentioned or used in Heroes' story. The tempest's mishmash are usually from the actual tempest causing things to go haywire and otherwise the only gates mentioned are the ones askr/embla open/close
  19. Yeah my suggestion was mostly a joke poking fun at Bruno being awol for months only to suddenly come out of nowhere as a legendary hero and not even using his actual signature tome. And yeah Fates has a Dragon Gate. It takes the place of the Outrealm Portal/Gate that Awakening had.
  20. I was actually thinking of the blazing blade paralogue, where it opened with Bruno finding some information in the FE7 world, and then mixing it up with Veronica/Loki looking for Naflgar
  21. It'd be kind of funny if they blindsided us with Bruno using a red tome. Wasnt he looking for one of those in a paralogue? Ereshkigal?
  22. I was just coming to post about what I was doing and saw the edit: thankfully we have about the same plan, though I stick towards the upper part of the map sometimes. Also turns out the missing pieces was equipping Galeforce and giving Anna her Awakening 3 crest. I still get a bit below 120k on most runs (usually the sweet spot is ~115k) but I think that's more because I wind up dropping awakening due to lingering in an area too long Really it's just a shame at most you're looking at ~140k if you were to use the blessing (+sold weapons) and had a perfect run. If the blessing just straight up doubled gains that'd be amazing.
  23. I highly doubt all seven brides will be bonus units. It will probably be the new 3+marth+4 others. Like I could see Fjorm back as a bonus unit. It's also possible they just go with an entirely different theme. Marisa was on a tempest (coincidentally, the last time we had Loki as a boss) that was made entirely of Legendary Banner units (Fjorm, L-Ike, Gunnthra, PA-Azura, B-Lucina, S-Robin, S-Xander)
  24. i'm still having difficulties finishing things on Lunatic, personally. Even with the changes, the final push to the base can be dificult depending on positioning, the teams you're fighting and of course your own team composition.
  25. what's the uh....build quality, i guess, on those things? They're pretty cute, I might order one (? i assume its blind boxes of one at a time) from a future set
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