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  1. I mean, they could still be associated with Jeralt’s Mercenaries without immediately being available for battle? I would love to see Paralogue recruitments though.
  2. I wonder if they're associated with Jeralt’s mercenaries and Byleth? Then they join whichever house Byleth becomes the professor for.
  3. One thing I did in my first playthrough to ensure I got the paired endings I wanted: I saved viewing characters’ A support conversations with the characters I didn’t want them paired with until the last couple chapters. I don’t think characters can gain Support points if they have a pending conversation? At least it doesn’t physically appear on the battlefield:
  4. I’ve had something similar to this issue happen with me. My unit had a follow-up attack, but they were just staring at the enemy... I pressed [Start] and that seemed to work.
  5. Who do we think the new characters would be? I’m leaning towards the obvious: Anna. But they could pull another Shadows of Valentia and have the TCG characters brought in.
  6. That’s great! Definitely won’t be as much of a hassle as I was thinking it would be!
  7. I meant more along the lines of skill levels and abilities. For example, would I be able to boost male Byleth’s Lance skill if I’ve only used female Byleth before?
  8. Will choosing a different Byleth affect what you can unlock (besides, obviously, supports)? I’m currently playing female Byleth in the Black Eagles route, but I plan to use male Byleth in the Blue Lions route. Are you also locked into that previous file’s difficulty settings like Fates’ “Branch of Fate”?
  9. If I’m reading this ending correctly, then... I could be wrong though.
  10. SPECULATION: Since Morgan appears in Thabes, do you think it's possible that Morgan was actually trying to go back further in time than any of the other children to stop Grima from even being created in the first? Though, this would probably conflict with Naga/Tiki's actions.
  11. What skills are on the Deliverance DLC Lances/Shield? I couldn't find that info on the main site.
  12. The differences from those two being that Clair has a little bit more characterization besides being just "bitchy" or "lovesick" and that Tatiana's feelings for Zeke are reciprocated.
  13. I wish people would stop trash talking Tharja in all of these Faye threads. Yes, she's a bit morally gray and has an obsession with Robin, but there is much more to her character than just that.
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