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  1. I've only beat Blue Lions so far, but here's my initial thoughts. I've mainly used Forged Iron weapons for everyone. Then I typically gave one Steel weapon to use for Combat Arts (Cause higher durability). Some people with high enough Spd got Steel+ Weapons to use normally (Looking at you Felix). Late game probably could/should of moved everyone over to Steel. Never used Silver. Not worth the cost for me. Levin Sword+ was probably my best investment. 1-3 range is insane, especially when most spells are 1-2. Gave one to Ingrid as a Pegasus, and on some maps she could fly around behind walls sniping enemies. I barely used the Heroes Relics, except when dealing with strong demonic beasts. Though it wasn't often because my magic users tore them to shreds. Ingrid made use of a Brave Lance + Stride Gambit to rush across the map and kill a boss if the reinforcements got too intense.
  2. Question about the Cleared Game Saves. I just finished my first route (Blue Lions), and it asked me to create a Cleared Game Save. But it also said that if i want to use my current save, to save the Cleared Game in a new slot. Is there any reason to keep both saves, or just save over my normal save with the Cleared Game save?
  3. Going Blue Lions for my first playthrough. Byleth - Swordmaster/Warlock. Byleth has a powerful sword, but I also really like magic, so might adopt a SoV style Priestess (swords and magic). Dimitri - Lord/Paladin. Might do Priest. Not sure why, but i want to give him White Magic (maybe like a DnD/classic Paladin?). Dedue - Fortress. I need a strong tank and his skills line up perfectly. Felix - Swordmaster/Assassin. Not much else. Mercedes - Bishop. She'll be my main healer. Ashe - Sniper. His personal skill is locktouch, so thief/assassin is redundant, so making use of his Bow Proficiency. Annette - Warlock. My main magic castor. Sylvain - Paladin. Seems like that is his go-to class. Ingrid - Pegasus Knight/Paladin. Will vary depending on situation. Not sure who I want to steal yet, but might lean towards more magic users. Otherwise Dorothea, Bernadetta, and Marianne will be top choices.
  4. No, Edelgard's Axe Crest is still unknown. We only know of 4 Hero Relics at this time (5 if you include the Sword of the Creator). So there is always a chance for more. And the Sword of the Creator isn't from an Elite (as far as we know), so it is very likely that some of the divines got weapons.
  5. With the addition of these new Crests, we have the names of all Ten Elites. Dominique Fraldarius Daphnel Bladiddyd Gloucester Goneril Gautier Charon Riegan Lamine
  6. If you look at the Map and region names, then yes. Wait, Why does Hero get Vantage?! What does that mean for Swordmaster?
  7. Interesting how Marianne's Crest is labeled "???". We know she was adopted, so either she doesn't know, or there is a bigger mystery. It's the same Crest on Edelgard's Weapon, so could Edelgard and Marianne be related some how? Anyway, here's the updated Crest Chart. (Did change "Greats" to "Elites".) Interesting how Sylvain and Mercedes are both separated from the rest of their groups. Mercedes this makes sense because she used to be an Adrestian, but why Sylvain? And still interesting how Felix is the only student with a Major Crest. EDIT: added Byleth's Crest in the upper right corner, just to keep track of it as well.
  8. I see a picture of Anna. Any info to share there? Does Marianne's Crest have a name yet?
  9. Third Tier class information will be nice. Also hoping they finish their character bios and Crest reveals. I need more Crests to fill into my chart.
  10. https://serenesforest.net/2019/06/08/three-houses-european-limited-edition-trailer-mini-analysis/ This article sums up about Byleth's Crest (Crest of Flames) appearing in the Mural.
  11. Here are the Class Exams shown in the Treehouse Live segment. Armored Knight: (Axe - C or higher, Hvy Armor - D or higher) Brigand: (Axe - C or higher) Cavalier: (Lance - C or higher, Riding - D or higher) Mercenary: (Sword - C or higher) Thief: (Sword - C or higher) Based on these I think we can estimate what the other Intermediate Classes will require. Pegasus Knight: (Lance - C or higher, Flying - D or higher) Brawler: (Axe - C or higher, Fighting? - D or higher) - [Male only. Brigand doesn't require Fighting, so might need something to make it unique?] Archer: (Bow - C or higher) Mage: (Reason - C or higher) Dark Mage: (Reason - C or higher) - [Male only. Otherwise has same proficiencies as Mage, so unless one requires some Faith as well.] Priest: (Faith - C or higher) These are just guesses, but based on the known class exams each will need a C or higher in the main weapon, and D if it requires a second skill. Maybe some advanced classes require Exam Completion of one of the lower level Class Exams? So, in theory for the Advanced Classes: B or higher for main weapon, C or higher for secondary skill. Then master classes: A or higher for main weapon, B or higher for secondary skill.
  12. Interesting. It does help if you are in a long battle and your weapons break and far away from the Convoy. Will Legendary Weapons follow the same repair traits, or will then regen after a battle or two. If you need to repair them, how expensive will it be? Hopefully one of the next Famitsu articles will go in depth about the forging and repairing.
  13. The scroll bar on the side suggests that there are more people to support with. Hopefully there are more options than just the other house members. We don't know anything about how the teachers work or if there are any characters outside of the monastery to recruit. Still sad to see the scales are unbalanced for LGB+ supports if Thani's leaks are true. Hopefully GD or RE is more promising. Or some unknown character.
  14. Upon closer inspection of Edelgard's Bone Axe, the Crest Stone is not the Crest of Seiros. (Compared to Dimitri and Claude who have the Crests of Blaiddyd and Reigan respectively). Instead it is a new Crest. Interesting as this Crest is one of the weathered Crests on the mural. And @VincentASM In your Analysis - Part 2, at the end you say "Just before we finally reach the Reaper Knight, he’s ordered by the Flame Emperor to retreat. Apparently he’ll leave the map once 25 turns have passed. That said, going by Divine Pulse, it’s only the 13th turn or so. Did they miscount or make another mistake? We don’t get to find out, as the coverage comes to an end." In the Treehouse video they say "Not only do you need to either take down the Death Knight, which is difficult, or take down all other enemies..." The last enemy besides Death Knight killed themselves into Ashe, which triggered one of the Win conditions.
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