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  1. They have uploaded all of them into the spoiler topic, but I am not brave enough to go there again. Maybe another kind soul will upload them in here.
  2. Wow, now I really want to see/make a Fire Emblem Game in such a setting xD But in general there are so many great settings that could be used like ancient Egypt & hittites, Renaissance and more. I really wish that Fire Emblem would start exploring more countries and cultures.
  3. That would be so cool. And the description was quite beautiful written too. Another idea from me would be: Banshee: A ghostly women, shrouded in a veil of death. Soldiers fear her sight, as she only brings doom with her. Weapon: Deadly Cry Skills: Bad Omen: All Units within two fields Defense/Resistance -20%
  4. I always loved the Arthurian Legend, since I was a child and was very happy, as I saw the reference. So I have to thank you, that made my day. I really think that the celtic could do much for Fire Emblem with all it’s creatures, legends and magic
  5. That sounds wonderful, I adore the celtic mythology. And nice reference to the conflict between britons and saxons
  6. Can someone quickly recap what was shown when the livestream is over? I sadly can‘t watch it at the moment and don’t want to miss anything important
  7. I am so happy that I am not the only one who thought that. What was it called again? Elegy of the fallen Heroes or so, wasn‘t it? Maybe instead of amnesia we get some kind of past history like a history book, with a melancholy feeling. Or (a little bit more crazy and mostly just having fun brainstorming)you play as heroes in a present timeline and switch between that present and the past, with the past influencing events in the present.
  8. Bill Trinen is the Senior Product Marketing Manager of Nintendo of America. So he should be trustworthy:)
  9. Fire Emblem Fates wasn‘t revealed at E3, but in a direct before. And I hope that we get something before E3, maybe in a Fire Emblem Direct or so. The direct wasn‘t bad, but I was still disappointed:(
  10. I am nearly through with the game and I must say that you did an amazing job with Alm's voice. Thank you for your hard work! :) You and the other voice actors made the characters sound alive and let them convey their emotions. It's one of the main reasons I am enjoying this game so much!
  11. I've got mine already yesterday, but i will get home at Sunday, so until then i have to wait... sigh But the hype lives on!
  12. Getting the season pass, even though I think that the dlc's are too expensive this time. I just looked at Amazon of Japan and the game seems to be getting heavely downvoted because of it's dlc policy . Kind of sad to see that happen, but it was to be expected.
  13. To be honest, I am just so happy, that Echoes seems to fulfill the expectations of the producers. And I would love more remakes, like Genealogy of the holy war. I understand that some are scared of what they would do with the game, but I think the chance for a great game is just too promising to let it slip
  14. I really like all of the villagers, but I voted for Tobin. He just seems pretty cool, even though I like Gray very much as well... Let's just say it was a difficult decision.
  15. From the looks of it you fight, but like support conversations some of the characters can talk with each other in the dlc. That’s at least what I think
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