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  1. We already got a bunch of proof of a bunch of Shadows of Valentia mechanics are returning: -Combat Arts -Separate Magic Lists -Free-Roaming Areas So I think Three Houses is just gonna be a refined version of that title with some new mechanics thrown in. I honestly they hope they take the Echoes style and add some mechanics from Fates. Like Personal Skills, Skill lists, some map design, hidden weapons + the new weapon triangle (maybe with some more modifications for magic types)
  2. I'm actually really excited for the game since it seems to be taking a lot of cues from my favorite game in the series SoV. The old mechanics that are returning are some favorites of mine like : Combat Arts, a separate magic list, and skills. We also see a return of weapon durability and a lack of the pair-up mechanic. Pair-up seems like it might be impossible because of the squad feature. I can't say if Squads will be good or bad but it looks interesting. The new "My Castle" feature seems at least better than Fates as it actually looks aesthetically pleasing while having unit interactivity in mind. Like how in the trailer Edelgard is getting advice on which weapon to practice with (probably raises a characters weapon level). As for the graphics concern. You probably don't have to worry about it since it looks like it's beta footage. The shading and lighting system makes the character models pop but like others said, the models look like placeholders. The player's army seems to be a bunch of blue generic models except Edelgard. The character Mercedes doesn't even look like her in-game portrait either. Some folks on Twitter even pointed out how Claude's character model has the wrong skin tone. So I highly doubt we are seeing anything finalized. As for the new character artist, I think the new portraits look more like mugshots. Like only Claude's portrait has personality in it. The armor design however is pretty great so far as it looks like we'll be dropping the skimpy armor designs of previous titles. We have a female character who wears pants! I think I heard somewhere that the new artist was a woman who works on a lot of dating sim titles and that explains a lot of the design decisions. Though I hope that means we'll have characters posing in dialogue instead of the stiff portraits of the past.
  3. I kinda expect Anna to show up in every game at this point, so why not? If the this world is connected to another previous realm than a character or 2 traveling to this continent would be fun. I really liked seeing the Whitewings and Camus in Valentia. Though it should be an out there character like a unit you wouldn't expect to return I think it would be cool if we got Cipher DLC again. I thought it was cool and added replayability to SoV. Now that they added 3 more Cipher OCs it might get a bit chaotic if we have 7 full blown DLC characters. Then add on the possibility of Amiibo characters of: Marth, Tiki, Alm, Celica, Roy, Ike, Chrom, Robin, Lucina, Male Corrin and Female Corrin; It could get super chaotic. So maybe either Cipher or Amiibo instead of both
  4. I really liked the Fates Amiibo implementation. Getting old characters in their original class was great. You got new art and voice acting. I really want to see it return. On concerns about balance: I don't think that's a particularly big deal in a single player only game. It's not like I.S is gonna make the base game so ludicrously difficult that you need these new characters. Also it's not like they are are a "must have" item. In Fates they added a watered down unit to your barracks that lacked quite a bit compared to units with the ability to support and change classes. Even their classes and skills weren't exclusive to them. You could get it in far cheaper DLC. Heck, the Great Lord class was free DLC
  5. Gonna bring back a thread from 2008. To say that this was always so terrifying.
  6. I forgot to mention this but abstinence only education also doesn't help people in how to avoid STDs.
  7. Ultimately abstinence only education is ultimately more harm then any good since it fails to teach safe sex and how to properly and safely go about sex. Like the above said. In abstinence only states have higher teen pregnancies because no matter what, people are going to have sex. Also abstinence only sex ed classes don't teach other safe sex material like how to properly go about permission from your partner or how to have sex without accidentally harming your partner.
  8. I'm so glad this old thread still exists just to see how wildly the interpretation of Ike has changed over the years. Anyways Ike is gay lol.
  9. I want more off the wall lords. Like say what you like about Corrin, but at least their class was very interesting. Also the list is lacking Dragonstones, Beaststones, Daggers/Hidden Weapons and maybe throw in the Crossbows or Cards from RD for some real crazy stuff.
  10. I mean Fates was announced alongside a bunch of Smash stuff so I don't see how it would hurt them this time.
  11. So I started Echoes. I finally get to Act 3 on Celica's first map. The thing is. I didn't talk to Palla and Catria. I thought this would be another Valbar moment where I just had to keep them alive. Nope, and of course being the idiot I am I saved. Is there a way to remedy the situation other than just restarting the game?
  12. I could imagine the amiibo giving the mentioned characters a special weapon. For instance: Marth- Mercurius or a rapier. Alm- Royal Sword or some sort of Bow Celica- Ragnarok Roy- Maybe his dad's sword Durandal Ike- Ettard or Urvan Robin- Thoron or other spells and swords Lucina- A lance or even a bow (IS has a tendency of giving her the Bride class in spin offs or art) Corrin (M)- The Hoshidian versions of the Yato, Dragonstone or even a Festal Corrin (F)- The Nohrian versions of the Yato, Dragonstone or a tome
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