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  1. Someone watched Mangs' latest episode of Elibean Nights I see.
  2. Really Interesting, sounds like a cool idea! Especially, considering I get to use Blade Lord Lyn with a bow more often, as it wasn't as useful in the base game due to its weapon rank at the time of promotion. Definitely something I would mess around with for fun. Shame the forced promotion gets in the way of Hector and Eliwood, but hopefully there's other ways to keep the main lord up to speed with the rest of the cast. I'm looking forward to this hack!
  3. Elise was my first five star unit, she helped me through the campaign, and was my second level forty unit. Luckily thanks to pulling a Wrathful Staff... er I mean Genny quickly after her introduction, she's still used as a very offensive healer and a tempest trials mainstay.
  4. I pulled Lyn as my free summon and managed to snag a Neutral Brave Lucina. Now onto Ike and Roy.
  5. Wow I didn't know that. I haven't uploaded anything in a couple of months so this news to me. Now I have to find a new image hosting place, huh.
  6. One helpful site I use is Photobucket. Luckily I wasn't interested in the Sacred Stones banner besides the free pull, so I've been saving orbs for CYL Braves. My freebie's going to be Lyn then I'm going for Ike, then probably Lucina (if I'm lucky) as I have a lot of Sword cavs already.
  7. I find it hilarious how Roy looks more like Eliwood than Eliwood himself now in Heroes
  8. It's not being blonde, but more of the fact, that the twins have super saiyan yellow hair compared to the others not as saturated blonde. They stand out in an unappealing way to me. That's all.
  9. This is coming from someone who loved Lana in HW and liked the 2 protagonists in DQH, I really don't like the OC Twins. The two have boring way too similar designs compared to the contrasting DQ OCs with the Fire and Ice motif. Especially now thst we have more blonde characters in the roster like Lissa, Leo and Corrin, they're bright yellow hair pops out in a way to jarring. Not to mention the rejection IS had of making the two at least have the other parts of the Weapon triangle. Instead we get clone beginner sword users. This is coming off rather negative, as I'm reading this. I don't despise them, but rather feel let down by them not having any uniqueness or variety besides the hair. Luckily they won't affect my purchase, hopefully I won't be forced to play as them often. Link was understandable for HW for being the main protagonist of all the series being one of the only playable characters we had until that point. 'It helped he was top tier as well'... And DQ heroes had the party management thing despite requiring one of the protags to stay with the team. It helped that they at least had quirky personality. Which so far Rowan and Lianna lack. But hey I may be wrong, and I'll enjoy them when the game arrives.
  10. I luckily randomly pulled a hinoka back in June, but still have no S!Corrin. Its a shame as I already have Hinoka, Minerva, and Palla ready to go. I have been using Catria in the meantime, but the lack of magic hurts.
  11. Free summons are always welcome. Also another tome wyvern is useful. Flier Emblem is now more viable! Not sure how to feel on the new echoes trials, but the balance changes are welcome.
  12. I'm surprised no one brought up Together We Ride. Pretty much the first song in the series heard internationally thanks to Melee.
  13. I would like to see the whitewings, if I had to choose one, I would have to go with Palla just for personal bias. *shrugs* Camus would be really cool, if he's like Lu bu or Volga. Appearing suddenly and being really powerful as a boss. I really want to see an armor knight, could be Effie or Draug, as long as its not Kellam, cause characters that are only treated as a joke don't really suit my tastes. Minerva would be cool as the classic Wyvern Rider plus having a regalia weapon.
  14. Luckily, the og pegasus trio isn't the least likely of the pegasus'. That would likely go to Sumia, Subaki, and Rinea. The 2nd gen pegasus kids honestly have no chance at all besides being referenced in skins if they are lucky. Their main competition is Cordelia, Caeda, and Hinoka. 2 of them have a lot of plot relevance in their games and have lots of fans. The other is extremely popular. Aversa is kind of a wildcard and being mostly magic centric, doesn't really hurt the other pegs chances (besides taking up resources/dev time.), whether she appears or not. I expect at least 2 peg units. One using lances, the other using swords. If they have a 3rd it will likely be Aversa. But honestly I expect if we do get her it might be DLC.
  15. I'm going to rule out the magic triangle just for the fact that Robin's gameplay uses all different sorts of anima magic. I assume it might be Fates style for gameplay balance, so Mages, Archers, Ninjas won't have an advantage over the rest of the roster.
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